Visión y Planificación Estratégica (Spanish Edition)

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Using Vision enables us to store and retrieve our corporate history and the story of us I confess I am a power-user and have done most of the configuration to the system, so therefore understand it more than most others, but I can provide data of any kind from our system. We are integrated with a different accounting platform, so I can also provide up-to-date project reporting.

I have used the Deltek Vision product since and had prior Deltek products since the late 's. Dewberry is a 2, person firm with 50 office locations in 18 states. Cons: Although I live and breathe Deltek Vision, numerous people at our firm just can't grasp the details and complain that it is not user friendly.

Deltek Vision

The learning curve seems slow for some people to overcome, actually many people, but once it's figured out, there seems to be high value in their usage. I like the custom reporting tool but my users find it so difficult that most refuse to use it. I think the most successful firms will have a Vision expert and a strong IT SQL, reports and application team on staff.

If not, you probably would need a consultant. My team has been able to keep everything in house to date.

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It was clunky and problematic, with no real analytic capability i. I investigated various solutions, and discovered Deltek Vision. We hired an outside consultant to install and configure Vision for us,and life changed.

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We suddenly had a true business management solution. As the CFO, I finally had a tool that could give me true insight into the underpinning of our business,and where were profitable and where we were not. I quickly tired of operating with a year old platform, and advocated for Vision. So, over three months,I single-handedly configured and implemented Vision at a person architectural firm.

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And it has made all the difference. Vision has continued to grow, through internal development and outside acqusition, and through it all they have maintained a consistent look and feel to the product. Adding functionality without detracting from the user experience. And their customer support has remained top-notch. I love the quick chat. If I just have a quick question, I can go quick chat, and quickly resolve my issues. I love this produce, and it meets the needs of my business.

Pros: The user experience. The ability to customize the interface.

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The ability to quickly drill down into reports. In Enable, we ensure that your business objectives are translated into measurable and feasible actions, through methodologies such as Balanced Scorecard and technological tools to support SAP Strategy Management and Vision Engager by Enable.

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It provides dashboards, strategic maps and metrics to facilitate the alignment of resources coherent distribution and allows to control the compliance of the strategy in the organization. Vision Engager is a strategic management tool that provides a comprehensive solution to the management needs of the commitments and organization performance, contributing effectively to the achievement of its vision.

In addition, Vision Engager helps the organization to communicate strategies, define goals, monitor progress and follow up on projects and key actions to achieve the expected results. We translate the institutional plan into strategic maps which reflect the objectives, indicators and initiatives of the institution, communicate the priorities more clearly. We simplify performance management through technological tools that centralize all information, stimulate collaboration and expedite decision making.

We guarantee the management models continuity and the self-sufficiency of the institutions through the design and implementation of the necessary processes to execute their strategy. At EN ABLE, we support institutions in achieving their objectives through the combination of strategic management methodologies with the use of technological tools that facilitate their monitoring, favoring compliance with defined plans.


We clarify the vision of the areas and promote effective communication of the strategy to all employees, translating it into concrete objectives. We align the different areas and functions towards the achievement of common objectives. SAP Strategy Management SSM It provides dashboards, strategic maps and metrics to facilitate the alignment of resources coherent distribution and allows to control the compliance of the strategy in the organization.

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