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Lilley said he then has them identify places in their homes that are warm and dry, warm and moist, cool and dry and cool and moist — what he calls residential microclimates. The University of Maine Cooperative Extension service has an online fact sheet and guide that gives the recommended temperature and humidity storage conditions for just about many fruits and vegetables.

How a British Family Constructed Their Own Root Cellar

Apples, for example, can live happily for up to a year stored in conditions where the temperatures range between and degrees with 90 to 95 percent humidity levels. Winter squash, on the other hand, do better when stored at degrees where the humidity ranges between 50 and 70 percent for up to six months. Since produce like carrots, beets, parsnips or celery root need to hold onto moisture in storage so they are not shriveled and inedible after a few months. Lilley said an easy DIY root storage system for root crops needing moisture is in peat moss inside a plastic tote.

Those root crops can also be stored in sand, Lilley said, but added he prefers the peat moss as it is easier to clean off the vegetables than the sand. A step up from storing crops in totes is building an insulated closet or small room in a basement or unused corner of the house, Lilley said. Regardless if the winter storage is as simple as plastic totes or elaborate as a dug and lined root cellar, Lilley said the space should be thoroughly cleaned out at the start of each growing season.

Julia Bayly, staff writer for Hello Homestead, has worked in print journalism for more than three decades covering the unique characters and life of northern Maine. When not wrangling critters on her Rusty Metal Farm, Julia travels the world seeking adventure and great food wherever she can find it.

She loves dogs and chickens, tolerates cats, is unsure of ducks and does not trust goats. Getting chickens ready for winter. Urban beekeeping for beginners. Why garter snakes and other garden snakes are a good sign.

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How to harvest rainwater. Where to sell crops. These natural sunburn remedies will soothe your skin. We just redid an older root cellar, about 30 yrs old. Wondering if we should have any insulation in the porch or cellar. Hope you can help. Hello Doreen, and thank you for your question! It sounds like you may need to do a bit of modification, but I am double checking to determine what would work best in your situation.

Root cellar - definition of root cellar by The Free Dictionary

I will have that information as soon as possible today. Hi Doreen! Here is the information from the expert in the making of root cellars! I hope this helps. May Sales Ended.

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