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We arrived, there were so many dresses to choose from, but the amazing part was the beautiful ladies who run this place. They really care about each and every girl that walks through the doors. Thank you and God Bless you. I was able to pick out dresses for students that have special needs!!! What an amazing program! Thank you to all who donate the dresses and to Walethia and Danielle for their help and kindness!!! What a blessing. It was a dream about her future and it is staring to come true slowly. One of my friends are close.

The others child was killed so she killed the killer and was sent to jail. The other was in a dangerous situation that could have her dead in 2 seconds yet nothing bad happened to me. She only got up to the point when we were thirty and the dream seemed pretty realistic. We are very frighten and scared. We tried getting our answers but she rejected us because we were 11 and she sent us out.

We arent sure what to do. I had a dream on a Sunday afternoon about being at my mom's house and going to the mail box and picking some tiger lilies. I carried the flowers into the house and picked up a bird cage with 2 love birds in it. I carried the flowers and the birds into the bathroom where I pulled up a trap door in the floor next to the bathtub. I then took the flowers and birds into the hole beside the bathtub and then I woke up. That night my brother in law came home from work early and around 5 am he went into the bathroom told my sister in-law that she wasn't going to work and that the kids was going to need her and before she could turn around he shot and killed himself.

My other sister in-law took me in the bathroom to show me where he did it but I had to leave the house as soon as she showed me because He fell right beside the bathtub just like in my dream where I took the flowers and birds into the hole. I've lived with guilt over this dream since because I feel like I should have known who and what was going to happen and be able to do something about it! I had a dream of my cousin sweet 15 ballroom and few week later it came true it looked exactly like I dreamed I freaked put. Im just a kid just please believe in me for what i had experienced.

I alwaus experience deja vu last night i dream about what will jappen today and it really came true i dont knlw why i am experiencing this just please help me how to stop this and some of my classmates is being shooked because i predict what will happen next then i really came true one time i saved a one person because of experiencing deja vu jist please give tips to stop having a creepy and predictable dreams.

And my gf at the tine! Next day it happened!! Just like I saw it! Not the first time , but first time I told some one before it happened!! I had some bizarre dreams months ago that seemed airy and very light, as though the world was in a filter. All of them had mixed scenes that sped by at a comfortably slow pace in complete silence: a flash of a well-lit and unrecognized classroom, a blonde head of long hair disappearing around a corner in a hallway, a blue plastic cup on a window sill by a parking lot, an empty room with a yellow cactus in the window, and a sunlit restaurant with a young Asian woman laughing silently.

When I woke up the next morning I felt refreshed and as though I had a purpose of some sort to do. At the time I was living in a one bedroom apt with my younger sibling and mother in the bay area of the city where I live. It was almost never sunny there, and most of the time it was very chilly and covered in marine layer. My sibling suffers from a mental disability and my mother is bi-polar and I was severely unhappy during that time, which is probably why the dream stuck in my head for so long.

Just last month, my mother came to me saying she had found an affordable apt further inland that would be an easier area for her to travel to work everyday. I wasn't too interested, but agreed to go to the showing with her. The apt shown was not the one from my dream, but by one way or another we ended up losing that one and being recommended another at a better price: this one we took without even viewing it. I still did not see it as the one from my dream, until upon moving in the management gifted us with a small yellow cactus for my new room, then I felt as if I belonged.

The dream immediately rushed back to me and I began seeking out the other signs. The Asian woman laughing, and the cup in the windowsill occurred at a sushi restaurant by the new apt, in which she and I had a conversation about finding a job in the area: I am now a server happily employed at that restaurant. The well-lit classroom happened on my second day at the new school, where the sunlight poured through the window and lit up the whiteboard just as it had in my dream: I am much happier here than I was at my previous school.

And the blonde head disappearing behind a corner happened to be my new best friend Cambria who introduced herself to me in between periods before giving me her number and walking away in the exact fashion of my dream. I now feel just as I did having that dream a few months ago: at peace, almost as though everything is aligned as it is supposed to be. I feel confirmed that this is my place in the world, and I wanted to share this with you all: dreams really do come true. And the effect is everlasting.

