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Caught in the Moment. It's the Irwins. The Crocodile Hunter 1. The Crocodile Hunter Diaries. Dark Days in Monkey City. Dinosaur Planet 1 [ citation needed ]. Dog Days. Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real. Eaten Alive [ citation needed ]. Escape to Chimp Eden. Faithful Friends. Fatal Attractions. The Haunted. Hillbilly Handfishin'. Into the Lion's Den. It's Me or the Dog. The Jeff Corwin Experience. Judge Wapner's Animal Court. King of the Jungle. Life 1. The Little Zoo That Could. Monkey Business. Nature's Most Amazing Events. Natural World. O'Shea's Big Adventure. Off the Hook: Extreme Catches.

Pit Bulls and Parolees. The Planet's Funniest Animals. Planet Earth 1. The Really Wild Show. Safari Sisters. Sea Monsters. Taking on Tyson. Talk to the Animals. Ten Deadliest Snakes with Nigel Marven. That's My Baby. The Secret Life of the Zoo. The Twisted Whiskers Show. Untamed China with Nigel Marven. Up Close and Dangerous. Walking with Dinosaurs 1. Who Gets the Dog? TV program. The vets have told us that since the tumor is so large it most likely is not cancer. She did have some fluid in her abdomen which they said lowers her prognosis for the surgery today.

The vet was not able to see anything else on any of her other organs so that is also a very good sign! She had to spend the night at an emergency clinic so they could monitor her and give her her pain medication, but she came home yesterday morning! She has a re-check with her vet on Tuesday, then stitches will come out the following week. Still waiting on test results from the tumor sample, just hoping it is not cancer! Hey Everyone, My 8yr. I immediately took him in thinking it was bloat and the doctors looked at me like I was crazy. They assured me he was fine and give him GasX and on our way.

Then later that day I decided there was something more that they were missing and decided to go to the Animal Hospital and have an ultrasound done. The doctor insisted he was having acid reflux and we could simply put him on antacids. He wanted to do an endoscopy of the esophagus to check, but I insisted that in addition they do an ultrasound. Finally the doctor agreed and unfortunately my suspicions were confirmed.

They found 3 golfball size tumors in his spleen. I keep praying and feel hopeful by reading some of these posts. They fear it might be hemangiosarcoma, which is fast and extremely aggressive. I cannot even imagine losing my boy; he is my best friend. Can I ask everyone out there how you dealt with this? And for those of you who did meet a cancer diagnosis what treatment method did you use? Someone suggested a holistic approach of chinese herbs, and some kind of tea that helps the dog.

I was told chemo nor the other methods mentioned cure the cancer if it is in fact the type they believe it to be. Everywhere I read people are saying dogs diagnosed with this last a few weeks to a few months tops. It is truly heartbreaking and unnerving. They discharged Sunny yesterday to me, only 24hours after his surgery.

He cried all night long and urinated every hour on the hour. They said this was due to the IV fluids. When I fed him this morning, Hills ID sensitive diet they prescribed, he still regurgitated a few times throughout the day. I ask does this mean it is cancer? Does it mean there are more tumors somewhere else within his GI system.

I get no answers. They simply tell me I will have to wait for the path results to get back but I can readmit him to the hospital. He moans and readjusts himself constantly. Given my discharge was so quick after his surgery does anyone out there believe perhaps this is normal?

Perhaps he should have been monitored longer at the hospital? Please anyone who can offer advice for me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you everyone these posts were very helpful. My 9 year old pitt, Jazzy goes in tomorrow for surgery. No sign of other masses so fingers crossed. Reading the different stories has helped a little x. I have just come across this site, as today my 9 year old Patterdale Terrier has had his spleen removed. He is still in intevsive Vetenary care and has had blood plasma transfusions today. I have been told that the next 24 hours are critical.

He seemed absolutely fine until 2 days ago. His tail stopped wagging, he stopped eating, stop interest in all things even his walkies and squeaky toys!! He just wanted to sleep and drink water. He even urinated in the house, so against his character. After X-ray this morning the vets set about surgery asap, but rang to say they had removed the spleen plus a large growth and a great deal of blood from his abdomen.

