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His exhibitions have toured all major Finnish Blues festivals and have also been on display in New York and Hollywood.

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Since she was a teenager and as the years have been passing by, she has always loved and been involved on different blues fields. Both Vicente and Roser have also collaborated with some national and international blues magazines, writing articles or sending pictures. She travelled all over Spain for gigs in the most important national blues events and festivals. She regularly translates to English blues CD reviews she has done about 3. Since the playlist is regularly submitted to Living Blues Radio Chart. Information from La Hora del Blues monthly arrive to more than 1.

Silvio Caldelari, is born in Not especially for the story, but for the music. After a few years, he opens the Blues Bar in Sierre in and closes it after 15 years of existence, after many hundred blues and rock concerts of which some still remain in memories. The same year he closed definitely the bar, he decided to organize with friends the Sierre Blues Festival, to continue the work to meet Sierre and the Blues music. In was the first edition of the international Sierre Blues Festival. In parallel, his interest was to meet the Blues people around Europe and around the World.

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So, he participates at the first meeting in Parma in which will be the first step to build the European Blues Union. In , they founded the Swiss Blues Society www. In I created Zicazic with a friend.

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From 1, visitors a month since the beginning, we went to 30, four years later then , at our best… The same year, I met Jean Guillermo at Blues sur Seine and it was the beginning of a new friendship story, with more blues than never inside. It was all the fault of Pat Boone and Bobby Vee.

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Elvis had gone into the army and the Top 20 was full of slow slushy records and so we turned to a new type of music. This is where I fell in love with a music that has been in my life now for over 50 years. All the time as well as the main daytime programmes doing a weekly blues show. The podcast has over 16, subscribers and the show is carried on over 10 online radio stations. The music I fell head over heels in love with as a spotty teenager still sustains me today. Kjell Inge Brovoll born in the Nothern part of Norway, but has lived in Hell close to Trondheim for more than 30 years.

Kjell Inge has also managed Hell Artist Booking for more than 20 years, and have had a central role in bringing int. No one idea or vision should monopolize the other.

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If we really want to advance, we have to actively find the worth in all sorts of foreign ideas. It was obvious that if the radicals were in the seat of power, the message had to change. It was to create music that reminded the listener of communal emotions and situations.

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It was to hold truth to power. In his own way, Victor Jara had created a Chilean version of this kind of revolutionary music: the Nueva Cancion.


This is fact. Songs well sung, built not for sloganeering, but for introspection, were the ones that could outlive and outpace any impasse. Largely led by the otherworldly guitar playing of Silvio, songs would coil and uncoil with equal parts joy, introspection, and deep mystery…our humanity, in a nutshell more or less. To hell with protest, this was revolution.