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They see the valiant missionary who will one day share his testimony with the world and later become a righteous father who honors his priesthood. The inspired teacher sees pure and beautiful mothers and future presidents of the Relief Society, Young Women, and Primary, even though today they may be girls who giggle and chatter on the back row in the classroom.

Oh, that every parent could understand that children come from a premortal experience and have possibilities that often are far beyond what we might expect. We should spare no effort to help our children reach their full potential.

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Is it any wonder that Jesus brought the little children unto himself to teach and bless them? A recent experience illustrates the importance of each of these little children. One Saturday morning I was preparing for an activity with one of my grandsons. Some may choose not to go.

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Our Heavenly Father has given them the agency to choose for themselves. To teach our children the gospel of Jesus Christ and to protect them from the influences of a wicked world, love must abide in our homes. We should cherish and care for our children with unwavering dedication. The older we grow, the more precious our family becomes to us.

We come to see more clearly that all of the wealth, honor, and positions of the world pale in significance when compared to the precious souls of our loved ones.

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You young parents who are beginning your families must guard against seeking financial gain, worldly comforts, or achievement at the expense of your children. You must guard against being so anxious to get to work or to a meeting that you do not have time for your family, especially time to listen to anxious little voices. Always remember this timeless counsel from a prophet of God, President David O. The Lord has placed this duty with mothers and fathers.

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It is one from which we cannot escape and one that cannot be delegated. Others may help, but parents remain accountable. Therefore, we must guard the sanctity of our homes because that is where children develop their values, attitudes, and habits for everyday living. Children perceive their own identity much earlier than we may realize. They want to be recognized as individuals. Not long ago as my wife visited with our daughter, her three-year-old son ran to his grandmother. What a beautiful place this world will be when every father and mother see the importance of teaching their children the principles that will help them be happy and successful.

Parents teach best when they lead by good example; govern their little ones with patience, kindness, and love unfeigned; and have the same spirit of love for children that Jesus exemplified. In times of need, a father may bless his children through the righteous exercise of his priesthood.

Every mother can accept her children from her Father in Heaven as her great source of joy. She will know that because her children are also children of God, no sacrifice is too great to protect them from evil and to surround them with a spirit of love and trust in God. One of our grandsons, when he was five years old, became confused when his family moved into a new ward.

He thought the meetings were over and went outside. We help members become confident learners who are excited for their next steps. Our award-winning approach has a proven track record of delivering academic progress.

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We encourage a fearless attitude whilst developing speed, accuracy and exam technique. How it works. Everyone remembers that person that inspired them, a teacher, a friend, a family member. Someone that changed how they saw things and helped them to see their potential.

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Our staff create those light bulb moments everyday, inspiring children for life. They are the heart of our company and what makes us unique. Why not see for yourself?

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Book a free trial. Award-winning maths and English tuition. Elsewhere in the region, there have been independent initiatives to promote nontraditional education, rooted in science and logic. Notable among these have been Asfar , a nongovernmental organization focused on conflict resolution, and Tahrir Academy , an online learning platform that had a promising start but ran into financial difficulties.

In essence, philosophy education aims to prevent ideological indoctrination, to encourage inquiry and the pursuit of truth and the rejection of political despotism, hate and misconceptions about the unfamiliar. These aims are worthwhile. Achieving them would not be impossible if educators and education policy makers were to commit themselves to it. Afaf Al-Khoshman is a Ph. Your email address will not be published. With access to a laboratory that houses mice and rats, a researcher in Oman has created a new biological insight into high blood pressure, a major health issue The AUC professor of comparative religion who lost the title says his academic freedom was infringed.

The university says it had to honor a request from the ben This article is an updated companion to our searchable database of internationally accredited higher-education institutions and programs in the Arab world and T Covering Education, Research and Culture.