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Will the massive Will the massive earthly effort to obliterate all life succeed? As it turns out, we may be nothing more than specks of galactic dust in a manufactured environment within View Product. In the year , Dr. David Arigo creates an implant that rebuilds the mind, over David Arigo creates an implant that rebuilds the mind, over only a few years, to think and act at a normal human level. Arigo's hard work takes a new direction when the government becomes involved An eye-opening reality becomes the subject of survival.

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The action-packed adventures and lethal dangers are presenting The action-packed adventures and lethal dangers are presenting themselves in record numbers all over the world. There is no escaping the inevitable. Concentrations of carbon dioxide are causing temperatures to rise to dangerous levels For the dedicated scientists who man a remote listening post on one of Saturn's moons, For the dedicated scientists who man a remote listening post on one of Saturn's moons, has been a pretty quiet year.

After nearly years of fruitless listening to the silence of the void, the men and women who Lord Racher and his rebels battle a galactic-wide alien conspiracy, seeking to enslave humanity in Lord Racher and his rebels battle a galactic-wide alien conspiracy, seeking to enslave humanity in this action-filled, fast-paced science fiction thriller.

Ten thousand years in the future humanity has colonized the entire galaxy and set-up a galactic republic to defend their My Escape From Cuba.

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Cuban-born Ozzie Sabina often asks himself, What would life have been like if Fidel Castro had opened a law practice in Cuba instead of starting a revolution? There's no doubt Castro's reign in Cuba changed a lot of lives, including New Beginning. Criminals discover a new use for teleportation machine. Things are going quite well for Elliot and Things are going quite well for Elliot and Razor until someone frames Razor for a rape and murder. All of their friends on the police force turn against them. Razor is convicted and Odds On.

My Escape From Cuba

Smarmy lead Eddie Levert served as mouthpiece for smarmy black capitalist Gamble on such Big Statements and Small Sellers as "Family Reunion," which were resuscitated on subsequent compilations. Two decades later, however, this collection leaves the bullshit to Farrakhan and showcases pianist-hookmeister Huff, who along with arrangers Thom Bell and Bobby Martin outfitted the O'Jays in a shifting soul-funk-pop-disco amalgam that was most convincing when you didn't have time to think about it: "Back Stabbers," " Arguments," the indelibly bass-hooked "For the Love of Money.

This is everything else. Where here-and-gone hitmakers like the Standells and the Count Five were never as good as their best songs, and wild Northwest rivals like the Sonics and the Wailers never even had best songs, these guys sunk their chops into professional smashes "Hungry," "Kicks" until they figured out how to write them "Ups and Downs," "Him or Me--What's It Gonna Be".

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  • But unlike their vinyl best-of, this CD is programmed to cut out first. Granting a few wonderful moments, this gets going midway into disc one, with 's "You've Really Got a Hold on Me," my nomination for the best thing he ever recorded. It rolls through 's "I Second That Emotion" and then starts wandering--wandering attractively, intelligently, imaginatively, professionally, but with only "Tears of a Clown" and its follow-up, the graciously sarcastic "I Don't Blame You at All" worthy of serious payola.

    MENDing The Alzheimer's Brain

    Only they didn't have the material. So instead they concoct a meaningfully imperfect song-and-mess album out of several perfect ones and several meaningless ones. This is less funny. Tate is a blues-drenched Macon native who had the desire to head north and sounds it every time he gooses a lament with one of the trademark keens that signify the escape he never achieved.

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    • He brought out the best in soul pro Jerry Ragovoy, who made Tate's records jump instead of arranging them into submission, and gave him lyrics with some wit to them besides. In return, Ragovoy brought out the best in Tate. So corporate politics be damned--I'm docking this a notch for ignoring their great lost '72 Atlantic collaboration. Whereupon they start fronting Norman Whitfield's funk group, which was one of the best.

      Personally, I would have skipped a few Motown subclassics for a little of the crazy and mellifluous late doowop they made back when Paul Williams was their soul man and Berry Gordy hadn't finalized his formula. This illusion was perpetuated beguilingly on their only great album, an exultant tribute to top 40 consumerism in which sleek, glorious singles yield gracefully to dumb, catchy ads--all paced as if the world's smartest AM jock has been stricken with laryngitis and forced to juggle 45s and carts until help arrives. Plus 10 bonus cuts that are good for something. Excess is the essence of the man; no point liking him if you can't abide a bit of schlock.

      What's that you say? Can't hear you with the band blaring. All right, a lot of schlock.

      Are the Primary Causes of Multiple Personality Disorder Psychiatrists and Psychotherapists?

      Musically, the most transitional of the early masters was the creature of Dick Jacobs, whose orchestral overkill make the guys who buried Bobby Bland and Joe Turner in brass sound like acolytes of Louis Jordan. Excitement felt honored by the company. Raw and wild though Wilson could be, his spectacular chops sold him on a nightclub circuit that catered to big-band fans. So if you actually can't abide a lot of schlock, stick to this rocking condensation and learn why "Danny Boy" is a folk song. No, it wasn't like this; most of the naive teens who lost-and-found themselves in the Haight were sweeter and smarter than the "phony hippies" he lacerates with such hopeless contempt.

      Full text of "Variety (October )"

      But that doesn't mean his cruelty isn't good for laughs. And not only is every wee tune--motive, as composers say--as well-crafted as a Coke commercial, they all mesh together into one of those musical wholes you've read about. With bohemia permanent and changed utterly, this early attack on its massification hasn't so much dated as found its context.

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