I just hope he pulls through the night and starts to recover tomorrow. Me and the kids are missing Taz already, he has only been away for one night, I cannot imagine him not returning. He has been my rock for 9 years. He has been part of the kids lives since the days they were born. My dog is Australian shepherd mix labrador is 9 years and one month old has his spleen removed on January 14 , last year And I cook for him mostly protein mix with kale sweet potatoes and rice.

Because high protein inhibit tumor growth. But, just 2 weeks ago he reluctant to fetch frisbie which he usually love to fetch! I took him to my vet ran ultra sound. Vet found his tumor came back to his lungs and on top of his stomach where vet said is unoperatable. His tumor is a size of a baseball now. Right now, I am sad. But I will focus and embrace every moment possible with my best Buddy my son and love till his last day.

I love him so much. My boy, Kai is an 8 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier and up until 2 days ago he was his usual self. On Thursday afternoon he became very lethargic, walking slowly and carefully and just wanting to lie down. On Friday morning yesterday I took him to the vets. They gave him an xray and said there was a large mass, so they did a scan. This revealed a 20cm growth attached to his spleen and they decided to operate immediately. Would I really want to put him through chemo if all it will do is give him me! I have to stand by him now, as he has stood by me.

What I want to know is why is this becoming more and more common? Is it hereditary? Is it something in the food? What about the fluoride in our water? Also I read that once your spleen is removed you are more susceptible to viruses etc because your immune system is virtually zilch.

As a herbalist I will be searching for something to give my boy to boost his immune system in the hope he leads a normal, healthy and long life. Fingers crossed xxx. His first pre-op check went well on Monday and yesterday Wednesday the vet rang me to give me the results of tests taken from his spleen and the mass attached to it. There were no cancerous cells found which means the prognosis is very good. As he had the whole spleen taken away as well as the mass he requires no further treatment. All I have to do now is get him fit and well. It could of course have occurred via a knock of some sort while he was running around.

I hope our story gives someone some hope. I have a 14 year old beagle, her name is Princess. She just had her spleen remove yesterday and so far she is doing great!!! This morning at 5am I feed her and she ate pretty good, not her usually portion but enough. They send her spleen for a biopsy we will have the result by Thursday, her vet is very optimistic because of the size of the spleen and it have not been no further damage to the other organs. I thank God that everything went well and I have my Princess back!!!

I have a 15 year old Rotweiler three years older than me!!! His stomach is buldging and he is going for his operation on Monday morning at 9am. Hes still in good form and really strong. We hope that the operation goes well. To Paul M with your baby Jazzy, Just wanted to say bless you and hope all is well. We hope to hear fm you soon and share here on the site with us. But that is okay. Everyone has their own opinion and we just learn to go and chat with other animal lovers like you all here. To Jenny S who had wonderful story on Biggles. Hope to hear what is going on these days as well?

Update on Buster to share with folks as you can see the previous story what lead to the surgery to have his spleen removed. Ruptured tumor on the spleen. Ultrasound as of last week says there are signs of masses growing in the cavity of his stomach…. I am so confused cause as the more I read the more contradictions all over the place. Then we have been giving Buster the Yannan Baiyou for a few weeks every day 6 capsules a day as we were told by the vet it helps stop internal bleeding…. I came across a site where it says do not give your dog any supplements like mushrooms and such cause it will interfere with the blood coagulating formula.

I know he needs IRON …. We are here to be advocates for our babies, best friends and most of all…creatures fm LOVE. All born with nothing but to give us unconditional love. He was at the vet by 4. It came on so incredibly suddenly, this morning bouncing about like a jack in a box as normal, then this afternoon not himself at all. Dad died first then only last year my Mum suddenly died so he lost both his owners really quickly. Julie you mainly wrote my story about my 8 year old Cairn Terrier mix, Roscoe. He jumped off my lap at p.

He is normally out and back on my lap within 3 minutes. At I went to check on him and found him in a daze in the backyard. We spent the rest of the night on the sofa with him cuddled on my shoulder and his sister Samantha beside us both. It was just one of those days. We were directed to the Emergency Hospital where Roscoe was examined and blood work performed.

