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She then asked Ethan to question Liam about his interest in her. This drew the guys into an initial state of hostility, but eventually led them to bond unexpectedly.

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Throughout the project, Naomi and Liam flirted and made out. In the days that followed, Naomi became confused when Liam seemed rather distant, despite their physical relationship. When Charles was faced with a lawsuit, he forced Naomi to leave the hotel for the sake of appearances. Not wanting to live with Charles and Gail, Naomi accepted Annie's offer to move in with her and her family.

Later, Naomi and Liam had a double date with Annie and Liam's cousin. During this meeting, Liam asked Annie out in private, prompting her to quietly decline the invitation. When Naomi confronted him regarding this, Liam stated that he wasn't interested in steady relationships. However, she chose to maintain an interest in him as she walked away. She later moved out of the Wilson home when her sister Jen made an unexpected return to Beverly Hills. Naomi gained access to her inheritance after Jen pressured Charles.

The sisters then decided to buy a home together. Due to Jen's secret misfortunes, however, Naomi, unexpectedly wound up paying for several of the expenses on her own. She eventually confronted Jen regarding this, and became sympathetic upon learning of her sister's difficulties. Naomi attended the West Beverly prom with Liam.

At the event, Naomi was voted one of West Beverly's five most beautiful girls. When Silver declined the title of Prom Queen, which she'd won under suspicious circumstances, Naomi crowned herself. Later, she became upset upon learning that Liam had mainly invited her because his stepfather wanted him to become more outgoing. However, she soon discovered that his feelings for her were deeper than she's suspected. The two then had a private dance on the street before briefly separating. Jen became resentful when Naomi claimed control of the house and threw an after-prom party.

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Liam, who'd asked Naomi to keep their personal discussions private, was unaware that she'd already revealed things about him to Jen. Upon discovering this, he followed Jen to bed, where the two acted on their mutual spite for Naomi. Upon finding Liam half-naked, Naomi left the room after declaring their relationship over. Liam then became remorseful when Jen identified herself as Naomi's sister.

Believing Annie to be the other girl, Naomi chastised her out in the open. This prompted Annie to leave the party while reporting the underage drinking to the police. Later, Naomi was comforted by Jen. The party came to an end, however, when police officers arrived on the scene. At the beginning of the second season Naomi daydreams about kissing a mystery man on the beach. Silver snaps Naomi out of it when Silver reminds Naomi that summer is coming to an end. They catch up on what has occurred in their lives.

He is the son of an Oscar-winning movie star and is also a professional tennis player. It is revealed that Teddy and Adrianna used to date. The next day is the first day of school and Naomi is determined to get a new man this year to get over Liam. As she mentions his name, he is standing right there listening in.

He tries to talk to her but she runs away. Naomi is still furious with Annie from prom night and contemplates sending out the sexually explicit text message of Annie as payback. Annie looks for Naomi is the women's bathroom to find Naomi and asks her to delete the photo. Naomi says she wants Annie to stop lying and to just admit it. Annie asks if she admits it will Naomi erase the picture and she begrudgingly admits it, but sends the picture that night.

The next day, Teddy invites everyone to a party on his dad's yacht where Mark tells Silver that Naomi was the one who sent the picture. Later, Annie approaches Naomi and tells her that she and Liam were hooking up the entire time they were together. She even tells her that they were laughing at her behind her back. Annie, to get back at Naomi, tells her that everyone that loves Naomi ends up loving her more, Ethan and Liam.

The comment gets to Naomi and she walks away defeated. She says she didn't tell her about him because she caught him with another woman. She says that she spent all of her money and is now broke. Naomi is upset that she has been paying for all of Jen's bills and asks when she is going to be paid back.

Jen says that she is going to return to Olivier where she will live with an open marriage. She says once she is back with Olivier, she will pay her back. Naomi tells her that she is worried about her and says she doesn't want her to go back to a loveless marriage.

Naomi aspires to attend California University after graduating high school. Naomi is told by a teacher that she will not be able to get into CU. She then schedules tutoring sessions with the Dean's son to get close to him. Meanwhile, Jen continues to manipulate Naomi and manages to convince her to lend her a large amount of cash.