So then 32 hours later. My dad calls me and tells me they found out and we have to give him away. This all happened 4 days ago. And last night. I had a dream my grandpa had a heart attack and died I've only experienced this once. I had a boyfriend in high school, one time he picked me up and I could clearly tell he was drunk. Homeless people were in his car when I walked over to it and they were all smoking together. I found this entire experience to be off, not to mention in the days before whenever I would smoke with him I would get this intense feeling of doom- like i needed to run away.

Later that night we got in a fight and I demanded he drive me home, I broke up with him in the car. When I went to sleep I had a terrible nightmare of him getting in a car crash with a friend, it was as if it was through his eyes blurry and incredibly intoxicated. I experied this crazy feeling that I could only place as death, and saw flashes of his photo in the news. I woke up dazed and exhausted, frantically searching news headlines finding nothing. Three days later after checking snapchat stories I see a picture of his face with my friend at a party and get the urge to text him.

I texted him an apology late at night, just to find out that morning he ran into a pole by my high school and died in a car accident. He never read the text. The second incident was where I was working on a screenplay for a short film, and on multiple occasions various bits of my screenplay would come true! This phenomenon has led me to believe that I was in the Twilight Zone, and it was that "Printer's Devil" episode that I was living! So cool to know that I'm not the only one! When I wake up after the dream i can almost feel that it was important some how.

And then I happens months after and I get this overhemeling feeling of dajavu. In my experience, the lucid dreams stick on your mind when you wake. Those seem to be more premonition type, I've had many. Sometimes the premonition is a few days away, a couple times it's been years ahead of the actual incident. No matter the time in between, it scares the hell out of you when you realize that, you're in that moment.

I've had so many dreams come true that I've lost count. My dreams are intense. I wake up laughing. I wake up crying from happiness, sadness. I wake up in fits of rage. I have dreams that do nothing but make me want to wake up but when I do, I'm paralized and I fall right back into the same dream over and over again. It became a skill to dream lucidly and take flight whenever I wanted. I call it a skill because you have to develope your ability to do this and it takes a tremendous amout of time and dedication to concentration during the day and right before you fall asleep.

There are far too many that I cannot control though and it seems impossible to determine which ones will happen and when. They can happen the very next day or the next week. It could be months to years. I still have memories of dreams that haunt me to my soul until this vary day. The use of cannibis helps me. I'm sure that I do still dream but I just don't remember them when I wake up usually. If I go a day without, all the intensity of my unconscious mind comes right back.

Half of the time it is not pleasant. It all makes me believe that there is something else to this universe. There is something else to the dreams that people can dream. To dream or not to dream? Is it worth worrying which ones will happen? Sometimes I wonder if it's a gift.. Or a curse.. I stopped being able to remember my dreams when I was really young, probably about 3 or 4. Anyway, for as long as I can remember I have been having deja vu like that. I would hear someone say something, or take a step, I could do something so insignificant but it be at the exact right moment and I would feel this rush like an "I've been here before" type of thing.

I know it comes from my dreams, even though I rarely ever remember them. I do remember one from when I was 6 years old. In it was this song that at the time I thought was so beautiful and I was thinking that I must have heard it somewhere, there isn't anything I can make up like that in my head. I tried looking for it but I could never find it. On it was the song that I heard in my dream which was really weird. I listened to the song and when I did I had that moment of "I have heard this before". I couldn't remember the exact dream but the song was so clearly the one from my dream.

That was one of the most vivid moments of deja vu I have had. There have been many more though. I've always wondered why I have these dreams and the weird deja vu and now it makes sense that they could be premonitions or something. I have been having these deja vus since my years of teens. Mainly there r triggers like a moment or what a person says or something as simple as music that just evokes that sense of deja vu in me. I have been brushing off these feeling for a while until recently..

I had this feeling that things I was seeing in my dreams was preety much happening in real life. Well we waited.

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N now there r more moments like this. Early this morning i dreamt i was riding my dirt bike and ran out of gas. Later today unexpectedly because i thought i had plenty i was riding and sure enough ran out. Ive had many come true. The subconscious mind far out weighs your waking mind. It was so real it woke me.

I rang my then girlfriend and told her I'd seen three planesand one crashed in front of me. There were bodies everywhere. Later that day after it happened she agreed I'd seen it.

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I'd had dreams like it before that came true. But that one haunts me. I believe that it's the emotion of the incident and you feel that. I also have a deep dread that the biggest war ever is almost upon us. I have dejavu in a different way.. I see it the same. I just came across this after looking for a site to help me but to no avail. I've been like it for as long as I can remember. I'll have a dream where I am involved in some way or other, such as in the same area or actively taking part, where it's just an everyday or normal scene and then something bad happens.

