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To be kawaii, my Hong Kong Chinese informants described, is not solely about the appearance. According to them, the difference between Japanese women and Hong Kong women lies in their attitude and personality. Another informant said Japanese women are kawaii because they have cute goods, such as stationery with cartoon characters e. Famous Japanese kitten character, Hello Kitty. In Japan, certain posters and gestures can be regarded as kawaii. Many Japanese young people make this pose when they take a photo. In general, they do it with one hand and place it somewhere in front of the chest.

When young Japanese women, especially high school girls, make a peace pose, many of them like to place the peace sign along their face or horizontally near their eyes. This way of posing, according to the informants, makes Japanese women look kawaii. Kawaii is also used to describe young Hong Kong women.

Both of them are in red Chinese dresses for the Chinese lunar New Year, covering one fist with their hand. Instead of placing their hands in the middle, they put their hands close to their face and they slightly twist their body in the picture Figure 2. Images of young and kawaii Japanese women seem to be particularly emphasized in Hong Kong print media. It means that particular images of Japanese women are selected by media producers therefore they do not necessarily represent the entire women in Japan. The process is more complicated than in Japan, because media producers in Hong Kong involve not only Hong Kong editors but also Japanese advertising They are further sliced also by media consumers in Hong Kong because they may unconsciously select particular images available in media.

The meanings may vary depending on the situation and the object we describe. Otsuka 28 , a critic of sub-culture and a professor in Kobe Design University says that Japanese high school girls even described the Showa Emperor Hirohito as kawaii when he was dying. He observes that school girls found the Emperor kawaii because he looked innocent and fragile when he was ill ibid. However, the meaning and usage of kawaii were more limited when it appeared in Japanese literature in the 8th century.

He claims that kaowayushi literally means being attractive or a face blushed with excitement p It is unfortunate to thrust a sword into this child, shoot an arrow and kill him. In this context, kawayushi means heart-rending, pitiful, and unfortunate.

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This signifies that kawayushi was used when the relationship of a user of kawayushi and an object or a person described as kawayushi, was asymmetric. A person needs to feel sympathy or pity in order to find something or someone kawayushi. Suzume no ko no nezunakisuru ni odorikuru. Mata, eninado tsukete suetareba, oyasuzume no mushi nado motekite kukumurumo, ito rautashi. Futa bakari naru chigo no, isogite haikuru michi ni, ito chiisaki chiri nado no arikeruo, mezato ni mitsukete, ito okashigenaru oyobi ni toraete, otona nado ni misetaru, ito utsukushi.

Ama ni sogitaru chigo no, me ni kami no ooitaruo, kakiwayarade, uchikatabukite mono nadoo miru, ito utsukushi. Adorable Things The face of a child drawn on a melon. A baby sparrow that comes hopping up when one imitates the squeak of a mouse; or again, when one has tied it with a thread round its leg and its parents bring insects or worms and pop them in its mouth — delightful! A baby of two or so is crawling rapidly along the ground.

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With his sharp eyes he catches sight of a tiny object and, picking it up with his pretty little fingers, takes it to show to a grown-up person. Youth and imperfectness are the keys to understanding cuteness. Yomota points out that Japanese culture cherishes something incomplete over something complete and perfect p Therefore, the word was used to describe children or little birds. Cuteness, according to Yomota, even evokes the desire to touch and to protect.

Yomota claims it is similar to the desire to control ibid. It seems that utsukushi described in the Pillow Book is quite close to The meaning and usage of kawayushi have developed from Edo Period through Meiji Period, which is from the 17th century to the early 20th century. According to Yomota 34 , kawayushi is found in the well-known Edo era Kabuki play. It means that when we are betrayed, we feel more hatred towards the ones we love most. This indicates that kawaii is used when someone or something are in a close relationship.

Because the two are close, the disappointment will be greater when one in a lower position than the other in the relationship becomes disobedient. They are cute. My translation Yomota 26 argues that the student finds her cheek and lips cute because they are small and lovely. The modern meaning of kawaii describing a teenage girl can be found in the literature from From the Heian to Edo Periods, kawaii was used to describe someone or something that is subordinate.