Their x-ray was down but they knew he was bleeding internally. I had to rush him to another ER completely across the Valley we are in the Phoenix area which was about 30 miles away. They did x-rays and ultrasound and found a large mass the size of a tennis ball.

Their surgeon was not available until Monday so it was back to the first ER where they had called in their surgeon. It was the longest drive I had ever made. My baby was getting sicker and sicker by the minute. We finally made it back and he was in surgery within minutes. By that time his blood count was way low, blood pressure extremely low and he was drifting away from me.

At midnight I talked to the night vet on duty. Roscoe was resting but his blood count was still going down. I gave the doctor verbal consent to do a blood transfusion, if necessary. He was coming back! His 6 a.

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He needed to stay at the hospital the second night but was doing so much better! I visited him every few hours and saw the spark and little devil come back into my sweet little boy. I brought him home to his sister and me on Saturday.

The Spleen: What does it do and how will my dog manage if it has to be removed? - Vet Help Direct

This house was once again a home. By then, to look at him, you would never have guessed he was that close to dying and that he had major surgery just days ago. Finally the dreaded call came in one week to the day after his surgery WHY did it have to take so long!?! Julie, my heart goes out to you.

I pray you had the same outcome as I. Roscoe had to have ACL surgery in November of Unconditional love in both directions. My dog Moze had surgery three weeks ago at noon on a Monday. We saw the X-Rays and the spleen, which is suppose to be located below the stomach, was on top. They were able to save his life, but had to remove the spleen because it looked damaged. But now Moze is doing so well and acts like such a much younger dog than he did before, I think the spleen was having problems, and coupled with the stress of the earlier surgery caused the stomach to twist.

Our 14 year old springer spaniel had his spleen out in late October Now some 6 months later apart from being tired quite quickly on walks it is as if nothing has happened. We found some blood spots on the floor on Sunday just gone. We took my big baby Tiger.. A long haired German Shepherd to the vets. They requested to neuter him. He did today. He had a splenectomy. Liver is fine but more tests to be done. He has stayed at the vets overnight to monitor him.

I miss him so much. A large mass was found when I took her to the vets after she would not move at the weekend after a walk… I am terrified at the moment as I have not had the results yet this is all been so sudden and so shocking … we love her so much and this house was not the same at all when she was in hospital … she has been crying on and off but has been going up and down stairs so doesnt seem in so much pain … I am praying for a good outcome for my sweet placid and loving dog. She had 2 blood transfusions but her blood levels didnt pick up much and that is when they realised she was bleeding internally and the spleen was involved.

We were given the option of emergency surgery or put her to sleep. I of course wanted to do everything for her and said do the surgery and that cost didnt matter. They wanted to check chest xray first and said they are abnormal and she has fluid on her lungs. They kept saying how this made her a bad candidate for surgery along with internal bleeding and blood levels being abnormal.

The vets seemed to not encourage surgery and we somehow made the horrible choice to put her to sleep. I am tormented all the time by that choice. It was the worst mistake of my life. I feel it all happened so fast and I was very upset and emotional and dont think I made a good call. She deserved a chance and I dont know how to forgive myself. I have researched all this stuff about spleens since it happened and the statistics on surgery survival and whether it is cancer or not seem much better than what the vet outlined on that horrible day.

I have so much regret I didnt let her have the chance at surgery…I love and miss her so much. Sarah: you did everything right! My little 8 pound Chihuahua named Papito is going in for a splenectomy tomorrow morning. I took him to the Vet yesterday for a check up….

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After blood test and X-rays…. I have twin shepherds, both boys, almost 7. The vet suggested xraying their spleens due to their size, breed and build — he said larger, deep chested dogs are prone to enlarged spleens. Neither gave any indication there was a problem but their vet likes to thoroughly prevent problems. Sure enough — BOTH had enlarged spleens. He recommended splenectomys for both and performed them a couple weeks later. Upon surgery, the spleen that was so enlarged was discovered to have twisted and was close to becoming life threatening. Biopsies came back yesterday and fortunately neither had any signs of cancers or tumors but tests did indicate that their were other issues that could have presented later, even in my other babies.

