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Sing that silly song.

Have a tickle marathon. Go to the park. Laugh with your child. Ride through an emotional tantrum. Solve a problem together with a positive attitude. When it comes to discipline, it seems hard to remain positive. Being a good parent means you need to teach your child the moral in what is right and what is wrong.

Setting limits and being consistent are the keys to good discipline. Be kind and firm when enforcing those rules. And make it an opportunity to learn for the future, rather than to punish for the past. Support and accept your child as an individual. Be a warm, safe haven for your child to explore from.

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Children raised by parents who are consistently responsive tend to have better emotional development, social development and mental health outcomes. Most of us already know the importance of communication. Talk to your child and also listen to them carefully.

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Integration is similar to our body in which different organs need to coordinate and work together to maintain a healthy body. When different parts of the brain are integrated, they can function harmoniously as a whole, which means less tantrums, more cooperative behavior and more empathy. To do that, talk through troubling experiences. Just listening to them talk and asking clarifying questions will help them make sense of their experiences and integrate memories. Disclosure: I get a small commission for purchases made through the links below.

Many of us want to parent differently from our parents. Even those who had a happy childhood may want to change some aspects of how they were brought up. Reflecting on our own childhood is a step towards understanding why we parent the way we do. Try to be mindful and change your behavior the next time those issues come up.

I Worked In College Admissions And Had To Admit A Bunch Of Mediocre Rich Kids

Often times, things such as your own health or the health of your marriage are kept on the back burner when a child is born. Take good care of yourself physically and mentally. Take time to strengthen the relationship with your spouse. If these two areas fails, your child will suffer, too. No doubt, to some parents, spanking can bring about short-term compliance which sometimes is a much needed relief for the parents. It only teaches the child to fear external consequences. The child is then motivated to avoid getting caught instead.

Children who are spanked, smacked or hit are more prone to fighting with other children. What is your goal in raising a child? To not let the survival mode dominate your life, next time you feel angry or frustrated, step back. Think about what anger and frustration will do for you or your child. Even epic tantrums can be turned into invaluable brain-sculpting moments.

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What I mean is to take advantage of what is already known by scientists. But it quickly became clear to me that, even though we were given the space to write specific arguments in favor of or against a certain student, the system we used for determining eligibility for admittance was breathtakingly inadequate, unequal, and dehumanizing.

I knew that college admissions was a messy business. I knew that, even though we claimed to value diversity and offered millions of dollars in financial aid every year, that there were far more white guys wearing salmon shorts on my campus than there are in the general American population.

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That year, I got into an argument with someone from my hometown whose daughter was applying for college that year. His daughter did stand out in one way, however: Her dad had gone to her top choice, making her a legacy admission. Plus, I said: She was a full-pay student. This touched off a heated debate about affirmative action. He came up with a fictional white, full-pay kid in a neighboring town and asked if I would reject him in favor of a student of color who otherwise had the same profile.

Debate was necessary for these in-between decisions because it is quite literally impossible to weigh two very different students directly against each other. Or, at least, I found it to be. What if a student from a diverse background and diverse neighborhood good has great grades good at a noncompetitive high school without honors or AP classes bad and no extracurricular activities bad? But reject these students I did.

All the time.

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It was the end result of our equation. But poor students from poor schools we barely recognized would, most of the time, not end up standing out enough to make the cut — even the ones who showed glimmers of promise, like a really glowing letter or recommendation from a teacher or counselor advocating for their star student.

Neither did most of the students who fit a slightly different profile: poor kids with just okay grades at competitive high schools who needed financial aid. You could guess why these kids performed worse than their richer peers: no money for tutoring; less time for homework; the pressures of crushing inequality.

Whether or not these complicating factors were actually present and noted on a college application, these kids still got boiled down to numbers, which fell short. I saw so many of them.

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Some were actually good and deserving students. But others fit a similarly bleak profile: students with mediocre grades from fancy private schools, with a year of postgrad at prep school to make their GPAs less frightful-looking. Hockey recruits. Lacrosse recruits. Basketball recruits. If these were full-pay kids, they were more likely than not to be admitted. Even though I scored them accurately and fairly according to our guidelines, and even when I wrote scathing rejection notes, I knew in my gut that most of them were going to get in anyway, the same way I knew that some of the poorer students for whom I fiercely advocated were not.