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Be specific, whilst keeping room for the universe to work its magic and deliver more than you ever imagined possible. This phase ignites our wildest instincts as lunar energy peaks and our sensitivity rises. The full moon represents completion. Take a step back from your emotional responses and reactions, and try to explain yourself and how you are feeling in a healthy, clear way. Be aware it may just be a transient rise and will pass quickly. Notice if there are any areas you have been ignoring, suppressing or overlooking.

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The Benefits Of Tai Chi. Catching up with fast fashion. Be less wasteful in 24 hours. Self-Care For The Real World , by Nadia Narain and Katia Narain Phillips Hutchinson The long list of celebrity endorsements had me wondering whether this hyped title would be all lifestyle shots and hot air, but my initial scepticism was soon replaced by true book love.

The Narain sisters touch on everything from body confidence to heartbreak, and share their strategies for navigating life with self-love and kindness. The tips on how to inject more self-care into the workplace, for example, might just make all the difference if you work in a high-pressure environment. This is a beautifully crafted book and, like Kate Moss, I want to give it to everyone I know. The Self-Care Revolution: Smart Habits And Simple Practices To Allow You To Flourish , by Suzy Reading Aster As a psychologist specialising in stress management and healthy lifestyle change, Suzy Reading certainly has the credentials to write about self-care and her book draws on lots of interesting research as well as her own life experience.

This practical guide to wellbeing also has excellent tips on goal setting and developing strong coping skills and will perhaps especially resonate with busy parents. Her account of feeling too low to leave her bed or brush her teeth highlights the need for support for those in the same situation, and Hardy now runs a social enterprise in aid of those affected by depression. Sadly the good points she makes — about people pleasing and overcommitting, for example — are somewhat lost in a writing style best described as a stream of consciousness.

After reassessing her life during a year of travel, she changed direction and became a life coach. Her book may be small in size but it packs a punch — covering everything from decluttering your home and nurturing your relationships to getting more sleep and managing your money. Financial self-care, as Noakes calls it, is not just to do with budgeting but also tackling the beliefs and values that may be holding us back from prosperity.

The bite-sized chapters with actionable advice make this a great little book to refer to for a dose of mindful transformation. For more book recommendations, check out thelkedit on Instagram, where Lisa shares inspiring non-fiction reads. Jasmine Hemsley is the British former model turned foodie, who found fame as half of healthy eating sister act Hemsley Hemsley. Why is it having such a moment? For example, yoga is so mainstream now, and Ayurveda is the framework for this practice.

So often we talk passionately about food, but do we really savor it? How about treating each meal with respect, like a ritual, and taking the time to ask: do I actually like this?

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Does it make me satisfied? Do I really need more? These kinds of observations can help us begin to figure out what we need in life, let alone on our plates.

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TN: For a newbie, Ayurveda can look so complex—how would you sum up the philosophy in a sentence or two? JH: Ayurveda is about finding your balance, and going with the ebb and flow of life. For example fennel and ginger are great for indigestion, turmeric is anti-flammatory. Which is not our experience of life! What is the best thing about embracing our inconsistencies and ever changing physical and emotional states? Why did you want to do a solo project?

And my travels through India and the influence of the natural wisdom in the way of eating there has always completely fascinated me. But I have to get a sweet in here too, as I have a sweet tooth—and my buckwheat banana bread is my ultimate crowd pleaser, toasted with butter. It hits all the spots. My jewels My engagement ring from my long term partner Nick—a chrysoberyl lime green crystal in a gold setting.

And my vintage turquoise eternity ring which he actually gave to me first! My pampering Massage all the way! Particularly with oils, deep tissue, and any Ayurvedic massage. My home All I need is a comfy and big! My food …is everything! Tasty comfort food, loads of flavour, global inspiration—with a touch of Ayurvedic magic. My awakening I try to beat the sun and rise at sunrise for maximum energy.

Then I wrap up and get walked by my dogs! I love a feel-good read that reminds me what life is about. My mission To bring the wonderful world of Ayurveda to the mainstream so everyone can discover it. Divya Alter : That Ayurveda can work for you today! Although written thousands of years ago by ancient Vedic sages, Ayurveda is a universal manual that helps us integrate and balance ourselves on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. This timeless science helps us determine what to favor or avoid in terms of diet, routine, and environment by considering our individual needs, and what choices we can make to be healthy.

And if we face health challenges, an authentic Ayurvedic treatment goes much deeper than suppressing the symptoms; it addresses the root cause. RW: So why is Ayurveda having a moment? But I think that by experiencing the benefits of practicing yoga, lately many people have begun to explore and embrace its sister science, Ayurveda. We know so much about turmeric now! RW: What has your own journey with Ayurveda taught you about our relationship with plants? Divya : Ayurveda helped me look at plants—fruits, vegetables, grains, spices, etc.

