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So brief thoughts concerning this instalment. Nate needs to man the hell up and stop with the games and mixed signals. Tate has turned into some total mega biotch. Madison is keeping secrets from Bishop hopefully another book featuring this delicious duo Loving Brantley in this one, he really does come into his own here and I can't wait to learn more about him so hopefully, he gets a book also.

I am also really digging his creepy mansion with its many secrets. Adoring how much of a friend he is to Tillie and how he is always so supportive of her. Their banter sure made me smile. That epilogue was fabulous too I really appreciated it. This is such addictive reading, way confusing but of so delicious. Every book here is just as enthralling as the last and it is one of my favourite series of all time. Malum Part 2 definitely lived up to all my expectations. This one gets a massive hell yeh from me absolutely loved it.

Jun 01, Meredith rated it it was amazing. Where do I even start?! Malum: Part 2 had me questioning everything while waiting for the other shoe to drop. There are so many WTF moments all throughout. I was constantly on the edge of my seat, biting my nails, trying to guess what could possibly happen next. And just when you think you have it all figured out Guess again!

Secrets and lies slowly come to light, but leave with you with many more twists and turns. This story is full of mystery, suspense, sexy af alphas and steamy hot se WOW! This story is full of mystery, suspense, sexy af alphas and steamy hot sex sprinkled all throughout. Nate and Tillie's hot and cold relationship constantly had my head spinning. You never knew what side of him you would get. Sometimes he was kind, funny and protective. Other times he was mean, reckless and violent.

Tillie gave as good as she got though. She was strong, brave, sassy and didn't hesitate to put Nate in his place. I loved the two of them together! These two were pure FIRE! They definitely proved why they are perfect to be my king and queen. This story left my mind reeling after one insane roller coaster ride of emotions. Malum: Part 2 was phenomenal and so brilliantly crafted.

I love the author's twisted and original stories. I love her complex and wonderful characters. Her books are exceptional and never fail to entertain me. I was enthralled from the first page to the last. If you are looking for something unique, intriguing and absolutely captivating, then this book is for you. I am telling you right now that you will not want to miss it. So be sure to one-click the minute it goes live. It is worth every penny and so much more.

May 30, Ratula rated it it was amazing. Mar 12, Tiffany Long rated it it was amazing. Can't wait to read this. May 31, Vivian rated it it was amazing.

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You are NOT ready for what Amo has in store for you in this book! MALUM 2 was a game changer! I felt like an adrenaline junkie when I was done. I was left emotionally unstable whenever I had to stop reading to go back to my life adultingsux. This book and the world within it, sucked me in from page 1. I'd say all of them were answered, but that would be a lie. Amo likes to keep us on our toes and irrevocably hooked, so that we crave more of that uniqueness that she brings to the table.

Their relationship is destructive and toxic, but yet they are perfect for each other. No one else can reach their souls they way they do for each other. I whisper and I see form the corner of my eye his footsteps falter. My focus remains on a rough patch on the wall, isolated. That this up and down bipolar thing isn't going to be forever. My throat swells with emotion, but I choke down any tears. They cannot see any of my weaknesses, and Nate is my biggest. This is just him. This is how he is.

How he reacts to different circumstances is always erratic, we can never be sure which side we're going to land on. There's the jokester side, then there's the Malum side.

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He battles with the two personalities a lot, I know this, but one thing you should always remember is that both of those sides have one thing in common. So you will want to know their back story and what they've all endured up until this point. I can't wait to know more about Brantley's girl, Saint! I feel like my brain has malfunctioned now that I've finished.

Round the World Part Two

My mind is left spinning! My emotions in complete disarray. I feel all the emotions right now. Also, I am left feeling compelled to reread these 2 books now that most of the "chips" have fallen into place, to piece it all back together correctly and make sure I didn't miss anything.

I absolutely feared for the worst, with one particular couple. And some of those fears came true and because of that I think I might die a little waiting for the next books in this series. No announcements have been made as far as to WHEN to expect them I'll be honest, I'm upset with how things were left that one couple, but I'm trying to trusting that it'll worth the wait.

OMG This Book!!! What a wild and crazy, twisted, sexy ride this book takes you on. It starts right where Malum 1 left off and with a huge bang! Tillie is the epitome of a Strong Woman and Nate Well Nate is Every feeling you can possibly have! Will we finally have all their secrets revealed?

Will Madison and Bishop findna way back to each other? You just have to read this masterpiece and find out for yourselves. Told in Dual POV. Jun 12, The Book Bee rated it liked it. It was a rough ride, but I am not entirely sure it could have really been told by anyone else, any other way.

While I realize a 3 star review isn't indicative of my LOVE for this book, I truly did love the storyline and the characters. I loved the actual plot and the depth that Nate had. There was SO much going on, and so many pieces to put together. What a ride.

See a Problem?

Frustratingly good, but frustrating nonetheless. I try really hard to be fair in my reviews. Normal teenager stuff and I know this happens. But running the town? Murder and mayhem? Ordering drinks in a restaurant? And the drug use? It felt 'token'. Basically placed to give a darker edge to the characters that we didn't really see in the first three books.

But I was dying for answers Amo is so authentic in her storytelling style. There is no other like her and I feel like the only reason I was able to get through this story was because I was so intrigued with not only what was going to happen, but also to see what other crazy parts surfaced. She had so much personality infused into her characters, they were honestly their own persons.

