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I'm also working on a mix-tape as well, which will include remix's, covers and much more. Other than that I'll just be playing gigs and working on new music. Its really liberating knowing that there is so much musical talent in Australia. I Can't wait to see what the future holds for Australian Music. Kenzie FromWelly is a Brisbane-based MC gifted with a natural flow and a love for the classic sounds of 90s hip hop. Tell us about your music - how did you develop your sound? My music is a reflection of my culture and perception. It's more questions than answers.

I developed my sound through alot of listening. I think when learning something you first emulate the teacher, then once you've spent enough time doing the thing yourself you develop you own flavour. In my case, I firstly pretty much just copied american gangsta rap, but when I finally had something of my own to say, I guess it sounded like me. My live show is more intimate. I have to admit I haven't gigged in a minute but definitely will look to asap.

What was your introduction to those styles of music and who are some key artists that inspire you? My first introduction to music was through my parents. It slowly dwindled away as we started playing and misplacing them. I grew up around boys so the first hip hop track I remember playing as a kid was "Colours" by Ice T. I am inspired by people in general and the world.

Who are some current artists from across the pond that Australians should be keeping an ear out for? There's a lot of good music in the works back home. Groups like Homebrew and Peace are killing it right now. Iva Lamkum and Aaradhna are holding it down with silky smooth vocals for the ladies. I can also say I've had the pleasure of working with a few of these talented peeps. I've recently released my debut mixtape "Dirty Demo Links", which you can catch here. I'm also working on two projects. The first is a joint project with Brisbane based producer and my cousin HeapRize.

It's titled "Awakening Prologue". The second project is with a NZ producer, I may just keep this under wraps for now. Indie, Punk, Rock Punk , alternative , Rock , Dance, Hip Hop, Indie "hip hop rapper singer. Indie, Roots folk looping harp sydneymusic. Indie, Pop pop infused indie vibes. Indie, Pop folk indie-folk noah georgeson. Indie, Pop, Rock pop music. Rock 60s Rock 'n' Roll , Soul , blues , All this week on triple j Unearthed, we're hanging out with Queensland artist and this weeks Feature star, San Mei.

I went down a few different paths to get to the sound I'm making now. I'm a huge day dreamer, so anything that moves me and makes me feel transported to another place. It could be anything - love, relationships, music, films, books, personal experiences etc. The people behind endeavours like Bleach Festival and awesome live music venues that are passionate and working hard to create an exciting live music scene here on the Gold Coast.

My new EP is coming out a little later in the year, I'm recording some more music and hopefully playing as many great shows as I can! These Sydney synthpop upstarts have won a spot on The Plot festival lineup this Saturday in Parramatta.


Then one of our university mentors Drew Crawford heard what we were doing, and he said that we were like "the soundtrack to a John Hughes movie that never happened" What can punters at The Plot festival in Sydney expect from the Froyo live show? It came from another one of our university mentors Clive Harrison who told us about the "rocking chair test" Again, we got options here We watched Body Type a few weeks back. Though we sound nothing like each other, we still love seeing that raw, unproduced garage band vibe when we go out sometimes.

To keep creating and focusing on new songs before all other things. Because so far, whenever we got the song right, everything else just seemed a lot easier for us — things like gigs, blog spots, radio play, and even making new musical friends — so yeah.

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The song always comes first for us. Electronic, Indie alternative , organic , Electronic , My earliest influences came from the soul and blues my mother played around the house when I was a kid — Aretha Franklin, The Bee Gees and the Doobie Brothers were on regular rotation. My experiences in life. Hip hop holds the unique ability to tell stories in a deeply authentic way, so I always hope to have my music reflect this. What can punters expect from a Kirklandd live show? A very, very big vibe. Immerse yourself in the experience of creating, find fulfilment in the process, and thrive in the journey to finishing it.

Everything will follow from there. Cry, or boogie? Those chords are really beautiful man. The last show I went to was around a week back in Sydney. I went to do a short performance of some unreleased music I have coming with a good homie of mine, Francoistunes, at a One Day Party that Kaiit was headlining in Marrickville. The vibe was so strong. I love the live culture the One Day crew have built. Kaiit is one of the warmest, most genuine performers ever, and seeing everyone turn up for her was awesome.

