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I promised her long ago to bring you. Source: Books. Tell us what you think! Do you like the Langenscheidt online dictionary? What is your feedback about? Your e-mail address optional. Chapter 7 consists of 11 biographical portraits illustrating the social status and background of these competitors. This is followed by four pages on egalitarianism: this could be described as scanty. Some have picked holes in the bibliography, where Horst Buhmann's Der Sieg in Olympia und in den anderen panhellenischen Spielen is missing, while H. Pleket's Stadion essay, 'Games, Prizes, Athletes and Ideology' has been included but not taken into account in the sociological chapter.

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The appendix, 'Kampfsport, Totenkult und Menschenopfer' is a persuasive refutation of Karl Meuli's thesis that the combat sports at Greek funeral games, like those for Patroclus in Iliad 23, derived from human sacrifices carried out to appease the spirits of the dead or to identify human malefactors. I could find no typos in either English of German edition. The German version is printed on slightly more absorbent paper than the English and in slightly smaller form.

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The more I tried to find fault with the quality of the translation, the more I had to admire the skilful way Schmidt coped. My example is from p. Das Epitaph nennt die Ziele des Boxers ohne Scheu. The epitaph shows no embarrassment about the boxer's ambitions -- on the contrary, it celebrates his demise with the phrase 'victory or death', which is a point of honour recorded on the tombs of Greek athletes.

Schmidt actually improves the syntax if necessary.

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The footnotes are extremely detailed and reveal a mine of background information for the curious scholar. As a result, the book echoes traditional or even outdated views on ancient combat sport and lacks discussion of recent topics such as eroticism in sport, women's participation in the games, new findings on the origins of the Olympics and their potentially extended ending.

For instance the modern reader is now accustomed to thinking critically of possible eroticism in ancient Greek sport, thanks to T. Blake Tyrrell The modern reader therefore is accustomed to modern information.

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To reprint the book as a paperback in for the Athens Olympics without any kind of revision renders some of these phrases into parodies of scholarship. The German-language reader would be interested to hear more! This new German paperback version of P's classic sports book could have been significantly enriched, without necessarily becoming cumbersome for the non-specialist reader, had the author, translator or editor incorporated recent findings of historians and archaeologists working on Olympia and the Olympics, especially since many of them are in fact German.

Is not American a form of English? As Herb stated in Nikephoros 4, , this new German reprint 'verspricht seinem Autor somit eine grosse Leserschaft und eine weite Verbreitung' and p. May this book find a broad readership. Bryn Mawr Classical Review