To Keep My Love Alive

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You've Got a Friend in Me. Newman, Randy. Can't Help Falling In Love. Presley, Elvis. Cinderella []. A Connecticut Yankee. I've been married and married, and often I've sighed, I'm never a bridesmaid, I'm all the bride;. Ella Fitzgerald. Alfred Publishing Co. Dream a Little Dream of Me Glee. View All. Excellent piece of music. Easy for a good pianist, interesting enough to enhance vocal performance. Did you find this review helpful? LOG IN to comment on this review. This is a GEM of a song, that is little-known today. There are several different versions of the words out there - I looked them up and made a combination of the best of the two.

Its my go-to audition piece for something that will show off my voice I used a transposition to a higher key , and its FUNNY.

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Always gets a laugh from the crowd. Get it. I was so grateful to be able to print this out at home. Had had a terrible time trying to get to music store! What an excellent service! I also appreciated the attention from customer service when they perceived that I had a problem printing at first. They contacted me rather than the other way around. Im excited to use the music! Thank you! Musicnotes Pro Send a Gift Card.

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Add to Cart. Transpose 7. D Major Orig. Quick Details.

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Musicians Like You Also Purchased. Add to wish list. Not the arrangement you were looking for? View All Arrangements. Displaying the top 3 out of 5 reviews for "To Keep My Love Alive" - See All 5 Reviews In order to write a review on digital sheet music you must first have purchased the item. In order to maintain this level of regard for your partner, you need to have empathy with and compassion for him or her.

This involves using your mind as well as your emotions and intuition to perceive and vicariously experience the nature of your loved one. When you understand your partner in this deeply empathic manner, you are aware of what you have in common, but you also recognize and value your differences. To varying degrees, we all have an enemy within, a part of ourselves that operates inside our heads much like a malicious coach, criticizing us and offering up bad advice.

To Keep My Love Alive

This enemy, with its destructive point of view, is your critical inner voice. First off, you are no longer that little kid having to cope with the environment of your childhood. And second, those old defenses and the critical inner voice that encourages them interfere with your being able to establish close relationships. You are your most vulnerable when you express your romantic feelings, when you articulate what you love about your partner and show how you feel toward him or her.

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Being vulnerable and defenseless to this degree goes against your habitual ways of protecting yourself from being hurt. It will make fun of you reaching out to your partner. You deserve more than that.

You look ridiculous! No matter what your critical inner voice says, ignore it and continue to be loving and affectionate. You will probably feel anxious from challenging your old ways of defending yourself, but if you maintain your behavior and sweat it out, the voice attacks will subside. Your critical inner voice will become weaker and wither, and you will triumph.

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We get busy with the everyday tasks of our lives. We can make every effort to maintain our individuality and to take an interest in our partner as a unique person. And lastly, when we are romantic, we can ignore our critical inner voice when it tries to influence us to defend ourselves and not be loving and vulnerable. When we take these actions, romance will burn brighter, and our relationship and our lives will be enriched. Your email address will not be published.

To Keep My Love Alive- A Connecticut Yankee

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