Naomi meets Jen at the beach club and Jen says she felt bad after their fight the other day. Jen tells Naomi that she is best friend. She announces that she wants to move out until she figures out her divorce.

Jen tells her that she will be better off without her dragging her down. As Jen is about to sign a new lease, Naomi arrives and gives Jen a check to cover her divorce lawyer fees. Jen thanks her and gives her a hug. They chatted about her love of the university. She breaks off her fake relationship with Richard and asks Jamie to the Halloween party. Adrianna says Navid might still be angry after they broke up, but assures Naomi she is clean but Naomi says she lied to her before.

While visiting Navid at the hospital Naomi asks Liam to hold the elevator and uncomfortably rides down with him and Ivy. Naomi hangs out with Silver at her house after Silver's mother's funeral. Jen takes Naomi to the racetrack where they look at her new horse. Naomi later discovers that it was Jen who Liam slept with and not Annie. She makes Jen leave her house and gets a therapist to "de-Jen" her life. In " Winter Wonderland " Naomi asks Annie to talk to her in the bathroom.

She admits she made a huge mistake when she accused her of sleeping with Liam and says she knows Jen was the once who was with Liam. Annie tells her she put her through hell and then Liam tells her he just wanted to check in and make sure she is okay. Naomi tells him that he could have put a stop to the lies a long time ago but Liam explains he didn't think she would believe him. Naomi gets upset and leaves. At the dance, Naomi and the gang prepare an intervention to help Annie and she also gets a text from Liam asking her to meet him at his house.

Naomi visits Liam in the garage and sees that he is working on something that is covered by a tarp, but he says it's nothing. Naomi says she got a text from him, and they ask each each other if they have something to say. Naomi says she hoped he was different now from his secretive self. She says she realises that he is not even willing to show her what is under the tarp but before she leaves, Liam uncovers a boat he has been working on.

Liam says things are bad at home and explains that when he is upset he works on his boat. He says he used to sail with his dad before he went away. Liam says Jen told him that she was Naomi's neighbour and explains he didn't learn the truth until it was too late. Liam asks for another chance just before they kiss. After the winter break, Naomi returns from her vacation in St. Bart's excited to spend time with Liam and finds that when they spend time together it feels awkward. Confused, she asks Adrianna for advice.

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Adrianna tells her there is only one way to establish whether or not the two have chemistry, sex. She follows Adrianna's advice which leads to the two getting up close and personal in his newly built boat. Ivy agrees but secretly uses the time she spends with the pair to get closer to Liam and push Naomi away. It doesn't take long for Naomi to realise that Ivy likes Liam.

She and Ivy have a fight on the beach over him and Ivy insists that she is a better match for Liam, causing Naomi to break down and confront him, telling him that they have nothing in common and that she has been pretending to be who she thinks he wants her to be. However, the outburst only makes Liam happier because he feels that she is finally being herself, the girl he fell for. Cannon says he wants the club to have journalistic integrity. Naomi asks what happens if her work gets edited out by Navid. Cannon and Navid agree they shouldn't use the paper as a tabloid, but Naomi says she wants it to be.

Naomi insults Cannon's presence since he is not making much as a teacher. Later, Cannon calls in Naomi and asks her for an apology since she was insulting. After Naomi refuses, Cannon kicks her off of the paper. Naomi begs to stay on and says she might want to pursue journalism. Naomi says she is willing to do anything in which Cannon takes as her asking to sleep with him. He tells her that it is inappropriate then tells her the decision is final. Naomi asks Silver is Cannon was out of line but she doesn't agree with her. Silver says Cannon is a douchebag and says Cannon told her that she has to sleep with him in order to get back on the paper.

The girls are shocked to hear about the sexual harassment. Naomi gives a presentation to the Blaze group to try and rally the students to rise against Cannon and demands to be reinstated. Navid arrives and asks what is going on. Naomi enthusiastically calls for a strike, but no one joins her. Navid says he will talk to Mr. Adrianna and Silver arrive and tells Naomi that she can't let Cannon get away with his harassment. After Liam asks what happened, Silver describes what Naomi said and Liam suggests that she report him.

