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Log In Sign Up. Curriculum Vitae. Andrea Plebani. EC supported program Redirection of former Iraqi WMD scientists through capacity building for decommissioning of nuclear facilities, including site and radioactive waste management. The program was aimed to sustain the redirection of more than 80 Iraqi scientist through scientific activities held in Italy, Iraq, Belgium and United Kingdom in coordination with the Iraqi Ministry of Science and Technology, the University of Insubria, Belgoprocess and the United Kingdom National Nuclear Laboratories.

Dates October — December La scommessa postelettorale Iraq: building the future. Between May and June of , the RAI showed another imported cultural product, this time coming from the United States: Holocaust , the television serial produced by NBC, which had been broadcast the previous year in the US, and ever since then had only achieved extraordinary success among the public, simultaneously raising intense debates in America as in Israel, France, and West Germany.

The Italian reception of the serial, which was followed by almost twenty million spectators, did not provoke a long term impact comparable to what happened in Germany, where the television event ended up marking a turning point in the tardy confrontation of German culture with Nazi genocide. These were events for which it seemed almost impossible to make them worthy of belief without the authentication of those who had directly lived them.

As was predictable, Levi was called to pass judgment on the Holocaust adaptation and the novel of Gerald Green from which it had been drawn. The two associated factors, the form of the novel and the medium of television, have fully shown their gigantic power of penetration.

Anna Dell'orefice Vincenzo Giura

We live in a time in which the greatest danger is not so much forgetfulness, as much as simplification, if not even inurement to the memory of those past events. In the Western World, one can take for granted a widespread awareness of the systematic murder of millions of Jews carried out by the Nazi regime during the Second World War. Levi died in , a little less than a year after the appearance of his I sommersi e i salvati.

The shadow of suicide, and the apparent circularity between his first and last book, greatly contributed to crystalize the image of the writer exclusively as the Auschwitz survivor. In fact, at least until December , Levi was working on a new book, which seemed to have nothing to do with the concentrationary universe: 56 if Il doppio legame [The Double Bond] had been finished and published before his death, perhaps the recognition of the greatness of Levi as a writer tout court , and not only as a survivor-witness, would have been less late in coming.

In the s, the publications of new memories became more frequent: memoirs often written by people who had kept silent about their camp experience, at least in public, for more than forty years. The writer narrates here how, right before Christmas in , she had sent Levi a gift: her pencil stub, conserved for more than forty years, with which she had written her memories. Until I realized that I was lacking in my duties towards it: it would have to remain and carry on bearing witness also in the future.

Primo Levi was several years younger than me.

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Thus, suddenly, I decided that I would entrust it to him [ I will conserve it. With affection, your Primo Levi. As for the pencil I cared so much about, I never heard anything more about it. The gift of the pencil is a recognition of the function of guardian, but also of midwife of other memories, which Levi had exercised for decades and which, in a certain sense, he has continued to exercise even after his death.

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Una storia letteraria dalla Resistenza agli anni Settanta , in which she reconstructs the history of Italian literature between the WWII and the Seventies through an analysis of the literary treatment of Communist characters. She pursues a long-term interest in Jewish Studies and in particular in the work of Primo Levi.

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Issues in Contemporary Jewish History. The Jewish Conspiracy Revealed Did the Germans Do It All? The Italian Shoah in International Historiography Primo Levi and the Italian Memory of the Shoah. Miscellanea Holocaust Research and Archives in the Digital Age. Holocaust Intersections in 21st-Century Europe.

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The Great War. Portrait of Italian Jewish Life ss. A Historical Appraisal. Contested Narratives of a Shared Past. The Making of Antisemitism as a Political Movement. Political History as Cultural History Modernity and the Cities of the Jews.

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  4. Jews in Europe after the Shoah. Studies and Research Perspectives. Abstract By drawing on the literary and intellectual trajectory of the writer Primo Levi, the essay underlines the most relevant turning points in the shaping of an Italian memory of the Shoah. The use of one or the other terms constitutes an important chapter in the history of memory: see Anna-Vera Sullam Calimani, I nomi dello sterminio Turin: Einaudi, Novick does not make too much of an effort to hide his own predilection for this counterfactual hypothesis.

    Gordon, The Holocaust in Italian Culture. The book has been recently translated in Italian: Scolpitelo nei cuori. Le testimonianze della persecuzione e dello sterminio pubblicate in Italia In , a detailed essay-review, closing with an attack on the Jewish identity incarnated by Levi, appeared in Commentary , a conservative Jewish New York magazine.

    Levi responded with a letter to the editor, Commentary February, , The misunderstanding was, however, inevitable: a cultural object of recent importation is always interpreted according to the criteria of perception, conflict, and judgment of the field in which it lands. Vittore Branca Turin: Utet, , The literary anthology Resistenza italiana e impegno letterario , ed.

    Delmo Maestri Turin: Paravia, In September when Italy signed an armistice with the Allies, these territories were quickly occupied by Germany, ending Italian dreams of a European spazio vitale.

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    Although these military occupations ended in failure for Italy, they represent an important aspect of the history of Fascism, military occupations, and the Second World War. This special issue aims to contribute to the historiography of Italian military occupations in Europe, particularly those which present original research.

    Prima lezione di STORIA CONTEMPORANEA (prof. Giuseppe Barone)

    How did the occupied economies function? How did occupied populations experience the occupation, and how did the Italian armed forces and occupied populations interact? What plans did Fascism and Fascist theorists have for the spazio vitale? This special issue hopes to build upon an increasing historiographical body, and to bring to the forefront an often under-examined area of the Second World War.

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