Having now had 2 go through this, I certainly recommend anyone with larger breeds especially with the deep chests to talk to their vets. So I also want to highly recommend pet parents look into these options for their fur babies. Sarah i know exactly how you feel, i took my beautiful spaneil to the vets today after she suddenly fell i,ll were two vets confirmed she had a mass on her spleen and due to the size they believed it to be cancerous and after asking several times. If it was operable i knew from there faces it was a no brainer, so we put her to sleep today at Hurts so much so my heart goes out to u too sarah.

I have a 9 yr old female lab sasha with what the vet thinks is a cancerous tumor on her spleen. I beleive in God and I have done a lot of research, and I believe she will heal. I am supposed to have her to surgery this Tuesday August 11th at 8am. I have been bringing her to this vet for all of her years. I just need to be reassured I am doing the right thing for Sasha. I feel for Jane after reading all of our stories. Two weeks ago my lab mix basically crashed within hours after noticing he did not feel well.

It was Sat. They found a 12 pound mass in his stomach and emergency surgery was done that day. My vet was not hopeful even though my dog was only 5 yrs old. Whatever choice you have made I am sure that it was the best choice for the situation. I have had 8 dogs in my life and had to put down 5 of them. It does not get any easier. Sherri: How is Sasha doing? I hope she is doing well. I am so sorry you are dealing with this pain.

My sweet Kendall is having a splenectomy as I write this, and I am so worried about her. My husband, too, wanted to forgo the surgery, but I was able to convince him. I think he sees how absolutely devastated I am, and I know he, too, wants Kendall to be well. Over the last weeks, I have been slowly switching her to a homemade diet.

She is also taking immunity supplements as well as yunnan baiyao. I am hopeful she comes out of surgery and recovers well so we can try to enjoy what is left of our time together. He only had one eye. He was a complex, funny, lively dog who could chase around the garden like a puppy. We soon learned to be happy and loving together and he was very protective of me.

I took him to the vet the following day, he had blood taken which did not show any particular abnormality. The vet said he could operate but commented that Henry might not pull through and he thought the kindest thing was to let him go and not subject him to a big operation. One hour I have my lovely Henry and then very quickly he was gone. There is a big space in my heart right now. My lovely GSD Harry has just undergone surgery, as most of you Experienced a healthy happy dog one minute to a weak listless unresponsive one the next. I thought someone had swopped him.

We too took him to the vets who Diagnosed cystitis on Saturday we were back in on Monday and Harry was operated on Tuesdsy. His spleen had ruptured and was bleeding out. Last night was touch and go as he still had a high temperature. This then fell to low. Harry we hope is on the mend but he also has pancrecitis and peritonitis.

I am preying he pulls through this. He is 8 yrs old. Fingers crossed and lots of prayers to St Anthony the patron saint of animals. I would like to thank everyone for all the comments and stories. My precious dog Dallas is about to have her second surgery this year on Tuesday.

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The first surgery they removed a 12 pound mass that had burst and started bleeding everywhere they did emergency surgery. Although it took her a while to recover she had been doing so good until the other day when I heard her cry from trying to lay in her stomach. She started walking slow and her legs started to slide from underneath her. I really wish it would just happen to me instead. I have lost 5 children and two dogs. She is all I have left. If she survives I will write back. Our staffie had his life saved by our wonderful vet on Thursday after collapsing suddenly.

She found a tumour the size of an orange in his spleen which had started to bleed. He had his spleen removed and came home the same night. By Sunday he could get up on the chair and is eating normally. We get the results of his biopsy tomorrow so have everything crossed at the moment. Our succesful story. She chose to ignore me thankfully and took blade to the vet.

He was stabalised, then operated on that evening. Whole spleen was removed, blade had lost a lot of blood, was very week and struggling to replenish his own blood supply. We were asked to find a larger suitable dog in the event blade would need blood donating? Appatantly dogs are not like us, with various blood groups. He managed himself, but was weak for 3 days approx, went as thin as a cat and only started eating on day 3. We have a dog instructor as a neighbour who looked after us, she instructed us to use calpol via syringe as blade refused his tablet form painkillers. Once recovery was in place he was pestering us to get out and show off his battle scar, i gave in 3 days early on his 2 week lockdown, we were both getting cabin fever!.

