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Why is he French? Just recently, however, things have started to go wrong We infer that there has been trouble on the job, a near miss or two. But Bob Holt has no intention of doing anything of the kind. And they have been meeting secretlyto talk over their mutual concern; Charlie has at some point also warned Emily that something was wrong, although until now she has been reluctant to listen to him.

All Holt sees, however, is his wife and his best friend deceiving him and conspiring against him, just at the moment when the railway company he has served so diligently has turned on him Bob is in the habit of leaving the windows open; he has always loved the sound of the trains just outside. Now that sound is like a taunt The next phase of The Last Journey is, naturally, an introduction to the passengers whose fate will become bound up with the precarious mental condition of Bob Holt. Here again the film does something very clever: it uses a railway map of London to show us the various points from which are characters are emanating, before they converge upon Paddington Station; stopping off in between these interludes to return us to the goods yard of the Great Western Railway, where the train is being prepared and loaded for its journey.

To this end, Daisy allows herself to be picked up by the gregarious Mr Goddard, who has already had a few too many when they meet, and has put away a few more by the time they board the train together. We also meet newlyweds Diana and Gerald Winterand, after all, this would hardly be a proper disaster movie without newlyweds, now, would it? Sir Wilfred Rhodes, meanwhile, had no thought of boarding the train. All he wanted to do was attend the Derby, but as so often before, Fate and his career had other ideas. Sir Wilfred almost makes it out the door for his day off, but a telephone-call puts a stop to it: he is instead summoned to perform an urgent operation on a girl with a head injury, which sees him boarding the train from London to Mulchester.

He stops to have a word:. So it is.

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Most of them move into the dining-car for some tea. Tommy himself, meanwhile, is breaking speed records on the road, yet having trouble keeping up with the train. His plan is to beat it to its first stop, but this is proving more difficult than he anticipated. Up the front of the train, we find Holt muttering and snarling, and taking everything Charlie says the wrong way. The couple go their separate ways, with Pip drifting into the dining-carwhere he recognises an old friend Pip is too much of a professional to give Gerald away, but he has every intention of taking advantage of the situation if he can.

Gerald, however, carries it off with a high hand and quickly steers the curious Diana out of the car.

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No sooner has she does so, however, than Goddard makes a remarkable recovery Daisy catches up with Pip in the dining-car, where she reports her success. This is a matter of some importance to both parties since as we later learn Pip knows very well that Gerald is already married. Not that it really matters, since obviously neither is his real name. The train is now approaching Filby, where it is scheduled to make its first stop, but it shows no sign of slowing down. Charlie ventures to remonstrate with Holt, but he explodes on the subject of Charlie and Emily.

At the station, there is a crowd gathered on the platformsome of them dangerously close to the edge.

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  4. A guard glances at his watch and remarks to his colleague that the train is ahead of time:. Onboard, those passengers intending to get out — Pip and Daisy amongst them — gather their belongings and move towards the doors The first guard rushes to the phone to report the failure to stop.

    In the back of the train, a guard in the baggage-car reaches for the emergency brake, but is knocked down and seriously injured when the stacked luggage topples over. It also blocks the door, so that the second guard is unable to get to himor to the brake. Holt then begins furiously questioning Charlie about his relationship with Emily, sneering at his denials.

    And here I really have to stop again and shake my head in disbelief at the — well, what would you call it? Seeing that his denials are making things worse, Charlie tries the opposite tactic of admitting everythingwhich makes things worse again. Meanwhile, the passengers are worried and confused by the failure to stop at Filby, but not yet frightenedexcept for Pip and Daisy, who have to get off the train at the first opportunity. Goddard remarks genially that this has been a lucky journey: there he was, simply in pursuit of a couple of con-artists and thieves, only to stumble over a much bigger catch Out on the line, the danger posed by the train begins to escalate.

    Need it be said that this is the pursuing Tommy? It is now that Holt reveals that he has no intention of stopping the train at all. At this, Charlie is desperate enough to try and wrestle the gun away from Holt, but is clubbed down for his pains. The swaying and jerking of the train makes Goddard stumble, and Gerald takes the opportunity to knock him out cold; he then orders Pip and Daisy to get ready to get off at the next stop, which is imminent he thinks , while he returns to his compartment to get Diana ready.

    At Amchurch we get a repetition of the events at Filby, with guards gaping in disbelief, passengers scattering, and the over-eager Pip nearly falling out, having opened the door a bit prematurely. We also get an unexpected moment of humour, as a woman on the platform receives a stray toupee in the face. Tommy, who brought his car to a screeching halt at the station moments before the train appeared, stares after it in deep concern that now has two sources Realising that the train is not going to stop, and that there is no opportunity for escape, Gerald hurries back to the compartment where Goddard lies unconscious and, to the horror of Pip and Daisy, starts hustling him towards the external door.

    Before the situation is resolved, Miss Grebe makes herself useful for the first time: worn out by her relentless pamphlet distribution, she pushes her way into the compartment and sits down. Daisy gathers Goddard into her arms, keeping up the pretence of his having had a few too many; the three crooks exchange dismayed looks as the detective shows signs of coming to.

    All along the line, the railway officials are reacting to the situation: the express is ignoring all signals, and so putting all other trains at risk. Recognising the extent of their danger, Charlie again jumps Holt, and a desperate fight ensues, with both men almost pushed off the moving train. Charlie finally knocks Holt down and tries to run for it over the top of the goods carriage behind, but Holt recovers and shoots at him wildly.

    The guard reports despairingly that there is no way of diverting the express. At this moment, the injured and bloodied Charlie drops into the carriage, setting off a general panic. A passenger rushes down the corridor, calling out for a doctor. As they struggle, Gerald thrusts Daisy out of the external door.

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