And she has the coolest rider on the planet. All of them; bands, creatives and all members of our community. Since giving us their latest track ' Manifestation ', Melbourne based power group, The Beautiful Monument are taking metal-punk rock to the next level.

It took us a few years to develop a sound we were happy with. Working on our recent album "I'm The Sin" really helped us find and refine our sound. It was a great experience for all of us as it was our first time in a proper studio and all learnt a lot about writing and production. Our biggest source of inspiration comes from our personal experiences. We've lived and experienced a lot since the writing and release of "The Lost" EP in , so the lyrical content of this new album is a lot more heartfelt.

We've collectively lived through life-changing pain and happiness, break ups and failed relationships, issues with our own mental health and family struggles that lead Lizi and the rest of us to write some really meaningful lyrics that we hope people can find comfort in. Lots of energy, big singalong choruses that are easy to sing along to, even if you've never heard us before.

Although nerves before playing are uncomfortable, they're a good thing as it means you care about the show you're about to put on. We always had the best advice given to us by our late manager Justin, who passed away in November. He always gave us the best pre-show advice, the way to make us ensure we were happy in our situations and with each other and the best advice about how to do everything properly in regards to releases.

He was a really important person to us, and one of the most caring people ever. We're all super grateful for all the advice he gave us, we learnt so much. Or realistically anything by Aburden because they're major sad boys. We love them. You're the DJ at a party. Some of us recently went to the Corner Hotel to see Running Touch. Tell us about the bands or people in the Melbourne music community that inspire you. A lot of people inspire us by just being a part of the community, caring enough to share a bands post on Facebook or even rock up to a show. Being in a band is hard, so when you have the punters caring about their local bands and their scene, it really helps to make a difference.

Those people inspire us to be better and do better. We're looking forward to everything this year is shaping up to be for us so far. We're also hoping to hit up some interstate shows this year to share our album with those fans as well. Everything we've got planned at the moment is still a bit on the hush, but it's looking to be a really big year for us! She's been making big, bright and bold electronic pop and we're excited to bring it to you all this week on Unearthed radio.

I was classically trained from the age of 5 which is how I developed my musicality in general, and I started singing and writing songs really young. My sound is still developing and will always be evolving, but I want my music to always have a certain space and texture. The feeling you get when you listen to a really good song, also, and the possibility that one day I could give that feeling to someone. If one end of the spectrum is sad-girl, and the other is fun pop, I'm right in the middle.

Expo Liaison! It was weird as hell and amazing. So good. There are so many hours of work and guts and passion that goes into one song or one show that would just be completely impossible without an awesome team. Dance, Electronic, Pop Electronic , new wave , 80s , Rock baskervillain , australia , Brisbane , Indie radiohead , The Flaming Lips , pink floyd , Indie, Pop Indie , Pop , Loops , Dance, Electronic beats , Trap , Future Bass , Indie, Rock garage Surf lo-fi garage rock alternative rock.

Dance, Electronic, Hip Hop, Pop frank. Metal, Punk, Rock Melodic Hardcore. We both like lots of different stuff like soul music, country, pop, RnB and rock. Dylan has been developing as a producer over the past few years now so his production taste definitely comes through in our sound he produces our songs. I like to think of it as turning a shit situation into something beautiful. The beach is a very prominent part of our life on the West Coast though so maybe that seeps in?

The Dreadnoughts' Official Tour Blog

Great songs, experiences, travel, nature. It was a really bizarre but amazing experience that gave us plenty to write about! What can punters expect from The Money War live show? What an incredible song and Ainslie Wills absolutely nailed the performance. The whole city was alive and there was an overwhelming sense of enthusiasm around what Perth has to offer.

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  • Tell us about the bands or people in the Perth music community that inspire you. He lives and breathes music and has backed us right through, years before we formed this band. Indie, Punk, Rock alternative , Punk , Emo , Indie, Pop Melbourne , guitar pop. Electronic, Indie, Pop, Rock. Dance, Electronic, Hip Hop. Hip Hop neo soul hiphop RHfactor hiatus. Brisbane 3-piece MTNS are all about textured synths, striking melodies and downtempo beats. Our music blends the band dynamic with electronic sounds.

