Anastasia and the White Lady Mist (Anastasia Series II)

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The movie version starred Ingrid Bergman in her comeback after being blacklisted from the industry for having a child out of wedlock, restoring a member of exiled Hollywood royalty to her rightful place, with Oscar firmly in hand. The role of Anastasia ranges from waif to grand duchess with mad scenes, love scenes, and plenty of juicy monologues. Natalie Wood was preparing her stage debut in the role when she herself died mysteriously in , with her own headlines and lawsuits continuing for decades.

Finally, early 20th century myth ran up against late 20th century science. As the U. R fell, in , the mass grave of the royal family was revealed to have been discovered, and the remains were sent to a lab. The nine skeletons were eventually confirmed to be those of the Romanovs and their retainers, leaving two victims glaringly unaccounted for until the discovery of the remains of Alexei and Maria nearby in The Russian Orthodox Church, however, continues to refute that the remains belong to the members of the royal family.

And Anna Anderson? Her DNA was likewise tested; she was determined to have no relation to the Romanovs. Of course, though, it takes more than a few facts to kill a good fiction. Anastasia the musical recently opened on Broadway and Matthew Weiner of Mad Men announced that he is working on an anthology series, The Romanoffs, about people around the world who believe themselves to be descended from the Russian royal family. When can you get your hands on it? Well ladies and gents, set your reminders because the Riviera palette will be live from the 4 March , which will mean 5 March for Aussies.

While there has been no confirmed date of the launch into Sephora , Anastasia Beverly Hills ships to Australia if you really cannot wait! So yes, we totally encourage a shopping spree. The Riviera palette is just one part of the ABH spring collection which also includes three loose powder metallic highlighters in shades: Snowflake, Sunset Aurora and So Hollywood. And of course, to finish everything off, the spring collection also includes a dewy-finish setting spray called "Dewy Set". You can see the full collection altogether below. View this post on Instagram. Everytime I go out of state at least three people ask me if everyone in Texas really wears cowboy boots everywhere.

Most people in the U. Sure, a few do. Honestly, there is more lululemon in our city than cowboy boots. I like to joke around and tell people from out of state that I do ride a cow to school, yet. The fact that they often do believe my exaggerations makes me realize how prevalent the stereotype of a typical Texan is. According to Forbes, Texas has the second largest growing economy. The Texas Tribune said that between and , 4. The state is a melting pot of different people. The stereotypes forced on Texans make no sense because why would these people from California, Florida, Louisiana and New York resort to these old timey country images?

It truly does not make sense to me why people think all Texans act like cowboys in old timey black and white movies.

Dear Editors, I love November! Not only is it a month for giving thanks and eating lots of delicious fare with family and friends, but it is also a time when the young men at The Episcopal School of Dallas have an opportunity to freely display their manhood. For some cough, cough Garrett Johnson , it is just a break from shaving twice a day.

For others, however, it is a real leap of faith. It is a nerve-racking and anxiety producing proposition for anyone not named Thomas May. Well guess what: patchy necks and dirty upper lips are in! More importantly, they are fun! At the simplest level, it would save Mr. Laba a ton of time. But, this is really about freedom of expression. If someone wants to demonstrate that they can grow facial hair better on the left side rather than the right side of their face, let them do it!

If direct sunlight at the perfect angle unexpectedly reveals a stealth mustache, what is the harm? Is it time we talk about No Shave Forever? For this student, her body shuts off whenever she has migraines. Then she had to call her mom, who then called Mrs. Skalniak, who then found the student unable to walk in the Wellness Center—all of which could have been avoided if the nurse was consistently in her office.

The nurse not being in her office has become a controversial issue this year. However, the unavailability of the nurse is not entirely her fault. Along with being a nurse, Nurse Biggs is also employed as a Middle School advisor. Being a Middle School adviser requires a significant amount of time out of the day: chapel, advisory time, lunch—all times when Upper School students may need the assistance of a medical professional. The unreliability of the nurse actually being in her office has left countless sick, hurt or in need of medical attention, without help.

There have been some alternatives the school has attempted in order to solve this problem yet nothing has seemed to stick. What about grabbing a tampon? If the school is going to employ the nurse as a Middle School adviser, then they also need to hire an additional nurse designated to middle school students. She meant it this time. For it being my school acceptance or rejection, I was the calmest of the three of us.

My dad lowered the envelope from the fluorescent bulb and slit it open. A second grade degree, that is. Flashback to , when the time had come for me to enter preschool.

Coconut-vanilla-scented setting spray

And in November of , my family and. I enjoyed a Thanksgiving like any other—cornucopia of spanakopita, baklava and the like overflowing. Life was good. Then it hit us. Upon my return to school, I was sent home with a letter reading, Holy Trinity Academy families: We regret to inform you that we will no longer be offering second grade and above come the academic school year.

Hold up. Surely, we must have misread. We were surely mistaken. And so, the madness commenced. She and my dad filled out forms in a frenzy. I hopped from Greenhill to Lamplighter to Hockaday so much that spring, they all became mush in my six-year-old mind. Placement tests yes, six-year-olds take them now. My parents had determined from the start of the ESD admissions process that we were the Augustus Gloop of the bunch—without a chance and the first to go. Their presumption was made with good reason, too. First, there were 25 applicants for a slot fitting just one, four-foot incoming second grader.

