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Despite being a draw at the box office, de Palma has never been able to raise the funds to adapt The Demolished Man. Featured June 26, 0. June 26, 0. June 24, 0. June 20, 0.

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Featured November 5, 0. And now six hundred years later, books are still being copied and knowledge is still being preserved by this Order at an abbey located in the desert. A lengthy period of authentification follows, and Francis finds himself a key player in the safety of the documents.

Six hundred years later, in section two, a Renaissance period is unfolding, and the Order is still a major center of knowledge. But now the secular world has turned to the Order for its holdings. In particular, a well-connected scholar named Thon Taddeo comes to the Leibowitz abbey to examine the documents Brother Francis found and discern their wealth.


This situation does not come without its tension and repercussions for scientific and societal advancement. And finally, after another six hundred years has passed, section three takes place in a time when the world has advanced to the point of interstellar travel, and off-Earth colonies have been formed. Though perhaps the most blatant comes in the third section when the Abbot of the Leibowitz abbey physically advances the belief that euthanasia for nuclear fallout victims is abominable. And as for myself, I find the suggestion that the Catholic Church is a vessel of scientific knowledge—whether in the future or the real past of the Middle Ages and Western Renaissance—more complex than Miller portrays in this novel.

So get to it. Availability Should be in print for a long, long time to come. Roselle is a no nonsense heroine who doesn't really follow anything or anyone but her own convictions. In a post-apocalyptic Utah, a monk of the Order of Saint Leibowitz discovers ancient relics seemingly from the life of Leibowitz himself — and through these artifacts, which illuminate the kind of life Leibowitz led in his fallout shelter, the monks start to understand where and how mankind went so wrong so many years ago.

Promising review: "Set in the distant future, this sci-fi novel of ideas warns us that history is cyclical, not necessarily progressive, and that we ignore its lessons at our own cost. A foundational novel among devotees of sci-fi. Yorick Brown is the last human survivor of a plague that wiped out any mammals on Earth with a Y chromosome. Along with a government agent, a young scientist, and his pet monkey, he sets off on a journey to find out why exactly he survived.

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Promising review: "This series in amazing. The characters are likable and feel like real people despite the extraordinary circumstances around them. The dialogue is witty and the storyline is addictive. Nearly every chapter ends with a revelation of some kind that shakes your perception of the world within the comic without relying on cheap tricks to keep the reader engaged. Deep in the English countryside, the elite boarding school Hailsham is home to students who are assured over and over how special they are.

As former students Kathy, Ruth, and Tommy grow into adulthood and reflect on their years spent there, they begin to piece together what exactly made them so special — and what sort of secrets the school has been hiding. Promising review: "I adored this book — a chilling 'what-if' that touches on contemporary bioethics without belaboring the subject by become didactic.

More important than the 'what-if,' however — what elevates this book beyond so much speculative or dystopian fiction — is the rich, heartbreaking life found in Ishiguro's characters. Walker Amazon. Following a second civil war in America — pro-choice on one side, pro-life on the other — the Bill of Life states human life begins at conception, makes abortion illegal, but allows for a process called "unwinding," a way for parents to retroactively get rid of a child when they're between the ages of Unwind follows three teens bound for unwinding who become runaways, determined to save their lives.

Twenty years after a mysterious flu wiped out nearly the entirety of the human population, sects of survivors are rebuilding some kind of civilization in various settlements. One of those survivors, Kirsten Raymonde, travels among the settlements as part of a group called the Traveling Symphony who have committed themselves to preserving and presenting the arts.

But when they land in a community led by a dangerous prophet, they find their lives at risk. It delves into the nature of fame as we understand it in a apocalyptic world. I especially enjoyed the parallels drawn between fame and power, and what it means to be remembered. Years after a man-made catastrophe rendered the planet uninhabitable and killed off nearly all of Earth's plants and animals, a small community lives in the protected Eden while they wait for the rest of the world to heal. Sixteen-year-old Rowan lives in Eden but hidden away as an outlaw — she's the second child in a community with strict population control — and when she decides to escape her family's compound, she begins a dangerous life on the run.