Hummingbirds, Pennies, and Hope

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There are a lot of myths about feeding hummingbirds, so I asked the experts while on my banding trip. They are very adamant that the presence of hummingbird feeders does not convince hummers to halt migration. They have already made choices. While the feeders and warming lights may extend their survival beyond what would have been normal, they will not convince birds to overwinter.

Also, hummingbirds are surprisingly cold tolerant. They utilize a special ability to enter a nightly torpor or temporary hibernation. They lower their body temperature to just above a set point from which they could not recover.


This reduces their metabolism up to 50 times slower than when they are active and feeding. Their average daily caloric requirements transferred to a human body weight would equate to a ,calorie diet each day! We can marvel about these statistics for days, but I am excited to track their occurrence on the Kenai Peninsula and add to their remarkable migration statistics. If you see a hummingbird hanging around your flower garden and have a hummingbird feeder, go ahead and fill it up. No food coloring is needed, just one part sugar to four parts water. If you do get lucky enough to have a hummingbird stick around, get a photo and give me a call at Maybe we can put a little jewelry on these awesome birds and hope they reveal some of the still unclear mysteries of where they are heading each winter.

The only thing green I had eaten in five days was mint chip ice cream. Halibut enchiladas, halibut honey mustard fingers, angel food pineapple dessert. My fishing buds religiously turn on the guy who gets a bite and misses it or, dare I say, loses it. Smoke salmon cream cheese dip, salmon pot pie, salmon salad, broccoli bacon salad.

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Hand-Feed the Hummingbirds at Lake Hope State Park

Pioneer Potluck: About homestead living Broccoli with cheese sauce, moosemeat meat loaf, baked vegetables. Pioneer Potluck: A tribute to our dad, John. We all wanted to read 1. Anna watched her friend walk away. Maddie was pretty and talented, a winning combination that made her one of the most popular girls in school. She was tall and blonde, and she walked with the grace of a dancer.

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As she passed a group of boys, they all turned and smiled. Thom Deal wished her good luck on the tryouts, and his whole face smiled when he spoke. Thom had liked Maddie since freshman year. Unfortunately for Thom, Maddie considered him just a friend and they had never been on a date.

Anna gathered her things and headed for home.

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She was glad that she could walk to school. It gave her time to unwind, and on beautiful days like today, she could enjoy being outside. She loved the fall. She kicked the brightly colored leaves as she walked. A shower of crimson and orange surrounded her feet. As Anna approached the library, she saw that the sun had illuminated the fountain in the courtyard.

The sparkling water splashed happily from the top of the three tiers to the bottom. At the moment, nothing sounds very interesting except a nice, warm chocolate brownie dripping with chocolate icing. As she walked past the teen section in the library, Anna stopped to see what was new. More vampire books? I would never want to be a vampire; I enjoy food too much.

No way would I exchange eating chocolate for drinking blood! Anna knew what a few people were researching, but nothing sounded very exciting.

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She wanted something new and unique. She wandered into the hobby and craft section because Sara Little said she was going to research how to make paper. Peters would expect her to actually produce an example of what she had researched. Sara would make her own paper and then do something creative with it, making it look incredible.

The next section was self-help books. There were some interesting topics, but nothing drew Anna in. Nope, nothing here, she thought, beginning to feel discouraged.

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Grandma loves these books. Hmm, this might be interesting, a book about communicating with angels. I wonder if Ms. Peters will approve it. I bet no one else will choose this. Anna glanced at her watch and knew she had to hurry. Mom would have to leave soon to get to the shop, and she was needed to stay with Grandma.

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Anna quickly checked out the angel book and headed home in the fall sunshine. She walked into the kitchen, but no one was there.