Jehovah Himself Has Become King

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Whether due to losing faith in the "truth" or in some way being let down by the organization, you'll be amazed as the truth about the truth is exposed. It'll all make sense.

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Robert is not promoting a sect or gaining a following. He is not profiting from his site or this book. If it seems as though he's bashing the organisation, well, he's just echoing God's words that are all found in God's word. You won't want to leave the Watchtower, and you shouldn't, yet. But like I said: it'll all make sense.

This book should strengthen your faith in Jehovah and Jesus. Format: Paperback Verified Purchase. Excellent book by Robert King about various Bible prophecies which are ignored and not taught by Christian churches, including the JW. One person found this helpful. Excellent analysis of Bible prophecy. However, you must be familiar with the Jehovah's witnesses' faith in order to understand the deep language utilized in this book.

Format: Hardcover Verified Purchase. Robert King has a great depth of Spiritual knowledge about the Bible. The religions in the world have refused to accept the true name of God which is Jehovah the creator of all things. And He did not change his name to Jesus. To the many hundreds of thousands if not millions of ex Jehovah's Witnesses in the world, this book may just bring your faith back to life. Robert King is a refreshingly humble man of God.

This was the best book that I have ever read. I will recommend it to all those that have the same share interest! Thank you Robert King. A more measured and scriptural reasoning regarding truth and prophesy The book was in perfect condition. You added your first item into your Library.

The fun begins.

Jehovah Has Become King – really? – The Watchman's Post

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Forgot your password? Or do you imagine that the Anglo empire that has ruled this world for over two hundred years is simply going to allow China to eclipse it? That will never happen. And they certainly are not going to allow any American president to make an alliance with Russia and China.

The lords of London will blow the world up before they cede their power to anyone. The bottom line, is, you have not seen the nations become wrathful. It is going to be terrifying. Hundreds of millions of people are going to die. Why do you think Jesus exhorted his followers not to be terrified?

Are you shrinking in terror over the horror of World War One? Indeed, and terror it shall be when Jehovah becomes king.

BOOK: Jehovah himself has become king - Robert king

Let the people tremble! Let the earth shake! Jehovah Has Become King — really? View Larger Image.