    Usually I Tom start writing songs on the guitar or keyboard, from there it's working on the computer with sounds, samples and MIDI. I like to work on my vocal melody and lyrics as the song grows and progresses. Working on the computer is great for us because we can really explore and form the song together. We wanna have a fun night and play our best!

    We're looking forward to hanging out and making some new friends. You never know who you could bump into at Bigsound. Mostly we are hanging out at our jobs, working on music or spending time with our girlfriends We just started the Tigertown tour last week, so we're looking forward to some more shows. We've been working hard finishing up some more songs for our next release as well.

    Punk, Rock Beach punk , Surf punk , Garage , We started out as a two piece Joel and Nat a couple of years ago playing sort of garage blues rock and we started listening to bands like Ty Segall and Thee Oh Sees which then led us into a different direction with our music. Once Dale came along and jumped on the bass we all had this mega froth on garage punk and psychedelic rock n roll bands like these guys and whole bunch of other sick bands and started creating music that was a similar vibe.

    Now we are at a stage where our jams and recording sessions naturally have this garage fuzz rock n roll feel to it which we are super stoked with. When we are working or just all away from each other for a while we start getting super excited to play together and mess around with some new ideas.

    Also get a new guitar and that will inspire new music until the cows come home. Expect the unexpected Boys Light Up — Australian Crawl This will not only make you stop crying but also make you tuck your shirt in and start a furious boot skoot. What else really? It was epic! We had seven local bands on the line-up which brought crew from everywhere. I guess it was a good excuse to drink beers and get loose with your of your mates! Tell us about the bands or people in your local music community that inspire you. There is a whole bunch of local mad dogs around town but it hard to name all of them which inspire us because they all do.

    What inspires inspire us are the legends that go out of their way to come to shows and enjoy live music and create a good vibe and energy for themselves and else everyone around them. This inspires us to play more local shows and make bigger music events which can therefore showcase live local talent for these people to enjoy. For we would be super pumped to jump onto some more festival line-ups around Australia.

    We got a whole bunch of new songs so I reckon we will throw another full length album out early next year and organise a whole bunch of dates both locally and nationally which will be dope. Come along and melt your brains amigos! How did you develop the nyck sound? So the whole process with our recording so far has been about taking things away rather than adding them. The way that some writers can talk about the smallest details that you could easily pass off as nothing, and make them seem so important. Mike Skinner does it in The Streets.

    What can punters expect from the nyck live show? So everything else is in the background.

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    And worried about finishing it the right way. Maybe a little too worried. The other night, a good friend of ours, Chris Rigney, told us that the imperfections are what make it sound unique. Then he took it to the band and they turned it into a hit song. We both think this is one of the most beautiful Australian songs ever written. We also love our manager, Pete Sofo, because he shows great belief in us and literally forces us to be inspired by filling our calendars with events and shows and sessions.

    What are your plans for the rest of and in to ? And then every so often, it all falls away in the space of just a few weeks. In this case, it was 12 weeks. We also want to start writing the next EP or album, but we want to try something a little different and see some of Australia while we do it.

    The plan is to pack up and hit the road and stay in some road side motels in the desert. Maybe drive across to Western Australia, and all the way up the west coast into Northern Territory. There has to be an EP on that road somewhere. Indie, Pop, Roots basement pop , bedroom folk , Baroque Pop , Indie, Pop, Rock 90s , Rock , guitars. Indie, Rock Melbourne , Bacchus Marsh , ballarat , They're ready to take it up a notch this weekend at Unify so get down early, it's going to be heavy.

    Our music is just a happy accident really. It's changed a lot over the years we've been playing together but we've spent a lot of time together wokring on songs and refining them now. There was a lot of doubt in our early years as to whether we were being completely honest in what we were writing, but there's none of that now. As emo as it is, bad things happening. We struggle to write emotive music when we're not in a bad mood.

