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Nov 10, AJ rated it liked it Shelves: audio , romantic , mystery-suspense , series , steamy. Chad 3. Chad is a treasure-hunter and is the one who holds the secret behind all of the mystery. He knows what the bad guys want, he knows why his family was killed and he knows why he and Amy continue to be targets. She promises to help him, asking nothing in return except for his protection, but who is she really? I really liked Chad. Gia is no exception. The two of them go on the road together as Chad works to track down his sister, and despite all of the questions and doubt, there is an underlying tension between them and they are unable to resist their sizzling chemistry.

Chad has some dominant tendencies, but nothing too extreme, and the sex soon leads to emotions that Chad is in no way prepared to deal with. He is a man with only two goals — protect his sister and get his revenge on the men who destroyed his world. He is constantly trying to figure out if those close to him are betraying him, and things become super complicated when he and Gia start to fall for each other, especially when he knows that she is keeping secrets from him.

I really enjoyed this read. It answers a lot of questions, and brings the action and mystery of the whole series to a head when Chad is finally reunited with Amy and now Liam and they work together to finish their nightmare once and for all. With lots of action, drama, mystery excitement and a sexy romance, this book progresses the series nicely and is a really enjoyable read. Note - I listened to this as an audiobook narrated by the brilliant Sebastian York and, as always, he did a great job with it. I highly recommend listening to this one.

Jan 27, Amy rated it really liked it Shelves: review-books , , 4-stars. Forsaken has been one of my most anticipated reads. I have been waiting patiently for two years for more answers and now everything finally comes together. The men who originally hired Chad to find the treasure, have taken him and want the treasure for themselves.

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When Gia finds out what plans the men have for Chad, she sets her own plan in motion to help him escape. Now the two of them are on the run. Motives will be questioned. Trust will be flee Forsaken has been one of my most anticipated reads.

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Trust will be fleeting. This game of cat and mouse will leave you asking even more question than before… I am not going to go into a lot of details, but I will tell you this: We finally, finally get some answers. We finally find out what happened and how Amy got sent into hiding. Chad had to risk so much to not only keep Amy safe and alive, but to also keep himself safe.

And let me tell you, this story takes you on one thrilling ride. I did have a few issues with the story. In the beginning, I did find it a little hard to follow. My other issue was the ending.

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I felt like it was a bit rushed. I know there is a book 4 coming out soon and is supposed to be wrapping up the series as a whole. I just felt like something was missing.

  1. Forsaken (The Secret Life of Amy Bensen, #3) by Lisa Renee Jones.
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All that being said, I did really enjoy this book. It was fast paced and action packed. There definitely was never a dull moment. I loved the twists.

The twists kept me guessing and on the edge of my seat. There was also plenty of romance and steamy moments. Amy and Liam fans, do not fret. We do get spend plenty of time with them. Everything has come full circle now. I still have some questions and am waiting in anticipation to get those answers. Jun 01, Sara rated it it was amazing. I received a free ARC copy of Forsaken in exchange for an honest review.

I loved this book so much it was hard to put it down! It was so good to hear Chad's side of the story and see the hell he's been living trying to make sure Amy is safe. I really enjoyed getting to know Gia, she is a strong character and a great companion for Chad. The book was so action packed and detailed that I felt like I was right there with the characters in the moment.

I can't wait to see how everything ends up! Jul 16, Amber Day rated it it was amazing. What would you do if you got your family killed by getting involved with the wrong people? Chad had to worry about this after saving his little sister Amy, he went into hiding to protect the remaining person he loved. This book answered a lot of questions that i had about why Amy was on the run. I loved this book and am once againin awe of Lisa's capability to make me so enraptured with a story.

Jul 30, Angela rated it really liked it. No Spoilers If you don't know who Chad is, start with book 1, Escaping Reality you'll be glad you did! I was anxious to see how I'd connect with new characters' POVs. I am so attached to Amy and Liam. I can honestly say that I love Chad and his story. It adds so much to the series and Amy and Liam show up too! Chad has a lot of issues, mainly trust and guilt. He's definitely a tortured soul, which stink 4. He's definitely a tortured soul, which stinks for him, but makes for such an exciting read!

Sorry, Chad! He's like Amy Jones really knows her suspense! And this series, while not as deep, is still suspenseful and hot. The fire between Chad and his woman burns blue! Forsaken starts off with a bang and never lets up! I was tense in a good way and as cliche as it is, on the edge of my seat the entire book. That's not an easy feat to accomplish in romantic suspense. I find that stories from this genre typically start big and lag off or vice versa.

Not here! Jones set a fast pace and kept it there. It's a beautiful thing! My review is very vague because there is so much that happens and so many questions answered, that I won't spoil it for you! That being said, if you've loved the first two books, you must read this one as well. I can't wait to get Amy and Liam's final story in Unbroken, coming out just weeks after Forsaken!! Thank you, Ms. Jones, for continuing to keep me entertained.

ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Jul 06, Crystal Zapata rated it it was amazing Shelves: so-juicy-a-must-have-in-your-book. We finally know all the secrets! Chad is one bad mofo. Such a lonely life but it keeps him safe. The one woman he trusted, worked him over. She believed he died along with her parents in a house fire six years ago. Chad took precautions to keep Amy safe. She had to believe he was dead. The less she knew the better to keep her safe.

Chad is a treasure hunter, tasked to find a cylinder for Sheridan, a rich and powerful oi WOW! Chad is a treasure hunter, tasked to find a cylinder for Sheridan, a rich and powerful oil mogul and his son Rolland.

The Forsaken Truth by Peabol El-Shilay

The cylinder creates energy and makes it absolute. Making the owner the most powerful person on earth. Chad knows he cannot give it up. It should be used for the good of everyone, not greed, money or power. Gia Hudson, supposed secretary of Sheridan is really a brilliant chemist. Madison Cook is the inventor of the cylinder. Cook was murdered for his invention and the only thing that can make a prototype even remotely close is his journal which is heavily encrypted.

Sheridan believes Gia can figure out the codes and recreate a cylinder. She gets to Chad to help her by rescuing him from a warehouse where he is being held captive and tortured for information. But Chad trusts no one. Ohhh let the hunting being!! There is just so much to say about this book. But I cannot give it all away. I absolutely love this series. Aug 18, 1-Click Addict Support Group rated it it was amazing. Forsaken is another heart pounding, edge of your seat installment of the The Secret Life of Amy Benson series. For six years, Chad has been on the run and in hiding.

But time has run out, and the people he was hired by have found Chad. As the story unfolds, secrets are revealed. Secrets such as what exactly this treasure is. Who is Gia? Is Amy truly safe? Can Chad trust anyone? Forsaken is a perfect example of romantic suspense. The heat between Chad and Gia steams off the page. There are a ton of twists and turns throughout this book—as to be expected. Catch up with this series—read it! Sep 02, Raynell rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , arc , purchased-arc , audiobook. It was worth the wait. Outstanding work!!!! I'm still reeling.

Bloody hell the plot was dynamite! The third novel in the Amy Benson series written from Chad's point of view. Forsaken is a passion-filled, tragic, enthralling, treasure seeking suspenseful romance all wrapped into one perfect story. What's the mystery and secrets behind the characters? What if the universe does intervene and we actually meet our soul mate under the oddest unimaginable circumstances? What if all you have is hope and It was worth the wait. What if all you have is hope and when we least expect it and unexpected encountered leads us to the individual?

I loved it. The characters development were great and always left you guessing. Without reservation, I wholeheartedly recommend this brilliant read. Pre-ordered on Amazon and Audible. View 2 comments. Aug 18, Stacy Lynn rated it it was amazing.

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I was given an ARC for an honest review. Forsaken continues where Infinite Possibilities ends. This book is written from the viewpoint of Amy Bensen's brother Chad. After six years apart, Amy believes that Chad was dead. The book starts out with Chad having been held captive and then him being rescued by Gia. The rest of the book continues with their story. This is an amazing story. Lisa Renee Jones does a wonderful job giving us a well written story with great characters. I was pulled into the story from the beginning to the very last page. Forsaken was a roller coaster ride full of emotions, mystery, romance, and suspense.

You don't want to miss out on this book! It is a must read. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series! The third novel in the Amy Benson series written from her brother's perspective. Ripped from today's headlines this novel will cause your palms to sweat, your heart rate to wildly escalate and take you on a constant roller coaster. I was given an early copy of Forsaken, by Lisa Renee Jones, for an honest review.

Aug 20, Lauren at Live Read and Breathe Reviews rated it really liked it Shelves: arc-to-review-read , part-of-a-series , suspense. The last thing he expected to do was fall in love. Chad may have made some bad decisions, but he's paying the consequences now. The one thing he has left is his sister Amy. He will do whatever it takes to keep her safe. Forsaken is the third book in this series and is necessary for this series to be read in order.

Figure 4. Schematic representation in the human brain of the major axes of visceral hypothalamic-limbic axis—stream of feeling and somatic thalamic-neocortical axis—stream of thought information processing. They converge on the reptilian brain, or basal ganglia. The dorsal streams of neural activity are related more to information coming from the external senses vision, hearing, and touch , while the ventral-visceral streams of neural activity are related more to the chemical and internal senses taste, smell, temperature, and various hormone and body energy and water detectors.

