A Season of Vengeance: Its Payback Time

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The title isn't "Vengeance"; it's " Revenge.

Dave Gets Revenge Pt. 1 - Chappelle's Show (Video Clip) | Comedy Central

But laying the exceptions aside, how did these similar words come to be associated with good guys or bad guys? The original meaning was to claim as one's own, and figuratively, to protect, and still more figuratively, to avenge. To finish off, I now turn to all those movies and TV shows with titles that refer to patience and turning the other cheek.

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"Revenge" and "vengeance" are popular words in movie titles nowadays.

Most Popular in Behind the Dictionary. Nasty, Brutish and Rainbow droplets of water splash against a sky of painted clouds as the men, balanced in their little boat, stab away at their quarry with harpoons. The scene has a storybook glow, like an N. Wyeth illustration, and it has integrity.

A Season of Vengeance: It's Payback Time

In the Heart of the Sea is a classic man-vs. And what men!

Nerf War : Payback Time 16 (Drone 2.0)

Turner canvas. He has no clue that the movie around him is out of fashion, and what does he care if it is? The courage of his conviction makes all the difference.

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