Were they all alphas with testosterone coming out their pores? Yes, but the charisma each character demonstrated gave a level of intimacy between the action and the reactions of everything surrounding them. There was a deeper meaning to everything, but not always did I see the 'why' right away and I appreciated that. There was a lot of discovery with this duet, with some parts reading so vividly, yet there were other parts I was so confused by all the jumble that I couldn't make heads or tails about what was going on or who was doing what.

Sex scenes were the hardest to picture But I was curious The good with the bad, the name of the game, right? The amount of errors was staggering. I understand ARCs contain errors and I never hold that against an author. Along with this, the lack of a content editor and research was very apparent. Simple things like the location of I-5, for instance. There was quite a bit of storyline that was unnecessary and caused some parts to feel long-winded and some of it overly dramatic. I also felt that the circumstances, the activities - they all happened with a purpose and sometimes they weren't worked up to.

I like crazy. I like original. Unnecessary, drawn out, over-the-top, stupid decision making drama. This storyline read like 23 year old kids. Not 18 year old adults. The drama was frustrating to no end and I hate when it is mitigated by stupid, common sense actions. Like, for real. Oh wait I feel like it takes ME out of the story. But this is my issue because every few pages a song was mentioned and I didn't honestly care.

I just didn't. Having read some amazing YA, this lacks in comparison. Yes, I know this is a dark, mature YA, but the flow and structure of the story could have been better edited for content and grammar. Having read an amazing asshole bully YA, this definitely left some aspects to be desired.

I realize that this will not sit pretty with many, but I hope that while I can happily recommend the story to readers that want crazy and intense, I can not recommend it as well-written or researched, or without certain caveats. But, having said all that; I look forward to so much more from her - and I know that sounds backwards. Like a gossip rag in the checkout at the store. I couldn't stop reading. I felt his pain over his loss.

I felt his mental and emotional turmoil with Tillie. I understood that rawness he felt and I loved how Amo put a voice to his pain like that. However, when you say you like assholes, then Nate is your asshole. He is legit an asshole.

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I loved it. Tillie was a complex character. Her dynamic with Nate was delicious. They had friction and tension galore - in every facet of their story. Ill-timed or ill-located, their sexcapades were definitely interesting and showcased their depravity quite well. They were a very toxic couple, and many readers may not understand the need to still be around each other while fighting their attraction, but giving in to their desires is what makes them who they are. It is one of the many reasons I loved their story. I like hard-to-love crazy lovers. BUT, sex is used in conjunction with intimacy and bargaining.

I do not pretend to like that at all. It bothers me. Which the entire crew is at many times during the books. Combine this with the secondary characters and their roles in the story, it kept me rooted to my seat while I read it. It was definitely an addicting high I got from it. BUT, gosh dangit!! The editing and the analogies, the wording and the lack of research, it pulled me out. Story was great. A little over dramatic, but great. But when I roll my eyes this much, or give a frustrated cry I have to give that little caveat. But, I. This duet was emotionally and physically exhausting to read and Amo Jones always leaves me with an 'addicted' feeling.

Fix the editing. Get a proofreader. Get a fact checker. Find out some truth and realities. Content editing is a must. Real proofreaders are a must. A competent editor is a must. I feel like a few of these musts were lacking. Amo's a writer with charisma - she has charisma in abundance. The problem is that while she can tell an intriguing and addicting story, her background is noisy and the plot veers off course a few times. So while I really enjoyed the first three books in The Elite Kings Series, these last two really drained me.

It was ridiculousness amplified. It was CrAzY personified. Things that made no sense were the norm. Common sense was not. Craziness just came out of left field. So needless to say, despite all the negative feelings I may have had, Amo still sucked me in. She still gave me an addicting storyline. She still made me want to keep reading. Like, really? You can run 12 miles within months of starting to exercise?

Everyone knows your thoughts? So many inconsistencies and it was very frustrating. Having said allll that I know his turmoil will be so sexy!! He is so smooth and delicious.

Jun 01, Keri Loves Books rated it it was amazing. Their love for one another runs deep. Nate and Tillie were complicated. She was balls to the wall. She could handle her own. The question is The author always takes her readers on a crazy ride. As always the lies and deceit are in abundance. Everyone has their own story and agenda. No one is safe. This series is an experience. Forever a favorite and I am always looking forward to more The Queen of Dark is back Amo Jones has just wrecked me beyond belief with Malum part 2.

I was extremely anxious to read how Nate and Tillie would survive and how their story would play out after reading Malum part one, what I will tell you is, I thought I was ready Twists and turns, moments of shock and joy, gasping for breath, swooning my ass off, Amo Jones took me through every emotion available.

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His character floored me at times. I love an alpha asshole but those times of Vulnerability that you got to see from Nate, absolutely sucker punched me and bought me to my knees. He ruined me in the most perfect way. There is one King that snuck his way into my heart throughout this book though, without me even realising it.

He learns this little by little through his awareness of colors and forms as they affect him as an individual. This club was organized as a response to the need of updating students about the technological advancements in terms of using computer as instructional material. A candidate that was elected by the students is an official member of the Computer Enthusiast Club. Students registered in the list given from the Student Activity Coordinator are the official member of the club. It has been organized by the High School library as its function arm in the task of maximizing the use of facilities and resources.

It aims to develop resourcefulness among the student in using library materials. Having internalized this sentiment, she constantly fails at life goals. Yet by not attentively bettering herself, June actualizes her fears of mediocrity.

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Fate and Autonomy. The realization that two drastically different songs can combine into one complete song shows that fate and autonomy do not have to be polar opposites of one another. June does not have to abandon learned talent for the sake of authenticity, because they actually converse together. Cite This Page. MLA Chicago. Ogi, Alyssa. Retrieved June 28, Copy to Clipboard.

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