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One such fear concerns the fact that European demographics suggest Islam is a fastgrowing religion in Europe. This may also be in part due to a falling birthrate in most European countries; either way the argument goes — and I must stress that it is made by others — that in time Europe will be forced to cede more and more of its principles as immigrant communities make more demands. Are Europeans justified in worrying that the values we cherish so much may be threatened by the longterm implications of demographics change?

France has one of the highest birthrates in Europe… Well the country does have a certain reputation to defend… Perhaps he replies with a laugh. But when we look at the birthrate the statistics show that migrants have higher birthrates when they arrive but by the next generation it drops to the same level as the national average. Things can change and the migration flows are not the same as 20 years before or 30 years before. Most migrants to France used to come from Italy and Portugal. Immigration to us is an also an added value.

But we may have difficulties thinking this way in the light of the economic crisis… Meanwhile speaking of efforts to ignite intercultural hostilities in France: it must be pointed out that there may also be grievances beyond the immediate goals of terrorism. Racial tension has often been felt in France before as the aforementioned riots confirm. More recently the ban of the Burqa likewise sparked a controversy over minority rights.

Like it or not this also points towards a subtext of discontent underpinning race relations in France and no doubt all over the rest of Europe too. Regardless of Islam there seems to be many within the Muslim community who feel they are a downtrodden or sidelined minority. Could it be then that the emergence of radical Islamic groups such as Al Qaeda and ISIS is the tip of the iceberg of a much deeper malaise? I hope not. You mentioned the burqa issue: but it was only an extreme minority of Muslims who were concerned with this law. The overwhelming majority of Muslims is perfectly integrated in the French community.

These few exist; but they are first of all criminals not Muslims. They are criminals and they try to invoke some kind of ideological background to justify their acts; but we cannot confuse the Muslim community with the behaviour of such criminals. Of course what is happening around the world… the Syria crisis Al Qaeda and ISIS networks and attitudes… they are all part of the background.

The French government is well aware that this is an issue that has global ramifications. Yet the emergence of ISIS at least is widely associated with the aftermath of the Iraq war: which in turn suggests that the conditions for the same unrest which we all agree now threatens Western core values were in fact created by western military involvement in the Middle East. There are of course limits to this argument: it is impossible to say what would have happened had Saddam Hussein not been toppled in … especially in view of the Arab spring. But many argued against the Iraq war at the time precisely on these grounds: that it would result in global destabilisation.

Is this a case of reaping what one sows? Depetris acknowledges that the situation in Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East is connected to the causes of the terrorist attack in France… but only because the terrorists want the two issues to be linked. In that way yes there is a connection. But the issue of radicalism in Europe and what is happening in the Middle East are very different. As Depetris earlier mentioned the values under attack are not cherished only in France but also in the rest of Europe.

The entire EU may well be considering whether or not to step up antiterror efforts… which may also imply expanding government control in sensitive intelligence gathering and security areas. Are there any plans to respond to this threat level by strengthening antiterror legislation in France? And does he expect there will be any talk in this direction by other European governments? But there is and it still exists a link between European countries. We do have very regular meetings in Brussels and there is the means to exchange information for intelligence services to cooperate and to establish networks.

In the field of the fight against terrorism of jihadists this kind of European network already exists and it works quite well. These kinds of attacks occur and we must be vigilant; but we have avoided many others and I hope we will continue to do so. Everyone seems to have their own definition of the word How would he define laiciete?

It was the occasion to reaffirm our Republican consensus on laiciete. What does it mean? That the French Republic does not recognise one specific religion since all religions are recognised equally. You can worship you can practice your religion… of course we all agree to that… provided you make it a private issue not a public one. Public spaces in France are not supposed to be part of religious discourse or used for religious propaganda. But obviously — and this is respected everywhere — you are free to believe whatever you wish. France has one of the highest birthrates in Europe…Well the country does have a certain reputation to defend…Perhaps he replies with a laugh.

But we may have difficulties thinking this way in the light of the economic crisis…Meanwhile speaking of efforts to ignite intercultural hostilities in France: it must be pointed out that there may also be grievances beyond the immediate goals of terrorism. National Doctors term hospital activity report 'partial' an World At least two people dead after coastal cycleway co World New virus outbreak in Australia can cause brain da Music Legendary artist Prince dead at 57The shadow home affairs minister Beppe Fenech Adami has called for better human resources to deal with applications for the renewal of eresidence cards for nonEU nationals like migrants who are seeking a work permit.