It is always something resulting in death or injury. Often, and if not, always, I am always one of the people or the only one getting hurt in the dream. After the disruptive incident happens, I'll wake up as normal. Sometimes I can recall the dream whenever, but often I'll forget it upon waking up. I'll remember it just as the exact same scenario in the dream starts to take place. But this is where it gets weird. I'll be there and suddenly freeze up and wait, because I know exactly what's going to happen. If I get an extremely bad gut feeling, I'll alter the situation by doing an action I didn't do in the dream, such as simply changing where I'm standing or my stance.

That bad thing never happens and I'm too scared to see it through to the end just in case it does. Believe me, I'll get this really awful feeling of dread. It's creepy even when everything in reality, down to the smallest detail such as what colour car passed by, is exactly the same as in the dream. One example is when I was sitting in the back of the car going down a busy main road. In my dream, somewhere near us there was a very bad accident.

The last thing I saw was a vehicle smashing straight into my side of the car. It was a dark blue truck, and on my other side, the crash barrier which we'd be squashed up against. I wake just as when I assume I die. So this dreams comes true when we are going down the exact same highway in the exact same lane with the exact same amount and type of cars around us. In the dream, I knew we were going to Exeter for an event, and in reality, that was exactly what we were doing. Eventually, that really nasty feeling takes me over and I don't know what to do.

I ask my dad to slow down a little and start up a conversation with my sister to change the scene. The accident doesn't happen but that exact same dark blue truck overtook us after I changed it. After the experience, the feeling immediately vanishes and I feel calm. There are more examples but then this will be extremely long. Please someone tell me what's wrong with me because it's becoming more frequent and the dreams more clear! Over the weekend I had a dream that took place about 2 months ago come to fruition. There were a bunch of friends hanging out in a tent. There was 1 person that looked at me and the whole dream came back to me.

There was a friend that said she was leaving in the dream and after some crazy things happened in the dream I remember saying and thinking I should have left when she did. Leading up to her saying she was leaving and a few words that I can only describe as being the most bizarre came out of someone's mouth just as it did in my dream.


It really freaked me out and I left when she did. And the crazy stuff that happened in my dream didn't take place because I decided to leave. Any I sight to this is greatly appreciated. In my dream once I saw my dad at the end of my bed standing there with just a towel, he just got out of the shower, I called my mother about dad she told me he is in the hospital with pnemonna.

OMG, this totally was what I was experiencing And in a quicker time frame from dream I remembered to later happening used to be yrs and now it's years. I believe in the 3rd eye and i am either closer to my purpose I am closer to dying or I am closer to the universal knowledge i seek.

All the dreams that I had have come true, so if I had a dream that the world is going to end when I'm in my 20 or 30 does it mean it will come true if the rest of my dreams did. I am so thankful to have come across this page and see that I am not the only one. Dreams r pretty normal n we've all had them before but about a yr ago I realized that some of my dreams were physically coming to life. I'd see up to their last hour s , what they wore, where they're at, and how it came about, not only from the person dying's view but the ppl around them as well.

It used to get so overwhelming all I wanted to do is cryy for them, not being able to help them had me feeling sick. I tried to talk about it but I quickly learned that this isn't a topic for everyone, only those who could relate would understand. The death dreams r what caught my attention but there is way more to it than what ive wrote. I'm just honestly really glad to know that this is normal and I'm not the only one going through it.. I didn't even want to research it but deep down knew something is up and tonight I came across this. Thankful, cuz this was really a tough time for me, n just knowing someone could relate brings me so much comfort.

I thought of it more of a curse than a blessing and as much as I wanted to open up about them, I just didn't want to seem crazy. But thank God I seen this, just knowing I'm not alone helps. God be with us all. These have happened to me waht feels like times. I dreamt several times about my new job before having it, the woman that got hit by the self driving uber car, and many other scenarios. This has happened since i was 12 or so. I could only convince two people I have talked about it to: my ex and my mom haha. It used to freak me out, but now i accept it as normal.

If you want to talk about this occurring, email me at cutoffschess gmail. I had a premonition from over a year ago roughly where I would wake up in a new home in a office bed and would see my friend but something bad happened but I can't remember what. Right now I just thought about it and how my life has changed so much as my parents divorced and now I'm here and I can just feel that something horrible is going to happen tomorrow as I've had over 10 of these now.