You read that right: vibrant, Crayola-crimson acrylic. Her trail was glaring—down the side entrances, round every corner—contemptible coral footsteps spotted on the pristine admissions carpet. See why we were the Augustus Gloop? Things will work out—maybe not the way you envisioned, but they will. The only sure way to jinx something is to not do it at all.

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I am a feminist. I am proud and not afraid to say it. Based on a poll by the New York Times, eighteen percent of Americans identify as feminists while 82 percent are unsure or do not identify as. To clear things up, I do not hate men. Feminists do not hate men. Feminists do not believe women are better than men. Intersectional feminism is the movement for equality for all sexes, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, class, etc.

This is what I support, not white feminism that only supports white, straight, cis-gendered women, which some white female celebrities have advocated for. For the longest time, women were seen as inferior, fragile, helpless creatures. Just look at any history book. Society saw women only as housewives, whose primary duties were to take care of the children, the home and most importantly, satisfy the every need of their husband. Times have changed.

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In a study conducted in by the Association for Psychological. Science, 83 percent of college students around the age of 21 associated photos of sexualized women as objects.

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Women are not objects. Men, such as Harvey Weinstein and Donald Trump, can not be excused for inappropriately touching a woman without her permission or catcalling women. Boys will be held responsible for their actions just like the rest of us. As a feminist, I believe that no one is superior to anyone else—we are all human beings just trying to survive in this world.

Dear Editors, When I moved to Dallas this summer, I was anticipating oppressive heat, incredible tex-mex, and lots of pick up trucks. It is shocking. I mean, we actually held school in 15 degree weather? Gut punch!

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Surely I could be doing more than just keeping up with my toasty wool blanket? And, do we seriously consider attending school when there is precipitation forecasted somewhere in the state? It could come this way and create a slip hazard for goodness sake!! I have children in my care, not to mention the three at home whose safety is my main concern!

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I say that we should just forgo school during these treacherous times. Why risk injuring the one part of our body that we are trying to grow in these frigid classrooms? I have a couple of questions in response to this article. As someone who is involved in the planning and implementation of sex-ed in grades 5,6,8 and 9, I could have shared what we teach, why we teach it, and when we teach it. Secondly, I am curious what information you feel you have not been taught that you feel you need. The unit in ninth grade is student driven and should cover every issue of interest.

You want a comprehensive curriculum that allows you to approach sex and relationships with knowledge and maturity. We would like to emphasize that we are not generalizing men by telling these stories, but instead attempting to shine a light on the harassers who are getting away with their offenses.

And I liked him. It turned into the worst night of my life. The thought of it was disgusting: a man who had spoken openly in interviews about his feminism—the same man who had worn that black pin and tie and shirt in a public display of support, of respecting women in every sense, in the Hollywood industry and in life—now allegedly sexually assaulting one. Within a second, I snapped into a mode of denial. Not Aziz. Joining movement against sexual harassment involves more than donning a black pin my friend responded.

I immediately caught myself. She had a point. Harassment is being re-defined, more actively defined. For example, that same survey found 25 percent of men to view asking someone for a drink as harassment. According to a Jan. They wore black to mourn the fact that some pin-donning men think the time of mistreating women is finally up— except for them. An ode to my navy green-gold plaid skirt. Not an ode to the set of septuplets all hanging in a row in my closet, but just to my favorite.

You will always be my most treasured skirt. You may look like all the others, but I can tell you apart. To me, you hold a special place in my heart. I have many skirts, but none roll at the waistband so perfectly like you do. Just one time does the trick.

Anecdotes with Anastasia Series by Anastasia Sotiropoulos - Issuu

You are a renaissance skirt. A short one at all times and a slightly longer one when going up for communion. I thank you for helping me skirt out of demerits, or whatever disciplinary actions we receive now in a flash. You have helped me roll through high school without getting scolded and reprimanded for your length. Unlike some of the others, you have a pocket. What kind of a skirt has pockets?

Because you are perfect in every pleat. Pockets make every item of clothing ten times more practical. I love the way you have matured with me. No one keeps me warmer. Your seven inches in length may not cover below eight inches from the top of my knee, but, somehow, you manage to succeed. I love the way you smell after I douse you in my perfume. It is a last minute attempt by me to make you smell fresh, because you are too holy for a bath in water and suds. You only deserve a frantic perfume spritzing before I run out the door on Wednesday mornings.

You have never hurt me, so why would I hurt you? Do not compare yourself to others, my dear skirt. Unlike the traditional loose-fitting navy dress slacks, you are not to be worn with a dark belt. You do not need anyone to pull you up. You are strong and fierce on your own. I will choose you to come to college with me instead. I know I can count on you whenever I need a last-minute costume for Halloween. Please do not take it personally that I will not wear you every day next year.


Do not confuse the frequency of how much I use and abuse you with how much I love you. And when I graduate from college, do not feel like your reign as my favorite navy greengold plaid has ended. You will, like ancient relics do in a museum, be displayed in my closet on a hanger. This says a lot, considering most of my wardrobe spends its life on my floor. I will even write you up a placard.