The citizenship and expatriates department only sees a limited number of migrants on a Friday forcing them to wait outside as early as Thursday night braving the cold weather outside the office so that they can be first in line on Friday morning to access the service. Fenech Adami said the situation was totally unacceptable. Government is to ensure that the proper infrastructure setup and human resources are in place to ensure that unnecessary hardship no longer persists.

In March Nationalist MP Jason Azzopardi had told the House in a PQ of the disorganisation at the citizenship and expatriates department at the Evans Building with queues lasting five entire hours. Then home affairs minister Manuel Mallia had told the House that the disorganisation stemmed from the previous administration when in January no new human resources were passed on to the citizenship department when it started issuing eresidence and identity cards to foreign residents. Mallia had said that the ministry had provided modern offices for the department engaged new personnel and was considering hiving off certain services outside the department so that it can be more efficient and reduce queues.

Once migrants qualify for protection the first thing they have to do is to apply for an eresidence card. Without it they cannot access public services such as benefits work permits or even open a bank account. But migrants are only being granted access to the service on Friday morning. I have to renew my ID card and I only have one day to do that which is Friday and there are a lot of people here. Without it you cannot re new your working permit" Stephen Morphy a Liberian migrant who has been in Malta since told MaltaToday.

It is not fair. Once we are working paying taxes we should be able to renew our document free and fair like the others. I have come and sleep in this weather just to be able to work to support my family. Carmelo Abela has dubbed the situation inhumane after having assessed the matter personally. The decision to allow migrants to apply on a particular day of the week was taken long before Identity Malta was established. Since then the number of migrants applying at AWAS decreased significantly and eventually the service stopped being offered from their office.

The service offered from the Refugee Commission is still ongoing he said. Lately for a number of reasons there was an increase in the applications at the Department for Citizenship and Expatriate Affairs in Valletta Abela said since expired documents were all being issued on the same date and therefore had to be renewed on the same date. I was on my way to work 10 years ago to date when I got a phone call to alert me that detained migrants at Safi were holding a protest.

A wall of numbers

I recall an asylum seeker telling me: Why are the soldiers holding sticks? Little did they know that their action would pave the way for a human rights crime committed by men who are meant to uphold the law. An hour or so later the soldiers marched towards them beating their shields with their truncheons in rhythm and within minutes it was a painful cacophony of screams protests and confusion. At a point up to six soldiers stood over a single floored protester while one beat him with a truncheon. Many of the detainees clutched their heads and wriggled on the ground in an attempt to protect themselves.

Dozens of migrants were hospitalised. But what was really shocking was the reaction and the aftermath. Many Maltese let their prejudices get the better of them and justified the force used refusing to even acknowledge the shocking pictures taken by our photographer. If a Maltese man is holding down a black guy with a truncheon then he must be right. Within days we witnessed a series of arson attacks and threats against NGOs and journalists who denounced the heavyhandedness.

It was not over. The subsequent inquiry into the Safi incidents was a major whitewash as it concluded that the force used to control the migrants during their protest was justified in the circumstances even if it took note of the fact the force used by several soldiers was exaggerated. When I was grilled by the judge tasked with carrying out the inquiry I recall feeling as though I was in the dock. The judge appeared to be more concerned with knowing the identity of who tipped me off about the protest rather than what I had witnessed.

But then again should we be surprised? For the last 14 years we have been told by governments that the detention system is a must even if it criminalises asylum seekers in the eyes of many. In the last 10 years we have seen deaths suicides and more riots inside detention. We still see NGOs and journalists who analyse migration issues being threatened for doing their job.

Because many of us still cannot differentiate between the terrorists that caused bloodshed in the streets of Paris last week and the asylum seekers fleeing the terror in their country. Ten years on none of us should turn a blind eye to the horrible actions portrayed in the picture above. Comodini Cachia calls for better coordination of actions by Member States against human smuggling During a debate on the recent human smuggling incidents in the Mediterranean held during a Plenary Session at the European Parliament in Strasbourg MEP for Malta Therese Comodini Cachia said: Human smuggling attacks the dignity of those who fall victim to it and threatens Member States.

