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Often times when reading a fantasy novel the reading is left to question the reasoning of the main characters and their foes.

The Crystal Empire - Part 2

Was he just born that way? The world is also just as realistic. The political systems and races are everything that they should be. If you enjoy Robert Jordan or Terry Goodkind you may like this as well. One of my favorite books of all time. Shrouded in mystery, but given enough detail to keep you turning the pages. The author paints the world of Starn in such a light to make it seem so real, giving the characters depth without pointless padding. I am not usually a fan of fantasy novels, and I'm not sure it is fair to label this book as fantasy.

I read the book in just a few sessions. I loved it. Kazi Boku is a believable hero, unwilling and unlikely. I cannot wait to read the following books, I was thrilled to see that book two was now available. To the author: keep up the good work. Loved the story line and the way this author can pull you into his story. A great pen smith!

By only negative thing to say is the story did drag a bit in the middle parts of the book but even with that in mind it was stil hard to put down. Done and done! Shining Armor : Twily, be careful. Twilight Sparkle : I will. We can do that. Twilight's doing what?! Rarity : He Rainbow Dash : Who wants a flugelhorn? Pinkie Pie : I want a flugelhorn! Rainbow Dash : Who else wants a flugelhorn?

Pinkie Pie : [screaming] I want a flugelhorn!! Spike : [pants] Twilight, wait! I'm coming with you! Twilight Sparkle : You can't. I have to retrieve the Crystal Heart by myself. Spike : I know. I promise I won't lift a claw to help you. Twilight Sparkle : [sighs] Not a claw, Spike.

Spike : Where are we going exactly? Spike : The castle? Twilight Sparkle : The king would've been counting on the fact that nopony would dare come looking for it here. They'd have been too afraid to even try. Spike : I hope you're right. Twilight Sparkle : You and me both.

Applejack : [whinnies in surprise] Rainbow Dash : What are you lookin' at?! That's what I thought! Applejack : [whispering] Uh, Rainbow Dash? We're supposed to be actin' like nothing's wrong. Rainbow Dash : Exactly. Rainbow Dash : Huh. Seeing my awesomeness does have a way of putting ponies into a pretty good mood. Fluttershy : Huh? Rainbow Dash : It's showtime. Applejack : How are y'all feelin'? Havin' a good time? Applejack : Well, that's good!

Gotta renew that spirit of love and unity if you're gonna power up that Crystal Heart, right? It's been such a long time. Applejack : Oh, I hear ya, but, uh Gettin' a little toasty out here. Bet you'd like to cool off with a little Crystal Empire nectar!

Made from a traditional Crystal Empire recipe! You're gonna love 'em! You don't wanna miss that! These Crystal Ponies are more curious than a cat! Twilight Sparkle : [painting, noises of exertion, sighs] Spike : [pants] Twilight Sparkle : It's gotta be here somewhere. It's just gotta be!

Not a claw, Spike. Spike : Uh Princess Celestia : [echoing] If the Empire is filled with hope and love, those things are reflected across all of Equestria. If hatred and fear take hold Spike : [panting for breath] Argh! Did you find it? Twilight Sparkle : No. Because this isn't King Sombra's castle. Spike : Well, isn't this where he lived when he was in power? Twilight Sparkle : It is. But it didn't look like this. When did you learn to do that? Twilight Sparkle : That was a little trick Celestia taught me.

Spike : [gulps] [nervous noise] Twilight Sparkle : You stay here. Spike : Huh, if you insist. Twilight Sparkle : [echoing] Not yet. I can't even tell how far down this goes! Spike : [echoing] Yeah? Twilight Sparkle : [echoing] Can you see outside? Spike : It's not good! Cadance's magic must be fading [echoing] faster than before! Twilight Sparkle : Ugh!

Are you okay? Twilight Sparkle : Yes Princess Celestia : What are you doing here?

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