The only concern now was him bursting his stitches 7inch cut , oh, and 1 stitch ony, leaked pinkey water an extra day or two than the others, we had to put a pad over it, and a 2yr childs vest! So he never pulled the pad off. Twice we found blade minus the vest somehow? In May , my 7 year old lab mix was about 62 , with a potbelly.

Then a couple times, he had peed on himself. I took him to the vet and he was diagnosed with a UTI and we went home. I ran a strip on his urine and he was starting a UTI again. I want an x-ray. So he had a film which showed a mass the size of a basketball. He went in the next day and had a 7 13oz tumor attached to his spleen removed. Benign hemangioma He spent 2 days there and came home a new dog. His appetite was back, his energy level was back. He does appear to be a bit more anxious than before but he is also getting older.

My Lhasa Apso, the love of my life, went in for his annual shots and the vet felt something enlarged during his exam. I immediately went to a specialist who said he needed his spleen was enlarged and had to be removed. I was in shock. He was the youngest dog and I was worried about the older one. I never prayed so hard in my life.

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Of course, I said yes, and prayed some more. They sent several samples for testing and they all came back negative. No cancer. The vet said there was no way; he saw it, and had them repeat the test. Second time — no cancer. That was 2 years ago and I thank God every day for saving him. No problems since although I do notice he seems hotter lately too. He shows no signs of being ill, but during a teeth cleaning while he was under the vet noticed a lump. An xray was done and they found a cantaloupe sized mass on his spleen.

Our Labrador cross Jack approx. A large tumour was found on his spleen. Both spleen and tumour have been removed and there was no evidence of spread to his liver or other main organs. A biopsy has been taken and we await his results. I am hoping and praying that Jack gets to enjoy his life again like so many of the dogs mentioned above xxx. We got the news we were waiting for. No words can express how ecstatic we are. Jack continues to get better each day and we get to enjoy having him in our life for longer. I hope this brings hope to others.

Michelle — I am so happy to hear your pups tumour was benign. My 12 year old lab has surgery on Sunday. There appears to be no spread. Your story gives me hope. I had never heard of this before until I described to my vet that when I got home from work at pm I saw he did not eat his food that we put out before we went to work. He seemed slow and no energy. I told my wife that I would take him to the vet in the morning.

She layed down with him until in the morning. At she smelled poop and went to see why. Our baby boy had died. Our lives are empty without him. He loved our grandchildren and they loved him. If I had only known about the spleen in dogs I would have taken him right away.

The vet assured me that he most likely would not have survived because his stomach most likely was full of blood. My only solace is he had 7 wonderful years of life and we had 7 years of unconditional love. Mary Alice, Our 11 year old yellow lab, Garth had a splenectomy almost 3 weeks ago…5 lb tumor on his spleen. He showed no signs of being ill, only a swelling around his belly that would come and go. We opted for surgery, despite the cost, and hoped for the best. So glad to report that Garth is doing extremely well and the tumor was benign! She perked up and seemed fine on Saturday; she ate, we played, went on a long walk.

Sunday morning it was like she was a different dog. My husband and I brought her to the emergency vet-which was pointless. That was all the info she could give us. We were there three hours, Asta was getting weaker and weaker. We gave up and decided to just go to our regular vet Monday today. We went to our vet this morning, she immediately saw her no appointment , took xrays and blood work. Ultrasound showed two ruptured tumors on her spleen and her abdominal cavity filled with blood.

She just got out of Surgery, they removed her spleen and biopsied a spot on her liver. By the time they started surgery her blood level was down to They are still finishing the transfusion. But, keeping fingers crossed that we can take our fuzzy-daughter home tomorrow. He has now had the spleen removed and we hope to have him back home by end of the week and living the happy life all dogs should have.

Dogs are family not just pets. Love my GSD. The next morning sunday I called the Animal Hospital and we brought her in. As soon as we got there they took her temperature and she was freezing and her heart rate was very high and thats when the nurse got very worried. The nurse pulled the doctors out of surgery and they all came in to look at Molly and were freaking out.