We have a duty to stand up against this illicit and immoral business. Comodini Cachia said that the EU had so far steered a strategy for the Mediterranean which involved border management. However this strategy did not reduce the number of smuggling incidents enough; hence proving to be insufficient. Comodini Cachia said that sporadic action is ineffective and called for a better coordination amongst Member States.

This will require a mechanism that brings together representatives from the policy law enforcement intelligence and diplomatic areas ensuring a common approach to address the problem. In his conclusive statement Commissioner for Migration Dimitris Avramopoulos supported these views and said: If decisive and coordinated EU action is not taken the flow [of migrants] will continue. The European Commission is determined to take action. Avrampoulos joined Comodini Cachia in calling for more coordination and solidarity from EU member states.

He also stressed the need for more cooperation with Turkey and African countries and urged Member States to step up their efforts to enforce EU asylum rules and resettle refugees. During this debate MEPs also discussed the new routes used by smugglers the role of the EU border agency Frontex legal channels of migration to the EU and a comprehensive approach to migration. Spanish police say they have arrested two Cameroonian migrants on suspicion of killing up to 10 other migrants by pushing them from a boat into stormy waters in a fight over a prayer session.

The two were arrested after several of the 29 survivors of the African migrant boat crossing to Spain from Morocco told how a fight broke out when a Nigerian religious minister began praying that the boat would not sink police said. The Cameroonians blamed the worsening weather on the pastor police said. The pastor and other Nigerians praying were among those allegedly pushed over board. Police say there were some 50 people on the boat but that around 10 other migrants also died when they fell into the sea on December 3.

President MarieLouise Coleiro Preca focused on poverty migration and international terrorism when she greeted ambassadors accredited to Malta for the exchange of New Year Greetings today. She said the economic situation continued to show signs of cautious recovery last year. A solution must be sought urgently to this social scourge that is affecting the wellbeing of one in four Europeans and 1.

Turning to terrorism she regretted that during bloodshed continued to spill in Libya Syria and Iraq with conflicts in the latter two giving rise to the emergence of the Islamic State. One consequence had been the increase in the number of migrants. In her address the President condemned violence "from Gaza to Syria; from Iran to Afghanistan; from Pakistan to Libya; from Ukraine to Nigeria and now in Paris horrific scenes pools of blood human slaughter that terrify and sadden all those who believe in human dignity. She looked forward tot he Commonwealth heads of government meeting in Malta this year hoping this event will lead to a roadmap that will kick start the shaping up of the Commonwealth of tomorrow hat have an effective voice and be a useful catalyst to influence change.

Referring to the terrorism in Paris President Coleiro Preca said this was an attack on freedom and on democracy. Records revealed by Home Affairs Minister Carmelo Abela show that a whopping asylum seekers managed to escape from the Safi and Lyster Barracks detention centres between and Abela was responding to a series of parliamentary questions by Labour backbencher Anthony Agius Decelis pertaining to detention centres between and the final full year under a Nationalist administration.

The tabled papers show that irregular immigrant escapes were recorded in that same time period the largest getaway being on 4 May when 43 immigrants all made a dash for freedom. Interestingly a significant plummet in immigrant escapees was recorded in the numbers dropping to 12 when compared to the escapees in The escape numbers remained relatively low in and Abela said that no records could be found regarding how many escapees were eventually caught and returned to their detention centres.

However the records definitely indicate that the vast majority of irregular immigrants who attempted to flee their detention centres succeeded in doing so. Indeed only 46 asylumseekers were foiled in their freedom attempts between and with none at all recorded in and In response to another parliamentary question Abela revealed records showing that disciplinary steps were taken against 44 detention service officers between and most commonly for absenteeism leaving the workplace and insubordination. However no information on disciplinary steps taken against officers involved in violence against asylum seekers was tabled.

This the home affairs minister told parliament was because no records were ever kept over cases of alleged violence against irregular migrants by detention services officers. Moreover no records were ever kept of any disciplinary action that may have been taken against such officers in the past. This means that no recorded information of allegations made against detention service officers investigations that may have been carried out and the outcome of said investigations.

