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English sample avaialble Aixa de la Cruz s imaginative world is always dark and surprising She is currently working on her doctoral thesis on the representation of torture in television series post-september He was shortlisted for the Francisco Casavella Award in , and was chosen one of the best books of by the Spanish Booksellers Association.

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Spain here is depicted as being full with silences; a country in which one cannot say anything, because everything seems to have already been said. Unexpected comparisons are nothing but unequivocal signs of an excellent writer, capable of making what is trivial relevant, just with the power of perfect words and a brilliant style Ricardo Senabre B e quiet, I don t even want it to be you who closes my eyes. His words linger in the mind of his seventeen-year-old grandson, who, for the first time, begins to suspect that behind his stern, dry and crotchety grandfather, there lies a scarred past riddled with fear.

Years later, now a grown man, this grandson will try to piece together the words that were never spoken, and to discover, in the process, what his own silences are made of. His childhood was broken, as much by the war as by a family founded on whispers, superstitions and female maledictions. But there is no word to describe a father that loses his son. Language did not find a cries into a literary moan. La word for his condition. It tells existence. But it s not a father got stuck into the target book on illness and suffering.

La Since his son s death, Sergio del Molino tried to hora violeta is not for fathers whose children are find the words that could name him and bring ill, but for every father, for any person able to him back to the world, from which he felt understand a furious and irrational love, and for expelled. He uses his writer s skills not to pity any reader who dares to give name to what the himself nor to show anybody an epiphany, but majority of languages preferred to omit. She has also participated in a couple of collection books.

She is currently working on a new novel, while writing poetry and reviews for one of the most important magazines and newspapers in Spain. Mariela is about to blow the candles on her cake when she suddenly hears a shot. Then, there is just the silence of her mother and some confuse words from her grandmother, when she tries, stubbornly, to understand who killed her father and why. The memories of the Civil War are still around the village. Mariela, that skinny girl, not a child anymore but not yet a woman, step into the adults world sneaking a look, listening behind closed doors, licking the stones of the river like they were candies.

We slowly discover, side by side with her, the gaps of every life and the fatigue of having a birthday in a world where everything is just an expression, because truth hurts too much. The small town is isolated and mysterious. Its Master controls everyone s destiny: its factory gives them a job; he is telling them how to use their time. He is the Landlord and he controls everything that surrounds the village. His word his the Law. People in Belfondo do not know any other place. Their whole universe is that world from which no one has ever gone out.

There is Arcadio, the Teacher, forced by the Master to teach to read and write to everybody, will-nilly. We are in a place where the Priest, Sontano, is a blind man who talks with the God of Belfondo, who, apart from being a woman, is of flesh and bone and different from any other god. We walk through a village in which Horacio, who has a secret library, wants to run away, no matter what.

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It s a reality on the periphery of the world, kept alive by a fragile balance that will come down when somebody will start asking himself questions T. In the process, she reflects on these roles, questioning both familial and personal expectations; exposes the difficulties of reconciling personal, family and work life; and shows how easy it is to become deaf in our own relationships. D on t you find that wardrobes always just a little bit too small? Does keep a secret implicitly mean tell my two best friends?

Have you, too, found that as much as the experts insist to the contrary, it is literally impossible to educate your kids without resorting to shouting? Have you discovered that the principal advantage of being married is that you can let things go on the shaving front? Do you prefer to believe you re bloated, or have liquid retention than admit you ve just got fat?

If any of the above applies to you, you ve got something in common with Maria, who, as well as being the protagonist of this novel, is a shopaholic, failed diet theorist, capable of murder if the fake s good enough, and always, always on the brink of drowning in debt. And then there s little Pavlo s mum, of course, who this book is named after in fact. She is The-PerfectMother. The perfect wife. The perfect woman. Or at least that how it looks on first sight. And that s as much as we can say without giving away any spoilers.

Tragically, we all have one The-Perfect-Mother in our lives: a friend, a member of the family, an acquaintance, a workmate, one of the other mums at school She s that woman who never seems to age, who suits every single thing she pulls out of the wardrobe, who s able to keep the house spick-andspan and who can pull of each and every job to perfection.