    Karnivool, Taking Back Sunday and Underoath if we had to cut it to a short list. That new Ocean Grove song is gonna go real hard as well. We just plan on banging out our 20 minute slot with songs at a high intensity. It's not a TED talk, we just wanna play some tunes that hopefully people who haven't heard us before will want to listen to again. To work hard and not let hinderances defeat you, if making music is what you want then you'll find a way. It's not directly what he said, but that was from Nic who plays drums in Northlane.

    Unfortunately due to how busy was for me, I didn't have a whole lot of time for local gigs in general. Tell us about the bands or people in the Melbourne community that inspire you. Running Touch is a paragon of creativity in the Australian music scene at the moment and such a beautiful soul to match. So, him certainly. It is so incredible to be exposed to it, day in and day out. Write an album and make sure it's good. Hopefully getting to hang out with you guys some more, too! Metal, Rock posthardcore alternative punk hardcore. Metal Metalcore , Hardcore , Melbourne , Electronic, Hip Hop, Indie electronic alternative dance chill ambient producer beats emotional.

    Dance, Electronic, Pop italo disco , soundtrack , post punk , Electronic, Pop Electronic , beach , House , Indie, Pop psychedelic , dreamwave , Melbourne , Dance, Electronic Electronic , House , sydney , Indie, Punk, Rock indie rock , alternative , grunge , We've been playing music together since high school, so we pretty much developed our taste as we know it now alongside each other. Early on we all shared an affinity for grunge and 'good' alternative rock, and that influence is still the backbone of the band.

    I've always felt that garage rock was the most fun I could have playing guitar, a punk ethos with a strong slathering of melody and emotion. Though sometimes it's also good to just go total angst. For us, simplicity is key, so we try and come out with what feels most natural, maintaining the idea that a great song could be played totally stripped back, or even transposed to a different genre, and still be a great song. We've been told a few times now that we're loud.

    That'll likely be the case on the day. Playing shows is our only form of exercise, so we like to make the most of it and get a good sweat going. If I fall entirely off the stage it won't be the first time. Tell us about the bands, producers and people in the WA music community that inspire you? I continue to be amazed by the people we meet in our time around the scene in Perth.

    It really is going on here. The whole team at RTR There are too many great bands to list, new one's are springing up all the time, and with Perth as small as it is you're never more than 3 degrees of separation away from them. Right now there's a really good 90's rock revival thing going on, or maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part! I don't have a very musical family, so my first real rock show I went to with Jackson, it was the RollerCoaster Festival in Mandurah in I think when I was The Living End were headlining, and we got there early enough to see Tame Impala, who were only just becoming a name on the radar by that point.

    Both were killer sets, and later in the day I lost my mosh virginity in front of Gyroscope, and later still I watched a bottle fly out of the crowd and take out Sneaky Sound System's singer. Turned out she'd been lip syncing. Yeah, interesting day. We'll be coming over and playing our first Sydney and Melbourne shows in March, and by the end of that month our second EP, Run Kon Koma, will be out and hopefully kickin'. From there, who knows? But hopefully no more serious injuries. Punk, Rock Melbourne , Post-Punk. What do you get when you combine a heavy dose of '90s influence with a 6-piece outfit?

    A massive wall of sound. That's Dreamy Rimmy in a nutshell, and you can catch the Perth shoegazers bring it at Laneway in Freo! It's pretty 90s inspired. Ali's all about that stuff and she writes most of it so that makes sense. Ali comes up with the skeleton of the song but I think she just hears stuff she likes and learns from what she hears. You'll be opening up Laneway for Unearthed this year.

    What can punters expect from a Dream Rimmy live show? Well we have 6 members. So there's a fair bit of noise. Ali and George do lots of harmonies. We try and do the wall of sound thing. We just played North Freo pub crawl show in Fremantle. There were a lot of bands and it was v. It's very incestuous. Most of the bands have sharing members with other bands so it feels like a bit of a collective.

    Electronic personal. Indie, Pop, Roots alternative , Pop , Acoustic , Indie, Pop, Rock gena rose bruce , coming down , the way you make love , Indie, Pop, Roots blues , Soul , old-school , Electronic, Indie Atmospheric , Energetic , feel good , Electronic, Indie, Pop Myami , wayfarer , electropop , Electronic chillout downtempo electronic. What can punters expect from an Introvert live show? Lots of emotion, balanced with a good old joke or two!

