When the Jaybird Sings

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How is this possible? First of all, chickadees grow more feathers.

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A chickadee body is almost entirely covered with thick down feathers. Under this thick down jacket, a chickadee's body is even tinier than it looks. The down feathers provide insulation to hold the chickadee's body warmth inside.

How does a chickadee's body get its warmth in the first place? Chickadees keep active and eat as much as they can! The high energy food the bird eats is burned up in the body, or metabolized, giving off heat.

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A chickadee in winter eats enough to gain about 10 percent of its body weight in fat each day, and burns the fat at night. A chickadee can also increase its heart rate to help keep warm. The energy from its food gives the chickadee's heart the power to beat over beats every minute! All this heats up a chickadee body to about degrees Fahrenheit, only millimeters from where the air temperature can be colder than 30 below zero!

Winter Sleep Out Photo Courtesy of Ann Cook During the long, frigid nights of the northern winter, when chickadees can't eat, their bodies would quickly run out of energy to maintain a degree temperature.

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And chickadees don't feel comfortable snuggled up to other chickadees, so they can't share their body warmth with one another. So when they go to sleep alone in their little cavities, they turn down their body thermostat for the night, allowing their temperature to drop over 20 degrees. At first light, they start shivering, and zip off to eat a frozen breakfast that will heat them up to face another winter day. Journaling Question List as many advantages and disadvantages as you can think of for a chickadee to sleep in a tree cavity in winter.

Daylength, temperature, and limited food all tell a chickadee that it's still winter. But they're already singing their spring song--a clear, whistled "Hey, sweetie! It was at Vaughan, Mississippi. The latter title referred to the harsh convict-lease system in the South, which was still on the Alabama statute book in !

This consisted of a series of 1-line verses and points to an embryonic form of the more usual 3 line format found in the Blues. The harp player, unidentified, has been suggested as Jaybird Coleman, based in Birmingham, Alabama. Burl Coleman, born in in Gainsville, Alabama, used the name of a common bird in the South, for his pseudonym as a blues man. Jaybird Coleman c. Sang Howell:. Following his poetic opening line:. Peg Leg Howell was born in in Eatonton, Ga.

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