They took her in the back and had taken x-rays and everything els. When they came back in they said she has a tumor growing on her spleen and she had inturnal bleeding. We had to leave the Hospital but they said they would called back when they where done and geez that was the longest 2 hours of my life, but they had called and said she made in through surgery and they where sending her spleen in to see if it is cancerous and if it is she wont have long to live.

Either way i love her more then life itself and all I can do now is pray for my baby to be okay. Last Sunday my beautiful Chocolate Lab, Bosco was not eating his dinner and in the morning again he was not interested. My husband Dan took him to the vet that morning. They xrayed him and found blood all through his abdominal cavity. The spleen had to come out immediately. After a few tests it was confirmed that the liver was o. The biopsy showed the tumor was benign. After 2 days all levels were back to normal. After surgery it was noticed Bosco had.

An arythmia. He also had no strength in his left rear leg. Today is his first day home and I was given directions about physical therapy to help get his left hind leg working. I bought a harness to assist his walking. This morning my baby ran around the backyard dragging his leg but managed to pee and poop. Hoping his leg will regain strength with time!!

We, as a family, have been sick over Boscos situation. We love him so. And by the way, he is I have learned a lot about this spleen issue in Labs and will be aware next time. My gorgeous 8 and a half year old Boxer also displayed worrying symptoms. After going to the vets on numerous occasions they finally done an ultrasound yesterday morning. He had been bleeding internally, had a mass on his spleen and numerous growths on his liver.

We had no option but to put him to sleep yesterday. I am heartbroken. I love and miss him so much. My 8yr. He is my Life!! The doctors thought it was benign so we waited and had another ultrasound done on Jan 4th after Tyson was having bouts of weakness and lack of interest in food. The spleen was removed Jan 8th and one mass was the size of a tennis ball and was leaking blood into his cavity.

There also was other tumors in his spleen. He feels that much better and is eating again. I have a great set of doctors. I will have it immediately removed. Lesson learned. Best to anyone having this decision. Getting it out was the right one for Tyson. I think that if your dog is healthy and you can find a way to afford it, age should not be a limiting factor when making decisions about this procedure. I will forever be thankful to my vet for finding the mass he was there on a recheck for UTI actually. I have today found out that my little dog has a mass in his spleen.

We are now in turmoil as to what decision to make. Do we risk surgery and the possibility of only having him around for a couple of months — if he makes it through. Or bring him home and make him comfortable for as long as possible? I know we have to make a decision quickly but wow vets bills are expensive. Hi Natasha, what a tough situation to be in. In terms of what is the right decision, it is a very personal one and depends greatly on the details of he individual case.

Talking it through with your vet is the best option. As for post-operative medications, generally a vet will send you home with some antibiotics as well as some all important analgesia pain relief. Of course, this depends on the individual pet and your vet might also feel that other medications are required.

Again, talking through these details with your vet might help you to make the decision. We really do wish you all the best. I experienced the same as the rest of you. Jack Russell Mix named Bella, She is my everything! And on Friday night I noticed Bella not to be herself and just lying on her bed which is so out of character for her.

I picked her up and she was limp and gums were pale. I rushed her to Blue Paw Emergency and there we were told that she had a tumor on her spleen. They advised that the humane thing to do was put the dog to sleep, I was beside myself since she was prefect the day before.

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Bella made it thru surgery and it showed no signs of spreading. They kept her for 2 days and she came home Monday and seems to be in good spirits. Doctors are amazed at her recovery and we are now awaiting the lab results from the liver biopsy to see if it is cancerous. Praying ill have her around for 7 more years! I had the same thing happen to my baby. He was only 8 years old and 3 months. It was New Years, my boy experienced a similar situation. He wanted to spend new years with the family, my grandparents and my cousins. His stomach was expanding and constricting and his gums were paled.

It was difficult to see him in pain and find a vet open on new years. We finally found one, but it wasnt his usual doctor. The doc told us he was bleeding internally and he might need to surgically remove a spleen, or liver. He told us we could do the surgery, but he would only live for a few more months and the problem would arise again.