    Stephen chose this one, as the track is written about a person who loses their sister to cancer, it reminds him of a time where he nearly lost his to leukaemia. Great turnout, and a really good reception for the bands made it one to remember.

    Tell us about the bands or people in the Newcastle music community that inspire you. For the rest of the year our number one focus is definitely the tour with Birds Of Tokyo. Dance, Electronic, Hip Hop bass , Electronica. Punk, Rock Garage , surf , Punk , Pop "Alternative rock"indie"electro.

    Electronic, Indie these guy , Brisbane , Synths. Electronic, Pop electronic , pop. Indie, Pop Folk , enchanting , Singer songwriter , What's the origin story of Confidence Man? It all started in our home studio all of us lived together when one of us was writing a bass line and struggling with song ideas. The four of us were all in the room so we slowly started screaming over the top of each other and trying to grab the microphone to sing little melodies. By the end of the night I just remember that we were all pretty wasted and we were all hugging each other and screaming "this is the best thing ever!

    We're similar people and we like similar music, so it's been easy to know what direction we want to go in. I love to dance, so I really focus on writing big bass lines and cheeky percussion parts. I love the way Todd Terje makes badass dance music in a really cute, dorky way. That's the vibe I like to go for. What can punters expect from a Confidence Man live show?

    Champagne, bee keeper hats, black eye make up and two of the sassiest live dancers you'll ever see. I saw Sampa the Great at Bigsound. She was awesome, I think she's a badass. Tell us about the bands or people in the Australian music community that inspire you. We're inspired by a lot of Brisbane bands because we're always working together and showing each other demos. Everyone is super-supportive in Brisbane. Lots of touring, writing, releasing some new tracks, but above all making some more overstated outfits. Developing our sound was pretty much a trial and error situation where we would write songs, test them live and then fix the parts or get rid of the songs that we weren't happy with.

    Mikes dad is annoyed that he has lost the use of his beloved pool table that he never used, but it was a sacrifice we were willing to make. Steven Schram has produced our last two singles and we have certainly gained a lot from working with him. What's your greatest source of inspiration for making music?

    We are all huge fans of music. Watching bands smashing it out on stage or listening to an awesome album makes us want to do the same. Four sweaty dudes on stage, bouncing around like a beach ball at a Nickelback concert. What's the best advice you've been given and who was it from? We supported Polish Club in Byron Bay and we had a few beers with them before the show. They were telling us to always work with people that really care about your music and are passionate about what you do makes sense, right?

    Top blokes. If this doesn't get you jacked up, then you must be a robot. Shares in Kleenex must have skyrocketed when this song came out. Luke Million and his track 'Arnie'. We lose our biscuits when this banger comes on. An absolute must have in any party mix. Matt has a mad party mix - it's on Spotify if you wanna check it out. We're looking forward to checking his set out at Splendour! Huge lineup and that light show was lit! There were more lasers than the 'Lasers Only' mode on GoldenEye ' Mario from our local record store in Byron Bay, Howl and Moan Records, is really creating a music scene in the local area.

    We've played and been to gigs at his shop and it's always an awesome vibe. Plus, we always walk out with a new vinyl! We are also really lucky to live in an area that has some seriously amazing festivals such as Splendour in the Grass, Falls Festival and Blues Fest. How could you not be inspired seeing your favourite band thrash it out to thousands of people? We've actually got some new music being released very soon as well as a tour, which we're really looking forward to.

    We have a couple more exciting things on the horizon but they're more secretive than Mr Krabs' Krabby Patty recipe. Dance, Electronic nocturnal tapes , Electronica , Yamba , Feels are a percussive electronic outfit from Perth, and the winners of our Listen Out competition for WA!

    We're featuring their buoyant and bubbly tunes all this week on Unearthed. Elise and Rosie met during high school when they were 14 at an after school percussion program. During a Djembe solo we locked eyes and from that day, we knew we would make music together. We both studied classical percussion at University and Elise went on to study composition.