From the s to s, Japanese Kawaii teen idols became popular in the s and s in Japan. They were more approachable than film stars who were seen as unattainable beauties. Yomota uses examples of three actresses to describe beauty. Since her spoken Japanese and Chinese were excellent, a film company in Manchuria employed her as a Chinese actress.

She was famous for having exotic features. She has well-balanced facial features with big eyes and a tall, slender nose. Hara who was popular from the s to s is considered one of the most beautiful Japanese women. Her big eyes and symmetrical features were considered Western and sculptural. German director Arnold Fanck thought she was a typical Japanese girl, but to Japanese eyes, she rather looked western and dignified p Beauty in Japan from the s to s tended to follow the concept of Yomota 93 argues that beauty is sacred and perfect like Platonic Ideal Women.

Yamaguchi and Hara were unattainable beauties. Their elegance, dignity and sharply-chiselled features created some distance between them and the audience.

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Because of the distance, they were not regarded as cute. For example, Wakao, who became popular in the s, had less defined facial features. This is probably because Wakao was, after all, a very popular movie star who was more elegant and sophisticated than TV stars and singers. In the s, popular entertainment was replaced from cinema to TV and more young stars began to appear in Japan.

There have been young female stars since the s, but they were in their late teens and they had trainings in singing and acting since childhood. These three junior high school girls were in their early to mid-teens when they debuted. From then, the Japanese entertainment industry began to use more young stars ibid. They were Masubuchi argues that it is important to note that ordinary girls were able to be idols in the s ibid.

On the other hand, these early to mid-teens idols were ordinary and approachable. Kawaii female idols went mainstream in the s. After the success of young singers like Yamaguchi, youth culture grew ever faster in Japan. Many singers in the s debuted at a very young age, ofte early to mid-teens. This is because young people in Japan gained more consumption power in the late s Masubuchi, and became able to consume popular culture.

Also, the entertainment industry began to mass produce more and more young and cute idols. Many young female singers wore frilled dresses and sang in sweet, high-pitched voices. The entertainment industry created a certain mould to make these teen idols look kawaii. Ueno , a professor in feminism at the University of Tokyo, argues that it is easy to act like kawaii idols because their nonverbal behaviour is ritualistic p Bending a part of the body is actually a sign to show submission, therefore dogs bend their whole body to send a message of submission when they encounter something superior ibid.

Therefore, by making herself submissive, a woman can look cute. The pose women make in magazines, for example are not made by natural body movements. It is not practical either. Kabuki actors who play female roles usually twist and turn their body. This is the sophisticated This in fact gives an impression of being kawaii.

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Her child-like costumes and behaviour caught attention of scholars from the U. Her childlike attitude and costume indeed made her look innocent and cute. It is also worth noting that she was popular among boys. Therefore, her cute image was mainly created for male audience. She has round eyes emphasized by make- up, a small, round nose and a round face. Her hair is dyed a bright chestnut colour and is softly curled. Ebihara wears pink and white clothing, and dresses with lace and Her feature and fashion style seem to make her look almost like a dolly animation figure.

However, she does not wear them as much as Matsuda Seiko did. She has become so popular, particularly since , that most clothes she wore in the magazine sold out immediately. They claim that Ebihara is approachable.

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One of them says even though she did not wear clothes with frills and ribbons before, now she thinks maybe she can too, after she saw Ebihara shining in cute clothes p With detailed explanation of which clothes to buy, how to do make-up, and how to curl hair in the magazine. Thanks to Ebihara, now it is possible to wear them even at the office.

In this aspect, Ebihara is indeed an icon of cute fashion models in Japan. Ebihara is actually more popular among Japanese women than men. One of the readers says that the clothes Ebihara wears look cute to her female friends and that is why she chooses clothes popular among women. In the s, teen idols like Matsuda looked kawaii for men. On the other hand, Ebihara tries to be kawaii for herself and for her female friends, rather than for men.