If we do not dream, we are dead An epic expedition to the Himalayas. Skiing, climbing and running without ropes and with as little equipment as possible. In winter, the most extreme, off-season period for climbing in the Himalayas. Accompanied only by two friends, both experienced climbers. Returning to the essence of climbing, risking life and limb in the mountains. A personal challenge, a crucial challenge, a human challenge. Much more than Run or Die; a way of living. Their wounds are reminiscent of an old, long-forgotten blight on the city. Daniel Amat, a young professor of Latin at Oxford receives word that his father has died, compelling him to go back to Barcelona after years away.

Once there, he finds himself drawn into the hunt for a ruthless murderer, encountering the ghosts from his troubled past on the way. Bernat Fleixa is a reporter for the Barcelona Post who is intent on uncovering the story that will make his name. In Amat, he meets with Pau Gilbert, an enigmatic medical student hiding his own secret, and together they embark on a quest to find an old anatomical manuscript that could change the history of knowledge, and which is also the murderer s object of desire.

The secret of Vesalius is one of those books one should preferably read when it rains and storms outside, a hot chocolate with rum on the side. Jordi Llobregat knows his business and leads you into a turn of the century world of obsessed men, ambitious students and long buried family secrets that burst open. There couldn t be a better background for such a story than the baroque city of Barcelona and its many dark and poverty stricken barrios at that time.

A well accomplished first novel and an engaging, scary tale! Nelleke Geel, Meridiaan. Jordi Llobregat Valencia, has a passion for cities, and in particular their historical evolutions and transformations. Barcelona becomes a character in itself in Vesaliu s Secret. He currently combines writing with his work as head of a company that works on community development in cities.

He is the director of the noir fiction festival, Valencia Negra. His work has been included in several short story anthologies and he is a member of the writing group, El Cuaderno Rojo. This is his first novel. And with each word she invites us to consider that the act of writing is also necessarily an act of disobedience. In she was a finalist of the X Booket Short Story Prize and has been recognized as one of the most promising new voices in Spain. Cristina lives in Barcelona. As she waits for new convent to be established, she devotes herself to the texts she has been appointed to write, and which will eventually make up The Book of Life, a text that must both gratify her superiors and defend her against her detractors.

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But what would Teresa have written if she had been granted carte blanche to express her thoughts? It s likely she would have left us a very different legacy an uninhibited and relaxed text. Profane Words gives voice to a woman in her prime, one revered by some like Mother Teresa, and feared and cursed by others.

On these loose sheets, written in total secrecy, Teresa speaks of the yearnings that continue to occupy her body and soul, remembers her girlhood spent reading voraciously, and shares her unique view of life. Breathing life into the saint s voice is Cristina Morales, a young Spanish author almost as rebellious as Teresa herself who carries us back to the sixteenth century, treating her subjects with both respect and impressive ingenuity.

The result is a dazzling portrait of this iconic historical figure and a bygone time, which Morales invites us to see with new eyes. This edition is completed with six other stories in which Moyano s impressive skills are expressed with all their strenght. From Tia Lila to Desde los parques or Tiermusik, the anecdotal detail is soon dissolved into a symbolic orchestration that brings us to the best pages written by Pavese or Kafka.

Everything is music, in Moyano s prose, and these wonderful modulations are telling us a lot about the art of survival in a world completely alien to harmony. In he was awarded with the prestigious Juan Rulfo Award. From , when Artistas de variedades was published, Moyano published eight short stories books and five novels.

This luridly coloured Catalan novel is a mixture of Gothic horror and gritty crime. It's gruesome, creepy and hugely entertaining. The Times B arcelona, crazy rumors are spreading in the poor El Raval district. A monster has kidnapped and assassinated several children lately.

The police is powerless or does not care, as they are all sons and daughters of prostitutes who often don t even dare to report that their child has gone missing. He has quite a reputation: he fancies a drink, hanging around with prostitutes, and he believes the help of his gun and of his boxing skills is often necessary. Police chiefs claim there isn t any report so there should not be any investigation. Inspector Corvo and his colleague Malsano do not agree with that and go on with their research.

Their inconvenient questions shed a light on the lack of responsibility the police had at the time, and the difficulties for poor people to defend themselves. Based on a true story in which a woman called Carrer Ponent s Vampire was involved, this case moved Barcelona at the beginning of the 20th century. Bad Woman is an original and surprising novel that confirms Marc Pastor s literary talent.

