The Full Mood: A Priestess Tale

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Her challenge is to find, or one might say to remember, the gifts she has to offer.

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Namu and Rose both have an openness to all forms of life, even that which is not seen with the human eye. They each have their tragedies and joys. Yet, they share only one vision, for they are of one spirit. Their inspiring passage through time reveals ancient truths bringing healing awareness to many. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages. More Details Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lists with This Book.

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This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Sep 19, Vicki Chossek rated it it was amazing. This book revealed insights never expected I had no idea this book would lead me to deep self revelations. I started dreaming at night and remembering some of my own past just as Pen's characters lived their own lives on these pages. For females wanting to find their own connection to the divine, this book helps point the way.

Read the book! There are no discussion topics on this book yet. And does luck or fortune have anything to do with it? In this deep pocket discussion, Amanda and Jacob are joined by small business owner and multi-modal practitioner, Hilary the EC Energist herself! Skill, compensation, markets, the value of care workers, Star Trek economics, basic needs, economic justice, American Gods, debt, reciprocity, fortune, luck, fate, destiny, definitions of wealth, what gives value, time and energy, work, effort, responsibility, cows, the Norns, the Web of Wyrd, Under the Tuscan Sun, Where the Heart Is, serendipity, interdependence, survival skills, gifting, fair pricing, entitlement, organizing, facilitating, unconsidered costs, love offerings, adventures in customer service, and so abundantly more.

In this wonderfully grim exploration, Amanda, Jacob, and returning friend Dani go beyond the pale Angie is committed to educating individuals, small groups, families, and entire communities or church groups to proudly reclaim family directed choice at end of life. With many thanks to both her and our dear friend Wee Bee, it's with ghastly delight we present this edifying dance with the dead.

Treading along this mortal coil, there's talk about: End-of-life care and planning, funerary practices, body disposition, transitions, cultural views on death and dying, elder care, grief and mourning, rites of passage, ancestor work, prolonging life and death, closure, what Death Midwives do, comfort and intimacy, decomposition, and oodles more. In this insightful episode, the triumverate is joined by Shela, who's a local divination darling, seasoned tarot consultant, and creatrix of The Seer's Path website an online community for exploring divination.

Together, they look deep into the spread of all things divination and have a naturally clairvoyant time along the way!

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Why is divination such a big part of Pagan practice? And just how is it supposed to work? What are the pros and cons of reading for yourself? Or for others? Why's Tarot so great? Can divination be a group experience? And do divinitory tools have consciousness? Open yourself the the limitless, find the wisdom revealed, and let spirit guide you on a journey through these questions and many, many more.

The Queen of Nipples commands it! What does love and trust mean in Paganism?

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And why does it matter in our relationships? Or to our loved ones, our communities, our practices, or ourselves? Does love and trust need to be "perfect? In this ardent installment, Amanda and Jacob raise their cups to explore what's just so damn important about love and trust. Drink deep with us, dear listeners, as we quaff the heady brew of: Communication, trauma, vulnerability, negotiating healthy boundaries, holding space, cognitive delusions and behavioral techniques, brokenness, perfection, self love, acceptance, expectations, faith, belief, doubt, intention, manifesting, proverbs about love, the types of love, balance, the economics of relationships, acts of creation, emotion and reason, justice, power, and so very much more.

Once again, The Priestesses go to the movies! How does fantasy shape desire and love?

▶︎ Vadim Zeland - Tufti the Priestess. Live Stroll Through A Movie / Audiobook 2019 read by Bootsy G

Does a woman's greatest power really lie in her sexuality? Is that which we call a Jerry by any other name just as sweet? Dear listeners, in this episode, we give the rainbow to you Which witch? Interfaith communities and interactions. How does that work for Pagans? How can it? In this exciting installment of The Priestesses, Amanda and Jacob discuss their recent and ongoing experiences in the interfaith realm, purpose in action, shared experience, navigating differences, and more. What maddness ensues, dear friends?

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Pucker up those earholes and find out. Corrections: Agape is the Greek term for universal love. Jacob mistakenly uses the term "storge" here, which refers to familial love. Body image. Yes, the gang's back together and laying it down with friend, romance consultant, and sex educator extraordinaire, Michelle.

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Touch, intimacy, pleasure, and Why, yes! In this episode, Amanda and Jacob get physical with their friends and wide-ranging community veterans , River and Wee Bee, for a deep-tissue discussion about the power of touch, getting hands-on at pagan events, nudity, sex, consent culture, boundaries, communication, making connections, trust, vulnerability, ritual, skin hunger, and so much more.

Can you feel it? For this deep, interfaith discussion on the nature and problem of evil, we're joined by Dr. Charlene P. Pagans, polytheists, pantheists, panenetheists, witches, and all the other pwords deal with the challenges of evil and suffering as much as anyone.