    Our love for rhythm and classical composition has definitely influenced our sound and how we create a Feels track. We have always loved electronic music and wanted to find the balance between using our classical composition and percussion skills to created serious beats and shredding synth lines. Rhythm is definitely our greatest inspiration and usually the main focus for our tracks.

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    We like to find simple patterns and find ways to disrupt and manipulate them. We both play percussion every day, whether it be tutoring high school students, or playing for dancers at WAAPA. Playing has always been a huge inspiration for our music. Our study of many different styles of percussion music and composition has also been influential on our music.

    Live drums, electronics and tinsel jackets! Oh, and a surfboard. We saw so many local bands it was amazing! Miss Blanks was definitely a highlight for us. It was great to see such a diverse range of artists at the festival. Being from Perth, it was amazing to see such a large representation of our local music scene. Earlier this year, we co-founded WOMPP Women of Music Production Perth a platform for female, transgender and nonbinary music makers to share and discuss music production. We have monthly meetings to discuss electronic music production, share tracks and prepare for our biannual showcases.

    Through the creation of this community, we have met some of the most talent and inspiring individuals in the Perth music scene. Over this past year we have seen so many strong electronic acts form and more established artists become even more confident. What are your plans for the future? We have our debut EP Emerald coming out in November with 2 more singles in between.

    We will also be doing an Ableton studio residency in Sydney January in which we hope to start writing a new album. We are definitely wanting to do an East coast tour in and release more new music! Tom Hardy : Batch eight: heigh ho! Meta John Boyega 's stock answer to how much darker the film gets: his skin does thanks to all the time in the sun. He then adds that Disney has spies everywhere and Finn will be killed off if he says a single thing about the actual story which is itself a Running Gag amongst actors in the Marvel Cinematic Universe who have claimed that they'll be killed by "Disney snipers" if they accidentally spoil anything.

    The Production Announcement trailer begins like a teaser trailer, starting off from where the previous film left off. Luke staring thoughtfully at Rey while she hands him his lightsaber as slow, epic music plays in the background. It seems that Luke took Yoda's last message in Return of the Jedi to "Pass on what he has learned" a bit too literally. Cue the inevitable Photoshop edits. The planet Luke has been living on is named Ahch-To.

    The gesundheit jokes have been made. The sneezing gifs have been put up. The mere idea that a part of Rey being trained is her getting the approval to be on the island of alien puffins who are connected to Luke due to him being a protector to the islands. Even if the rumors are false, one never knows with this franchise. Josh Gad has released some tongue-in-cheek videos asking Daisy Ridley his co-star in the upcoming adaptation of Murder on the Orient Express a bunch of questions asking about the plot of The Last Jedi including some genuine fan theories , with Daisy keeping her mouth shut.

    One video has another Orient co-star — Dame Judi Dench — getting in on the act. Dame Judi: Why don't you answer my damned questions? Daisy: [ long pause ] Okay. Bryce Dallas Howard : Do the heels of your boots ever get stuck in the grates of the Millennium Falcon? Lucy Boynton : I have a question also. Chris Pratt : Actually, I can answer that Tom Bateman : Are we going to find out any more about the identities of the stormtroopers? Please tell me, Daisy? Mark: [ Joker-style voice ] Obi-Wan never told you what happened to your father. Mark: It's even more frightening than that.

    I am— [ takes off mask ] Mark Hamill! Mark: That came with a hand. Did you bring that too, Natalie? Phasma: I was stuck inside that trash compactor for three weeks! Finn: gives her a look What did you eat? Christie: Yeah, be very gentle. Be very— but honestly, really gentle.

    Ridley: reading When will Domhnall Gleeson sweep me off my feet? Instrumental pieces are tagged with an uppercase "[I]", or a lowercase "[i]" for quasi-instrumental including non-lyrics voice samples. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is a dynamic list of songs and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness. You can help by expanding it with reliably sourced entries. This article needs additional citations for verification.

    Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This list is incomplete ; you can help by expanding it. Bloe "" by Squeeze. Le Beat Route. Parry references Maida Vale, Hammersmith, Battersea, etc. The Bush' etc. admin