He is the author of four novels: Montecristo, Barcelona Shadows, awarded the Crims de Tinta prize in , L'any de la plaga and Bioko. Richly atmospheric, his work spans a range of genres, from Sci Fi to Gothic via the adventure novel. Barcelona Shadows is first book published in English. The island, which once belonged to Great Britain, is not just a melting pot of European traders, but also a penal colony where Cuban and Spanish dissidents have been sent over during the years.

Distrust and suspicion between settlers and natives is skin deep, and the soldiers sent to Fernando Poo men who shall expiate their guilt away from home must maintain order in the capital, Santa Isabel. But the savage killing of an entire tribe in the middle of the jungle turns the island into a minefield.

During his investigation, he will run into a mansion where bets on black people fighting to death are done, he will unearth hidden secrets of old settlers, he will have to find a beautiful native who is missing and he will strike up with a former Dutch coronel who claims to be a friend to Jules Verne. But in addition to all this, the island has a secret coveted by both English and Spanish A legend says that, in the very heart of the isle, hides the material that the Atlantis used to mold time He was the guest writer at the yearly conference on literary translation held at the Casa del Traductor Translators House in Tarazona, Zaragoza.

He is working on his third novel. It is constructed through the alternation of two narrative voices which complement each other throughout the book. Her thoughts and memories overflow in interrupted sequences, like the halting breath of an intermittent monologue. The second narrative is built along the lines of a picaresque novel, in a style that draws on pastiche, humour, and eroticism. In , Adrian comes out of prison and behave as a model in the rehabilitation center.

But he is already preparing his vengeance. It won t take too long for him to discover that his accusation and condemnation were the result of a conspiracy in which he was the scapegoat. Little by little, Miranda will sneak into a labyrinth made of conspirators lies, with the determined intention of digging a grave for every one of them. Alexis Ravelo is a bald writer. He was born, raised and continues to survive on a regime of beer in Las Palmas in Canary Islands.

From humble beginnings, his first novel, Three Funerals for Eladio Monroy, proved to be a surprise hit. Today, he has a firm foothold in Canary Island s literary scene and is acclaimed for his style, efficient narratives and his ability to be combine thoughtfulness and deep reflection in ethically committed plots.

He suspects God is on holiday. And this is l Rubio gave up the crime Hammett how it goes for the protagonists in game years ago, but with his THE PEKINESE STRATEGY when mother critically ill, he finds they discover that they ve rattled the himself back in a world of corruption lion s cage and find themselves when Junior, a local cocaine dealer, embroiled in a frantic manhunt, leaving proposes he holds up his top boss in the bloody tracks in their wake. Unemployed fiftycanary Islands. To organize the assault, he has somethings, an escort losing her touch, drug no trouble in seducing long-term unemployed dealers, corrupt police and money launderers all Palmera, who dreams of opening a bar, and have their own place in this high-voltage noir Cora, a high-class prostitute who suspects her novel, a hard-hitting history of losers, and one in charms waning.

The Pekinese strategy refers to which the real intrigue doesn t lie with the killer. It s genuinely honest literature. Decent, generous and human all at once. A noir novel to shed a tear to and get sentimental with on a rainy afternoon. It is also a beautiful coming of age story, in which the young girl learns how to become the protagonist and author of her own life.

Lali s world, as a twelve-year-old girl, is a treasure chest of stories. Stories taken from the books and comics that she shares with her friends; stories that are told on the streets of Poble Sec and in the school yard; stories told by the lodgers at Guesthouse Leonardo.

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But there are hidden stories, too: why her parents disowned their own past and don t even know the name of their grandparents; why the family history begins with the arrival of her father in Barcelona and the founding of the guesthouse. Guesthouse Leonardo is a modest establishment which provides clean lodgings and square meals.

It houses eight men who arrived in Barcelona fleeing the miseries of the country; all of them rootless, like Lali s own parents. Lali and her brothers worlds pivot around the guesthouse, the place where they live and work alongside the grownups, a labyrinth of stairs and rooms, suitcases and routines, filled with of the smell of the stew pot and nocturnal noises. But Lali s innocent world will be pulled apart by the arrival of an unexpected guest and the revelation of secrets that her mother s silence had been hiding.