Both streams of information converge on basic sensory-motor control programs of basal ganglia to generate behavior in which both somatic and visceral processes are blended to yield coherent behavior output. A medial view of the human brain right hemisphere that is highlighting some major regions of the brain. Going from front to back are the following abbreviations: DMPFC: dorsomedial prefrontal cortex; SACC: superior anterior cingulate cortex; VMPFC: ventromedial prefrontal cortex; PACC: perigenual anterior cingulate cortex; MOPFC: medial orbito-prefrontal cortex; CC: corpus callosum; MT: medial thalamus; Hyp: hypothalamus; VTA: ventral tegmental area source of the mesolimbic dopamine system that innervates basal ganglia and medial prefrontal regions; see Chapter 3 ; P: pineal gland; sc: superior colliculus; ic: inferior colliculus; PAG: periaqueductal gray; Ra: Raphe dorsalis the source of the major serotonin system innervating the limbic system ; LC: Locus Ceruleus the major source of the ascending dorsal norepinephrine pathway that feeds the whole forebrain ; NTS: nucleus of the Tractus Solitarius the location of the major internal receptor system coming from viscera via the vagus nerve ; Cb: cerebellum.

We thank Georg Northoff for the use of this view of the brain. General summary of the key neuroanatomical and neurochemical factors that contribute to the construction of basic emotions in the mammalian brain. The online version shows positive emotions in red and negative emotions in blue. Data summarized in Panksepp For summary of abbreviations used, see Panksepp , p. The major emotional operating systems are defined primarily by genetically coded neural circuits that generate well-organized behavior sequences that can be evoked by localized electrical stimulation of the brain.

As is evident, there is considerable overlap and hence neural interaction among systems. Some of the possible major interactions are indicated by the various interconnecting lines that suggest various excitatory and inhibitory influences among systems. Schematic summary of the various influences and levels of analysis that are important in analyzing the potential nature of an integrative emotional system for social affect.

Adapted from Panksepp et al. Figure Emotional circuits are embedded in multiple convergent control processes such as startle, REM, and play circuits. REM may preferentially influence the higher affective consequences of emotive circuits, thereby helping process information that was collected during waking through the auspices of the various basic emotional circuits see Chapter 7.

Play may preferentially access the motor subroutines that are normally accessed by emotional circuits, thereby providing exercise and practice of instinctual motor patterns that are essential for competent emotive behavior patterns. Adapted from Panksepp, ; see n. Figure 8. A conceptual summary of the first theory that social bonding is an addictive phenomenon, based on major similarities between the dynamics of opioid dependence and key features of social attachments. Both show very similar psychological dynamics, and this suggests that opiate and some other addictions are so affectively compelling because they utilize the same brain emotional systems.

This idea was first developed in the late s from Panksepp, a; republished with the permission of Oxford University Press. Figure 1. A summary of the major differences between brain systems that mediate affective and cognitive processes in the brain. Overall, the affective system controls global states of the brain, while cognitions process incoming information from the external senses. A schematic showing nested hierarchies of brain functions in which primary processes red squares influence secondary green circles and tertiary blue rectangles processes, which in turn exert top-down regulatory control.

A summary of the global levels of control within the brain: 1 Three general types of affects, 2 three types of basic learning mechanisms, and 3 three representative awareness functions of the neocortex which relies completely on loops down through the basal ganglia to the thalamus, looping back to the neocortex before it can fully elaborate both thoughts and behavior.

This can be contrasted with MindBrain organization in adults, where the higher mental processes tertiary processes are well developed, but primary processes are inhibited, which may indicate that primary processes have only a modest influence on mental life or that they are still quite influential, but, in well-bred individuals, are under higher mental regulations. A synoptic overview of frontal lobe functions that may be slow to mature in children diagnosed with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder adapted from Panksepp, Fry Ed.

New York: Oxford University Press. Self-Protectionism represents guarded emotion and altered cognition. It has many subtypes.

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In face-to-face encounters, the individual generally is distrustful, socially stiff and emotionally defensive. There are two subtypes. Social Opposition is a noncompliant orientation where the individual seeks to be dominant and controlling. Social Withdrawal is a compliant or dissociated orientation where the individual minimizes her self in the relationship. The Imagination Ethic involves abstracting capabilities. Reflective Imagination is general reflectiveness but each of the face-to-face ethics has its particular representative imagination. Communal Imagination is rooted in the Engagement Ethic and uses abstracting capabilities genuinely for the common good.

Vicious Imagination is rooted in the Social Opposition Ethic , aiming for control through such activities as scapegoating, impositional altruism, or elimination of the other. Detached Imagination is rooted in dissociation or Social Withdrawal and can be characterized by emotional disengagement and cold intellectual manipulation. The importance of this system in consideration of archetypal symbolism is its connection with higher brain mechanisms: there are now many reasons to believe that forethoughts … do in fact emerge from the interactions of the SEEKING system with higher brain mechanisms, such as the frontal cortex and hippocampus, that generate plans by mediating higher-order temporal and spatial information processing.

Panksepp, , emphasis added The SEEKING system, then, is an innate, self-generated system involved with exploration and information gathering and processing — key aspects of symbol generation in cognitive terms, especially for a symbolically vigorous species such as Homo sapiens. This is because what you are about to ask is most likely to have been properly explained therein. The Teacher's time is therefore reserved for persons who have properly digested The forsaken Truth- the simple dynamics of life and still have any questions about God and humankind, or require unbiased personal counselling concerning the issues of life.

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