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It's a plus if it's gory too, thanks. Signature removed. Not in content but in theme,, it has a very dark atmosphere to it and recently has been continued from where they stopped the producing due to court cases. He starts off as this really skinny dude and it just follows his progress as a martial artist and it's great. He trains insanely hard. Listen this is one I truly would not recommend to anyone due the heaviness of the manga.

It has an excellent rating, one of the best manga's out there but can only be found on certain cites due to the graphical and dark nature of it.

Vagabond, Vol. 37

Try manga fox Else!!!! Gamaran not Grammarian. Seconding Gamaran, MC trains his swordmanship through battle and training. Others that are pretty similar arranged from best to worst : Beserk Historie more historical, less sword fighting Ares more sword fighting, less historical Ubel Blatt more sword fighting, less historical Vinland Saga Shigurui. Kurogane Basara Ohoku well sort of.

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You haven't read Blade of the Immortal? Shame on you! I strongly agree with Vurtox, Blade of the Immortal is the best.

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Blade of the Immortal is great and I just finished one called Gwi that I really enjoyed. Both of which sold millions of copies in Japan and worldwide! We meet the year old Takezo half dead, lying on the battlefield after the Battle of Sekigahara.

Takezo fought for the losing side. Now he lies among the corpses of his dead comrades. All while enemy samurai search the battlefield to kill off survivors like him.

The Lights In The Sky Are Stars (feat. Shaan Heng-Devan) | Vagabond Maurice

So he plays dead until they move on. Sneaking away he runs into his childhood friend Matahachi, another survivor. Injured and without provisions the two young men flee. Hungry and hurt our two companions take a break.

Matahachi has to answer the call of nature and is discovered by one of the enemy samurai. Unarmed and weakened he kills the samurai with savage strength and ruthless brutality. Almost dead, the two friends are saved and taken in by the strange girl Akemi and her mother Oko.

The Lights In The Sky Are Stars (feat. Shaan Heng​-​Devan)

Living alone in the mountains, the two women shelter the fugitives and invite them to stay. It soon turns out that mother and daughter are thieves who plunder battlefields for loot.

Vagabond Vol 1: Ancient Battlefields and Young Thugs

When a local gang of robbers hears about this they are very far from happy. Matahachi is infatuated with the sultry Oko. Can Takezo standalone against a gang of armed and ruthless bandits? Will he ever go back to Miyamoto? How does Takezo become Musashi?

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His plot is fast paced and you get a real feel for each character, their personality, and attitude to life. Matahachi is a happy go lucky bum and Takezo is… intense and raw. Obsessed with being the strongest swordsman who ever lived and very, very angry at the world. A predator who has caught sight of you and is deciding whether you are easy prey or not.

Nothing more, and nothing less. We get to see Takezo as he is, a violent and brutal young man with zero compassion and empathy for others. Aside from the few people he loves and respects that is. Every panel he draws contributes to the story. Inoue draws realistic characters in the manga tradition.