It was a really emotional decision and a shock. It was really difficult because 2 weeks prior he went to his vet and his vet mention nothing was wrong. The vet mentioned to us that he was a little overweight, and needed to lose some weight and gave us painkillers to help him walk around easier. I wish I did more x-rays or checkups before, so he might still be here with us. I wish I research this and maybe let him done the surgery, so he would survive after reading so many success stories.

We all miss him so terribly. I asked are you sure? My heart is breaking knowing that she my be gone soon. I have decided no chemo and will enjoy her for as long as I have her. I have no regrets in doing the surgery worth every penny and glad to have the extra time with her. My beautiful old gal, Ginger Golden Retriever , is going to have her spleen removed this morning.

Hoping for a good outcome and reading the stories above give me hope. Life turned inside out and upside down and I was in a state of shock, but I pushed my feelings aside as best possible in order to think quickly and clearly.

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To backtrack, two weeks prior I had had Princess seen for a general exam by another vet who after noticing pale gums, suggested a number of blood and other tests to find the cause of this condition. All tests came back normal accept for a low red blood cell count, indicative of anemia. Also, an abdominal and chest ultrasound was not suggested. If it had been, the enlarged spleen with tumor would surely have been detected and action planned. But, that late night I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. The PetER only had one surgeon and one desk assistant on site.

Two surgeons, and an anethesiologist would have been needed to pull off such a surgery and asap. Princess would not survive if too much anesthesia were to be administered and for too long, so the more hands working, the better. I hate to think that it boiled down to a lack of sufficient finances on my part. Veterinary has become so costly!

If I could, I would have selected surgery, under the condition that if cancer was detected in the liver and heart regions, euthanazia would be performed then and there. Princess deserved this chance. I strongly suspect the possibility that the splenic tumor was benign hematoma and perhaps due to torsion.

But, surgery would not have made sense if Princess had already suffered brain damage due to lack of sufficient oxygen. How would I know? This was a traumatic experience for me and a fatal one for Princess. I wish this situation on no one, human and dog. I was unaware that large dogs in their later years are prone to splenic tumors. I was unaware of the signs and symptoms that I see now were there in Princess, especially during these past few weeks, but at the time I attributed to other causes.

Hi Nancy, just read your blog now. I was in the exact same situation 4 weeks ago with my 9 years old German Shepherd Monty. He was fine one day and collapsed the next being diagnosed with a big mass on his spleen that had ruptured and was bleeding in his abdomen. Now even worse my other German shepherd nearly 11 years old was just diagnosed today with a mass on his spleen.

We had her spleen removed 2 days ago and she is doing well. She came home the day after the surgery. She had over a liter of fluid in her body, plus the 5 lb mass. It was a tough decision whether or not to do the surgery given her age, and also she has somewhat compromised lungs. The vet said it was so close to rupturing, that had we not, she would have died in the next week or two. I am grateful we made the decision to operate.

My Eddie died. I noticed his tummy seemed hard so took him to the vet. The vet said he would need xrays and ultrasound which I had to go to a different facility for. Next morning he is near death. I rushed him up there and they did surgery but he died about 2 hours after surgery. I am beating myself up because if I had gone the day before when he was strong he would have most likely survived. He was the best dog ever. A big German Shepherd mix who thought he was a lap dog. An angel really and I cannot express how much I miss him and how horribly guilty I feel.

On April 4th, my husband and I left our home for a 5 day vacation. Our beloved dog, a 7 year old Rottweiler Rosie was left with grandma at our house. We immediately thought she was just homesick from us being away. Rosie had to go into surgery the next day. The vet said splenic masses are common in large breed dogs but sometimes they are malignant.

We are praying it was just a splenic mass and that there is no cancer. Best wishes. On Thursday my beautiful 5 year old Staffie boy Wally woke shaking, cold and pale with no appetite. I know my boy and I knew something was wrong so took him straight to vet. Temperature was slightly low but chest, heart rate etc all appeared normal. Watched him for next few hours but no improvement so took him back at pm.

Ultrasound done and blood found in his abdomen. His spleen had ruptured and he was bleeding internally. They took him straight into surgery and called some hours later to say surgery had gone to plan, no blood transfusion required but they had found a tumour on his spleen. This has now gone for biopsy which takes around a week and we are praying with everything we have that it is benign.