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Rate This. Director: Robert Mandel. Writers: Rasha Drachkovitch story , Augustus Taylor teleplay. Movies set on Mars. MyMovies: Missing Minutes.

NASA describes its plan for reaching Mars, but timing could be challenging

Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Edit Cast Credited cast: Gibby Brand White House Correspondent Keith Carradine Eugene T. Slader Philip Casnoff Nick Van Pelt Rosalind Chao Ryan West Daryl Keith Roach Edit Storyline When the world's first spaceship is close to its goal Mars , the TV-network GNN begins its live coverage of the last two hours of the mission and then the problems start.

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Runtime: min. Sound Mix: Stereo. Color: Color. Some were big enough to enter our atmosphere and be found later.

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ALH is made mostly of carbonate: a mineral that needs water to be formed. Therefore, indirectly we can conclude that Mars was once wet. To make it even more interesting, this Martian postcard has some miniscule structures that look like some bacteria found on Earth. Scientists are still debating whether those structures are Martian fossils or not. But the discovery and analysis of ALH brought us back to Mars.

Now it was time for us to counterattack. The microwave oven sized rover it carried, called Sojourner, landed on Mars in The rover produced results quite similar to those found by Viking, pointing to a very dry past and present on Mars. What followed was a considerable effort to get more images of the Martian surface from orbiters, and select the place to land with future payloads. After debating more than potential landing sites, scientists and engineers involved with Mars research discussed and they to two places to land on Mars with two large rovers: Spirit and Opportunity.

After seven months of interplanetary travel, the rovers landed in January The initial results obtained by Spirit were similar to those from Viking and Mars Pathfinder. The first groundbreaking results came from Opportunity with the discovery of jarosite and hematite : two minerals that need water and acidic conditions to be formed. After working way beyond their manufacture warranty three months , the twin rovers transformed our knowledge about the past of Mars.

Before we landed there was the question of whether Mars was once wet. Now we know that there were once oceans on Mars as salty as the Dead Sea, plus there were hot springs and fresh water streams. Read more: Discovered: a huge liquid water lake beneath the southern pole of Mars. Water on Mars was not only present, but it was there in different forms. Mars had perfect conditions for long enough for life to form and evolve.

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At least we can say Mars was habitable. During this time a lander called Phoenix landed in the Green Valley of Castitas Borealis on the Martian northern hemisphere, near the north pole. The key discovery from Phoenix was the presence of minute concentrations of perchlorate , a powerful bacterial killer salt.

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Despite the impact these missions have in our understanding about Mars, there were a number of instruments we would love to use and could not fit in a rover. The idea of having a fully equipped Martian laboratory fuelled scientists to propose a new mission: Mars Science Laboratory with a much larger rover. IV - Hypersleep Journey to Mars buy track 5. V - Pathfinder buy track 6. VI - Hydroponics buy track 7.

VII - Satellites of Mars buy track 8. It seems like there has never been a time before certainly not in my lifetime where Mars has featured so heavily in day to day news stories and in the media in general.

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It has been the inspiration of many television shows and discussions. All this and more inspired me to create this album. The idea behind the sound-design of the record is threefold: One: Piano features on every track, but utilised and effected in different ways.

I wanted to use Piano as the primary instrument across this record. Instantly recognisable, heavily favoured by composers and listeners alike. Two: The idea of space-travel, technology and other worlds. This is represented by the more alien soundscapes and digital elements.

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The synthesised sounds of satellites, machines, computers, glitching and repeating. The modern and futuristic age. Created on manipulated piano, the track echoes the idea of a satellite calling back to Earth with a repeating motif, and the eventual loss of that signal. The melody reflects the syllables in the title, which is in essence an introductory piece; the start of a journey into further exploration.

NASA “2030s”: Against all Budgetary Odds

Still active to this day since its initial launch in , it has sent back incredible data and images of Mars. The track plays out in three distinct sections. The intro is designed to suggest space exploration, stepping into the unknown. The mid section was written to suggest the act of curiosity itself. The Rover exploring and discovering. It will remain upon Mars after a job well done, a testament to human ingenuity, but it will no longer communicate with us.

There are a number of active Analogs taking place right now, dealing with a wide range of experimentation on not only the human psyche, but the incredibly hostile conditions we would face if human beings were to survive on Mars. This progresses into a simple question and answer motif which is intended to reflect a dream-like state. The track is essentially two pieces. The first section drifts away and is replaced by a building string section.