After Liam's stepfather cheats on his mum, Naomi agrees to let Liam move in. Liam suggests to Naomi that she report Cannon but since she's lying, Naomi says she thinks she is like Jen. Liam tells her if she was like her sister, he wouldn't be with her. Liam then drives Naomi to the medical center for her therapy session and she tells him she will be done in an hour.

After he drops her off, she sits down at the outdoor cafe, orders a drink and reads her magazine. Back at Naomi's, Liam asks her about her therapy session and if she is ready to come forward about Cannon. Naomi says she is worried what people will think if she reports her teacher.

After she pretends that she is upset, Liam says he hates Cannon. After Liam confronted Mr. Cannon, Harry tells Naomi that there will be an investigation on Cannon. Naomi says she doesn't want to press charges, but Harry insists since they can't take a chance with a teacher who may be harassing the students. Before she heads to meet the school board, Naomi sees Cannon in the hallway who asks why she is accusing him even though nothing happened. Cannon shares that he has a wife and feels that Naomi is ruining his life.

Liam arrives, tells Cannon to stop bothering his girlfriend and tells Naomi that he loves her and knows she is a strong person. Naomi tells him she loves him too just before they kiss. While in the room with Cannon and his wife, Harry asks Naomi what happened. She describes how nothing happened and she lied. Cannon's wife is happy to hear that her husband is innocent.

After the meeting, Harry tells Naomi there will be severe consequences, Naomi admits she didn't think it would get that far. Naomi sees that Liam took off after he heard the truth. Liam gets in his car and speeds off. Naomi finds Liam at her house and apologises for what she did. She says she regrets accusing Cannon and she explains that things got out of control. He says he is going back to his mum's house. The next day at school, Naomi realises that her classmates are looking at her as they whisper and call her a liar.

While Annie visits her, Naomi describes herself as a terrible person and Annie says she can relate to her situation. Naomi is upset that Jen is back. At school, Naomi is forced to perform clean up duty as punishment for falsely accusing Mr. Cannon of harassing her.

Liam visits her at her house and apologises for not supporting her. He states that she the right thing in the end. After Naomi tells him she loves him, he says he does too.

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Naomi arrives at the beach club and orders shakes for herself and her friends for a boost before they take the SATs. Jen surprises Naomi and admits she received the beach club as a gift from her husband. Jen tells Naomi that it wasn't nice of her to turn her back on her. Naomi and Jen are back to wreaking havoc in each others lives and just when Naomi thinks she has the upper hand, Jen slaps her back into reality by taking control of Naomi's finances and puts her on a tight budget, resulting in an instant meltdown by Naomi.

Without her credit cards, Naomi is too distracted to realise Liam is in need of support to deal with the departure of his father. In the second season finale, Liam breaks up with Naomi because he thinks she is too self-centred. Distraught, Naomi talks to Mr. Cannon and he shows her a documentary that he has been working on.

After she compliments him, he takes her hands and tries to give her a kiss but she pulls back. He tells her he knows he wants her, but she pushes him away. Cannon slaps her and tells her no one will believe her since she already cried wolf before. In the season 3 premiere, Naomi is seen walking to class with Annie and asks her about having Mr. Cannon for 1st period. During an earthquake, Naomi is frightened because Mr. Cannon was behind her and she experiences the flashbacks of being raped in the season 2 finale. Teddy later walks in on her doing a striptease while drunk and, while defending her honour, Silver walks in a see's Naomi hitting on Teddy and walks out.

Naomi becomes alienated and loses touch with her friends. She receives hostility from Silver, who herself is spending time with Mr. Naomi warns Silver she should stay away from him and Cannon plays this off to Silver as Naomi being obsessed with him, which he claims inspired the initial harassment accusation.

Naomi, still distressed over the rape, tells Silver. Silver doesn't believe her initially but later changes her mind after hearing Naomi in a school interview using a phrase that she also heard Mr. Cannon use in an unwatched documentary. Naomi later decides to press charges against Mr. admin