Indeed, kawaii contains various meanings, such as innocent, child-like, immature, fragile, small, adorable, submissive and approachable. In fact, Japanese popular culture such as TV dramas, movies, and music are widely consumed in Hong Kong. Furthermore, Japanese pop culture introduced to Hong Kong is particularly targeted for young people.

Thus, Japanese women who appear in Japanese pop culture are mostly young. Japanese TV dramas imported to Hong Kong typically target a young audience. Considering that Hong Kong has the second smallest population among the top five, this makes Hong Kong one of the biggest buyers of Japanese TV programmes. Recently, the number of imported variety shows has been on an increase. The TV dramas in which he starred usually score high audience rating and Pride followed suite.

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Takeuchi played a main role in numerous Japanese trendy dramas since her debut in Having young and popular actress Takeuchi and idol Kimura as the leading characters, the TV drama seems to attract young audience in Hong Kong. The novel was so popular that it was made into a movie, which became the second most viewed Japanese movie in Pride in which a famous idol starred and Crying out Love in the Centre of the World, a show targeting the young generation were both broadcasted through Hong Kong terrestrial channels.

It is based on the novel that criticized the corruption in Japanese medical circles. It has been remade as a TV drama four times because of its popularity. Both actors are highly recognized in Japan. However, the drama did not get a chance to be shown on free-to-air TV channels in Hong Kong. The term is also used to describe these women.

According to Video Research Limited, the average audience rating was A local newspaper South China Morning Post SCMP reported that more than two million people were estimated to have watched the last episode of the drama 3 October, Usually, however, Japanese historical TV dramas are not broadcast in Hong Kong even if it stars famous young actors or actresses.

Japanese people like the story of Shinsengumi, therefore many movies and TV dramas Yet, the TV drama was not brought to Hong Kong. In conclusion, Japanese dramas which star young actresses are more likely to be brought in Hong Kong, Therefore, young Japanese female stars are particularly prevalent in media. On the other hand, TV dramas with middle-aged actors and actresses are less likely to be broadcasted in Hong Kong despite higher audience rating in Japan. Table 1 is the chart of box-office results for Japan in , which combines both international and domestic movies. The amount of money that you have to make is huge, so first, you will see only the companies you can afford, ONLY.

There are upgrades and there are managers. This game is very addictive with great graphics, awesome sound, and controls that are brilliant in their simplicity. The 2-button setup lets you shoot 6 different kinds of shots comfortably with a single button, tapping the other button once to flip the direction of your ship. The type of shot is determined by the direction of motion, holding vs tapping, and whether you're on the ground or in the air. I liked the fact that there was no jump button, you move freely and switch from ground to air just by moving, which keeps the focus on shooting and makes your ship fun to control.

I'm not sure how this version compares, but it's highly enjoyable in any case, and very worthwhile. Thank you to the devs for making it available on PC! The premise is that you get in trouble with one of your teachers while out on your high school excursion. Your childhood friend shows up to tease you a bit, and then she accidentally drags you into a closet when the teacher returns and you two are stuck in there for a while. The senario is a little cliche but the story flows well. The sound production is high, although there are minimal sound effects needed for this situation. But the binaural effects is used well.

The best part of the work is the childhood friend played by Emiri Katou. She is affable and fun, though she is a bit overbearing at times. But she keeps the conversation going and makes being stuck in a closet a pleasant experience. This was a nice little gift from DLsite.

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If you want to indulge yourself in the beginnings of a high school romance with a childhood friend, then go ahead and give it listen and hey, it's free! I truly believe that this is one of Team Landsel's best works yet. The sound effects combined with Kokko's voice acting are top notch, so expect to be incredibly immersed while listening to this audio. I think that one of the best sound effects for this audio is the sound of the bubbles. It really nails the atmosphere here and is a welcome addition to Team Landsel's audios. While knowing how to speak Japanese is obviously helpful for these types of audios, it can be enjoyed without any experience with the language.

The atmosphere and ear cleaning parts are incredibly enjoyable on their own.

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