I really want to get to know them! An aspect of every relationship is compatibility. Ayurveda taught me how to enjoy a healthy relationship with food by mixing and matching it properly. This goes beyond matching ingredients to layer friendly flavors and create stunning presentation; my goal is to make delicious food that can always be digested without any problem. Another fascinating lesson I received from Ayurveda is that herbs and spices, like humans, are composed of the five elements space, air, fire, water, earth.

Seeds, which contain all parts of the plant in an un-manifest form, work on the body as a whole. RW: How can eating this way heal the mind and soul, as well as the body? Fresh, locally grown, seasonal, organic, wholesome unprocessed , energizing—properly combining such quality ingredients will support your body in doing all the intelligent things it is designed to do.

Female Infertility - An Ayurvedic Perspective

Eating Ayurvedic clears the body and mind from blockages and helps us feel happiness and bliss. You experience a clear communication between your body, mind, and senses, and you can easily control them. On a soul level, eating the right foods in the right way makes the light of our soul shine—you experience a tangible connection with the divine energies.

Divya : According to Ayurveda, there is no good or bad food in and of itself. However nowadays, for the sake of convenience, manufacturers have created a lot of corrupted foods that make our cells act less intelligently for example foods that are canned, homogenized, or genetically modified. These are bad for everyone.

Why let such denatured foods clutter your pantry, and then your body and your mind? Additionally, the Shaka Vansiya SV Ayurveda lineage that I am trained in recommends that we limit or avoid foods that are predominantly clogging, inflammatory, or overly heating to the liver: leftovers, soy, nightshades, onions and garlic, and flax seeds. It is a practice of being open to letting go of physical, mental, energetic sludge, and to receiving nourishment and rejuvenation.

It is a time-tested and efficient way to address imbalances resulting from daily wear and tear, as well as seasonal changes and energetic accumulations. To really experience the benefits of Panchakarma, you have to give yourself the full 30 days for the practice and to do it at an Ayurvedic clinic located in a natural setting. The weather should be not too hot or cold spring temperatures. Such a Panchakarma experience can be truly life changing!

Our fresh, balanced meals are prepared with love, and deeply rooted in the authentic tradition of Shaka Vansiya Ayurveda that meets us where we are today. Ayurveda teaches us how food can restore the natural healing intelligence of the body. The main active compounds in velvet bean extract fall into two groups: antioxidants, and amino acids, of which the main one is L-dopa, and another is called trypatmine, for obvious reasons. Together, these phytochemicals work synergistically for neural health, and specifically relieve stress and melt our sense of boundaries.

Perfect for Pisces season—the archetypal symbol of ego loss and dreams. L-dopa is a precursor to dopamine, norepinephrine and adrenaline, which means it has a profound psychoactive effect. You can feel it working, stimulating a sense of dreamy deliciousness and allowing you a peak behind the veil of consciousness. I recommend using it sparingly—a little goes a long way. The drink is comfortingly sweet, while the bitterness of the velvet bean and umami of the reishi are similar to coffee, hence the name.

Nettles soothe the nerves, and keeps the velvet bean from being jarring while it takes you up a notch. Blend on low, bringing the speed up to high, and then switching the blender to the maximum setting. Hold the cup with both hands as you take sips, and finish it with a teaspoon to enjoy all of the frothy, creamy goodness. The Purple Carrot National delivery The Purple Carrot is a subscription based vegan meal delivery service that takes the thinking and time out of creating a plant-based culinary tour-de-force. In addition, they also offer a lovely selection of delicious handcrafted food imported directly from the Middle East.

So, let there be fresh Almond milk for everyone! Mountain Valley Spring Water National delivery In an ideal world, collecting your own spring water would be the way to go and with Find a Spring that is fast becoming a reality. Bottling spring water from the same source in Arkansas since , in a world of bottled spring water charlatans Mountain Valley Spring Water is the real deal.

Voted the best tasting water in the world, TWICE, and delivered straight to your door in gorgeous recycled glass jugs. Done and done. For those intrigued by the sparkling wellness that Ayurveda can offer, yet intimidated by delving into the world of Ayurvedic cooking, Bhagavat Life offers the perfect entry-point. OurHarvest to the rescue. Know your dosha…know how to balance your body your mind and your LIFE. Image: Geonah Lee via Behance. Please consult your GP before proceeding with any of the comments or suggestions presented in this blog post.

Those are all labels too, but whatever. Gay — check. Queer — check. Black, cancer, scorpio rising, feminist, killjoy, Ayurvedic teacher and yogini. Check, check, check and check. More specifically, the idea that each of us is just one. This is usually based on a quiz they took, a book they read, or maybe what some random person told them eight years ago at a meditation retreat in Maui. I was taught, in depth, a great deal about the sacred science of Ayurveda, and simply act as a conduit for that info.

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I have deep respect for this ancient philosophy and its lineage, and am into learning just as much as I am into sharing. This is why I want to clear up some myths surrounding not only doshas but the practice of Ayurveda itself. According to Ayurvedic philosophy everything on earth is made up of five qualities: ether space , air, fire, water and earth.