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She has spent the last few months fighting breast cancer, which turned her world upside down. But now, finally, the treatment is drawing to an end, and she is at her last session of radiotherapy, in high spirits: that evening she ll go for dinner with her husband and they ll leave the whole nightmare behind them. And yet, something is going on Did you seen that? That flash of lightning?

Are you okay? Are you okay to go on? And something has changed. Marta realizes that the radiation has given her superpowers invisibility is the first of many she ll go on discovering.

From that moment on, she will have to tackle a host of super villains, all the while trying to keep her new identity a secret. And this second identity requires a new name.

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But what? At fifty-four years of age, she opts for Miss Fifty. Movie rights sold to Tornasol Films Barcelona, General Franco's fascist government is at the height of its oppressive powers, casting a black shadow across the city. When wealthy socialite Mariona Sobrerroca is found dead in her mansion in the exclusive Tibidabo district, the police scramble to seize control of the investigation.

Ana Marti Noguer, Full English translation available an eager young journalist, is surprised to be assigned this important story, shadowing Inspector Isidro Castro. But Ana soon realises that a bundle of strange letters unearthed at the scene point to a sequence of events dramatically different from the official version. It s a bitter winter, the coldest in Spain since records began. The local priest and mayor welcome Ana with open arms; it s their hope that their little saint, who is already inundated with appeals to perform miracles, becomes famous throughout the country.

Only Mauricio, a disabled boy regarded as the village idiot; Eugenia, a bright and peculiar girl; and the tormented landlady hosting Ana seem willing to talk to her. It is, too, a vivid portrait of the harsh reality of rural Spain in the s. He published three poetry books. The book moves around the memory of an episode of bullying among kids in the school.

The main character remembers when he and a friend fooled around with one of the young girls in school. He never got to know anything about her and he now thinks he ruined her life. Amtico Amtico International, Inc. Artefacto Artemide Artemide, Inc. Artmax Artmax, Inc. Arto Arto Brick Arts Etc. Berger B. Lux, S. Carpets B. Lux B? Barlow Tyrie Baronet Inc. Bauer International Inc. Bennytex Bensen Inc. Bert Frank Bertch Cabinet Mfg. Bolon, Inc. Braquenie Brasstech Brasstech, Inc. Bretford Mfg. Brice Ltd. Bench Made Sarreid C. Heckscher C. James Collection C. Custom Wood Shutters C. Wood Blinds C.

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Staron J. It is Herodotus who tells us that when Xerxes was marching through Asia to invade Greece, he passed through the town of Kallatebos and saw by the roadside a magnificent plane-tree which, struck by its great beauty, he adorned with golden ornaments, and ordered that a man should remain beside the tree as its eternal guardian. He prob ably did not see the opera before The art of theatrical decor, and in fact all the visual aspect of the drama, is twenty times better in Naples than in Paris; but unfortunately, an immutable geographical decree has determined that no traveller shall reach Naples without having first passed through Milan, and in consequence, the sets at the San-Carlo usually seem cheap and often garish by contrast Petite Messe Solennelle By Gioachino Rossini.

This Edition: Urtext.

PUNTO NERO enorme rimosso dall'orecchio! DA GUARDARE FINO IN FONDO!

Play Along. Text Language: Latin. Duration 85 Minutes.

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Debut with Lo Solachianello 'mbroglione Naples Italian composer, debut in Madrid in Left some 40 operas, including Paolo e Virginia and Romeo e Giulietta ; 26, 33, Guibert, Jacques-Antoine-Hippolyte, comte de b. He lived in France for a long period and in moved to Paris and enjoyed a life rich in the arts until he died in his country house on November 13, Tancredi - Vocal Score - download online zoommultimidia. Two visits to Vienna in , where Cenerentola was given in February, were followed by a series of cantatas, for the Congress of Vienna which proved beyond doubt that his music was truly international in appeal.

He simply let his prima donna sing anything she wanted to. Perhaps it was Giorgi-Righetti who first selected "La Biondina in gondoletta," which was frequently sung in the lesson scene by Italian prima donnas. admin