AMC Command Sergeants Major Perspectives and the Global War on Terrorism

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In June BG Ret. John C. James W. By formalizing those competencies in Training Circular , The Army Noncommissioned Officer Guide in November , the roles of the sergeant major and others were more clearly defined for all to understand. So what does the Command Sergeant Major actually do? They carry out policies and standards, and advise the commander on the performance, training, appearance, and conduct of enlisted Soldiers. Some of these responsibilities translate well in a combat role, but there is little in the way of specified duties on the battlefield.

They all stated that their training was critical in preparing them for the unknowns of combat, and they praised the sergeants who had ensured they were ready for battle.

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We had just come from the National Training Center. We had trained at Home station, we talked everyday about what we needed to do for the brigade. His role was individual training and taking care of soldiers.

The Changing Role of the Command Sergeant Major — The NCO Guide

This study concluded with one of the trends that the NCOs were distinguished by their attitude, mission dedication and desire to win in combat. Though born from Vietnam, the rank of Command Sergeant and the roles of the senior NCO have rightly matured and this latest conflict allows us to evaluate the missions, roles and functions of the Command Sergeant Major in war.

By reviewing the historical leadership perspectives of Senior Enlisted leaders I have listed some trends of how commanders continue to use their senior NCOs. Sometimes those directions get filtered down to the lowest echelons and the message has changed. He also noted that he could also pass issues and concerns back up the other direction. That is the second bullet, providing feedback. Another prevalent theme that suits the role of the CSM is battlefield circulation…or better known as showing the flag and going out and walking, talking and generally just being with soldiers.

He explained that they could see twice the area if they went in different directions, and the sergeant major would share his observations regularly with his commander. And those standards include everything from how service members wear their uniform, to wearing seatbelts to clearing weapons to enforcing the rules of engagement and the Law of War. That also includes who we are, what we do, the values and integrity and the sense of duty and purpose we want all our forces to have. I traveled all over Iraq and Kuwait to ensure leaders were talking to their Soldiers about the challenges and stresses of combat, enforcing standards, and were properly equipped to accomplish their missions.

So no matter the outcome was, they felt like they had ownership of it.

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If they feel ownership, they will support the decision. The senior NCO Corps, particularly the super-grades, celebrate its 50 th anniversary in while in December the rank of Command Sergeant Major will have been in existence for 40 years. I was like a tool being used to help soldiers.

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I looked at myself as a servant. I was the eyes and ears for my commander and a voice of soldiers. Great historical research and article on the evolution of Command Sergeant Major role and responsibilities. I often used contacts up the chain to settle long standing problems that seemed to go on and on. In my last slide bullet 4 of 5 I listed your exact point under emerging trends. CSM were in fact problem-solving, doing some of the same exact things you mentioned.

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The Changing Role of the Command Sergeant Major

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