These are the doshas. So as you can see, these elements are all everywhere — in you, in me, in our pets, our plants etc. Meaning, the doshas are always moving, shifting and getting out of balance within each of us, often wreaking havoc within the body as they do. It means that those qualities of Vata ether and air are dominant in you — but by no means are they the only qualities in you. Once you know what these two are, you can use that knowledge to eat for your body type, address any dis-ease you are experiencing and, hopefully, feel empowered to maintain a balance in mind, body and spirit.

During my time studying Ayurveda I began to understand the intricacies of the doshas, and on a personal level this has helped me to better understand how I am behaving i.

The Philosophical Works of David Humes as an audiobook, listen here:

Basically think super model, Lurch from the Addams Family or Tinkerbell. These are the people who eat and eat and eat and never put on weight. The downside? What is awesome about vata people is that they tend to be really optimistic and positive. They are creative and playful and like to think outside of the box. Vata is that person who shows up at a community meeting with a TON of ideas and enthusiasm and gets everyone motivated and hyped up…and then never shows up again or quits after three days.

Their weight fluctuates and they are sometimes more susceptible to thinning hair or balding and skin issues such as acne. Gingers are usually considered Pitta, with their red hair, fair skin, freckles and alleged quick tempers. Pittas are usually courageous, determined, goal-oriented, follow through on projects and can tend toward being bossy, controlling and critical of others.

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Also, drink lots of coconut water and aloe juice. Seva , or selfless service, is also a great way to constructively channel that Pitta fire. The dosha with the strongest immunity. Kaphas are a sturdy bunch. They tend to put on weight easily and have trouble loosing it if they so desire. Their joints and ligaments are strong and limber.

Their hair is think and wavy and their skin has just the right amount of oil and suppleness. Chronic sinus, congestion and lung issues pop up when Kapha is out of balance. I actually make it a point to cultivate relationships with Kapha people. When you are as fiery, feisty and flaky as me, you need some of that calm, earthy vibe around you. They take their time when making big changes. What I love about Kaphas and try to access within my Vata-Pitta self is their sense of groundedness, kindness and empathy.


When Kapha is too abundant in the body, people can become depressed, lethargic, clingy and possessive. Vigorous yoga and pranayama as well as spicy food are great for busting up too much Kapha. By Mairi Yunits. Images: Mara Hoffman SS15 collection. In my past, non-Ayurvedic life, shopping was my weekly meditation. A few twists and turns down the road, I found myself studying to become an Ayurveda Practitioner — which in turn has meant de-cluttering my internal and external wardrobe.

As time progressed and I began to refine my new sense of style, the idea of dressing for my dosha began to evolve into an art form. Seen this way, dressing and shopping! While our mystical selves love to float in the ethers hey all you vatas out there clothes can help ground us back to our day-to-day life. We each have a message to share, and the proper clothes can give us the stability we need to rock it. My airy social butterflies. First things first because we all know these things slip the mind ; you must avoid being chilly at all costs. Favor outfits that are warming and grounding.

Pastel colors can work wonders, and a cozy pair of socks will seal the deal. Soft, warming fabrics such as cottons, linens or merino wool, should be at the top of your shopping list. When you can, go barefoot. My luxurious fire elementals. The key here is to think light and airy with your clothes. Pittas can easily feel restricted, so make sure there is room to breathe.

Silks, linens or cotton fabrics are great. As for colors, keep it calm — white, green and blue will do. Limit pattern. In the summer, carry a hat and sunglasses on you at all times. While black can be a short-cut to the kind of show-stopping looks you love, be careful not to overdue it in the summer months. My dear conservative Kaphas. You, my wise friends, tend to go for comfort over fashion. While this is a wonderful skill, it can also keep you in a style rut.

✦ Pitta Balancing Diet ✦

These colors will give you some extra spunk to get you moving. Partner with light fabrics and throw in a high quality watch to complete the look. If you know you embody multiple doshas, focus on your main dosha first and bring in the sub-doshas when you feel they need extra TLC.

You can also adjust your attire to the doshic season. Find out more about her work at Livemukta.

Ayurveda and Yoga in a Healthy Menstrual Cycle I Jiva Botanicals

The perfect poop PP is a sign that mind and body are working in perfect harmony. Essentially, my ultimate goal in Ayurveda school was to experience the Perfect Poop PP — which is what all the doctors and practitioners who taught me actually referred to it as. The PP occurs first thing in the morning upon waking. A friend of mine says the urge to poop is what wakes her up in the morning.

It should be shaped like a banana or a coiled up snake yes this is truly possible , and yellowish brown in color. You are an emotionally mature person. For me, achieving the PP is epic, a sign that I am truly taking care of my body. The thing is, it only ever happens when I leave New York my home for vacation, or if I take a day or two off work.

Seriously, I once went to visit my mom in Texas and was pooping perfect poops for days.