I wonder why do we have these dreams but can't do anything about them. I dreamed of Hurricane Katrina months before it happened. Well last year I had a dream that a teacher said over the speaker that we will be having our lunch inside for the first few minutes of lunch just so we can eat inside.

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I got more confused a week after the dream and told my friend. He told me that no one ever said anything like that and we are always eating our food outside like normal. It got even weirder when a few days later my exact dream actually came to life! The same teacher, the same place, the same people the same words though it happened irl.

Me and my friend that I told where both so confused and astonished this had happened and to this day I am still confused as to what happened? I'm actually havin weirder and weirder stuff happening and tomorrow I know what's gunner happen I'm looking at a car to tell them what's wrong but I know theirs sumit more sinister that's going to happen do I go or change what is coming.

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I can definitely believe this because it happens to me all the time at least twice a week I seen my aunt roll her car in a dream and she died a week later from rolling her car. This is a great theory and I think I will definitely pay more attention to my dreams now. I woke from a dream one morning and as I got out of bed I said to my husband that I dreamed I ran into his affair partner and he was clean shaved. My husband said he would have no idea what the affair partner would look like without a beard. It was a day when one of us had an appointment with a medical doctor and had left home walking to be on tine.

About a half block away we ran into the affair partner and he was clean shaved.

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We spoke and chatted a moment and as we walked away I looked at my husband and all the color had drained from his face. As we walked on he simply said. I figured out the way to be able to harness this, usually you have this when you are smart and very good in acedemics. About a year ago my physics teacher talked a bout consciousness and I thought about one word; it was remember.

Every night before I sleep and during dreaming I think remember. When it's very major in my life I remember every detail but it's always the bad things in life, then those things happen and I avoid them by fixing my mistakes, I've been doing this for a year now and I found something one day in my dream.

I saw everyone sleeping in my grade and they had their names over their heads. Along with the numbers I saw levels it said and my best friend was level 1, and it showed some other people love 2 and 3 max, but the weird thing was, I saw three question marks above my head like this: Lv:???. I realized why I am dreaming these things but cannot say these reasons due to the oath I made with IT.

This is the last day of my life. My real name is Noah Neff and search for me in the news because I have foreseen I will be shot and killed in bank of the head by men with suitcases on May 23, No one will find them because they too have a level with???. Please read this and share before it is destroyed, and watch out for they are right behind you.

It's crazy my dreams stated when I was 15, well the dreams that came true.

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My first dream was , I had lost a bracelet I looked for it for about a week. One night while i was sleeping i dreamed I saw myself get it out of bed walked to my dresser open it and picked up a pair socks and saw the bracelet. When I woke I remembered the dream and just like my dream i found it under the pair of socks.

Little things like that. To even when my car won't start that night when I was sleeping saw the problem. With my boyfriend I started to get a strange feeling after he ask me to marry him. I prayed for weeks for God to show me what was going on. I had 3 dreams of him cheating on me with his ex. After telling i have had 3 dreams of him with Apri, he said it is true. I've seen atomic bomb, I've seen war in my dreams. So it's kinda scary! A lot of my dreams I hope never comes true! I have a dream journal I write all my dreams down and I always remember my dreams.

It like a movie in my head. I have experienced deja vu a lot im my life and have scared people who have been around me as well as myself the moment I realize that what I saw in my dreams is about to happen. I have also been experiencing this in the past few months. These are all passionate people who believe in this community…who love this community…and believe it is up to all of us to take care of this community.

This team went out into the community to share this vision, and found out there are thousands more people out there—individuals, organizations and businesses, that share that vision.

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People who want to share their passion, ideas, expertise and resources to continue to help transform the conditions in our community and help people live their best possible lives. Thank you.

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Thank you for not being afraid to roll up your sleeves to fight to make our community a better place. You are the champions for our community because you understand there are problems and see potential and the need to do your part to provide real solutions. We are blessed to have businesses, organizations and people like you who will get things done. Thanks to your support through the years the United Way of Central Missouri and our 28 partner agencies are already making a difference…we are closing the gap on hunger with our new mobile pantry that will distribute an additional 1 million pounds of food to hungry people….

More and more children in the court system due to abuse or neglect have a volunteer to be their voice in the court room