The report carried out by retired judge Geoffrey Valenzia painted a grim picture of the conditions in detention centres and shed a particularly bad light on the track record of detention service officers. The inquiry revealed that Kamara had successfully escaped his detention centre only to be recaptured by detention service officers who proceeded to handcuff him dump him inside a steel cage at the back of a detention centre van and brutally beat him to death.

According to forensic expert Mario Scerri Kamara died from a heart attack as a result of blunt trauma. According to the former head of the detention services the soldiers that were deployed at the detention centres were the worst of the worst…soldiers refused by the army. Lieutenant Colonel Brian Gatt shockingly admitted that such soldiers included an officer who had usury problems and another who had been charged with shooting at a yacht during training.

I had a sergeant in Hal Far who used to prey on migrant women entering their rooms during the night and taking a woman back to his office with him Gatt told Valenzia. Even condoms were found in the room. The inquiry found that there was a kind of inappropriate relationship going on between some members of staff and migrant women being detained. It could have been consensual but given the context you question this consent…how real it is… because they are detained and there is a soldierdetainee relationship which renders the relationship inappropriate.

Even this particular sergeant was never suspended but simply transferred to another section. It also revealed that the detention services were severely understaffed especially with regard to female officers stationed with migrant women. At the time there was only one female detention service officer. This meant that male officers would walk straight into female migrants taking a shower for the head count and accompany pregnant migrants to hospital at times and sometimes even stay with them while they were being examined by the doctor.

It is one of the most constructive and thorough reports to date joining so many other reports in unequivocally condemning a policy that seeks to deprive migrants of their very humanity by locking them away out of sight out of scrutiny and out of human rights protection the eight NGOs said in a joint statement. Yet we are not shocked at any of the statements or findings in the Valenzia report.

We are not shocked to read of sexual relations between a small number of Detention Services personnel and detained women. We are not shocked because we have been witnessing such incidents for several years. The MOAS migrant rescue mission is still millions of euros short of being able to set sail again but major benefactors could help get the show on the road by May.

Founder Chris Catrambone told Times of Malta that a number of possibilities were being considered. In the mission was completely funded by Mr Catrambone and his wife Regina. We have shown that operations like this can be done and can be done with a certain level of success. Although wary of commenting further as he did not want to scare potential donors away Mr Catrambone said one possibility being explored would be partnering up with other major humanitarian entities.

In fact Mr Catrambone said he had aspirations for the mission to branch out and see more newer boats carrying out wider operations. We need to give people dignity when they reach our backyard. The Migrant Offshore Aid Station operated for the first time last summer using a 40metre ship equipped with two camcopters and a professional crew including rescuers seafarers paramedics and humanitarians. Our focus is on saving lives and on giving survivors the dignity they deserve. We provide even the most basic forms of aid like blankets and baby formulas to the survivors of these terrible wrecks Christopher Catrambone said.

One boy an elevenyearold was sent to face the journey alone because his parents could only pay a oneperson passage.

Among several difficult rescue operations Catrambone said on one occasion there had been people — crew excluded — on board the Phoenix. She called for a successful holistic approach to migration where any approach must start with saving lives. Inaction risks further tragedies in our seas.

EU States cannot shirk their responsibility just because they are not geographically in the Mediterranean she said. Zammit Dimech recently appointed spokesperson on migration reiterated the call for a European solution: Too many people have lost their lives crossing the Mediterranean. This is a European issue that requires a European solution. As a privatelyrun mission MOAS needs to raise funds to continue its operation. Although it is currently not in operation the team is working hard to raise funds.

Our focus is on raising funds and finding the necessary partners to be able to ensure sustainable operation this year. Men had residence documents issued by Italian authorities and availed themselves of their right to free movement A police raid early this morning at 6: 30am led to the arrest of eight irregular migrants who were living out in the open in Hal Far using the huge asbestos pipes that have been for years out in the nearby fields as their shelter.

Police said that the men had official documents issued by the Italian authorities and had travelled to Malta via catamaran from Sicily. Because they were living close to the Hal Far open centre it is understood that the migrants living at the centre may have also provided them with food. Five men were of Ghanian nationality and two others were Togo nationals. Another man was a Spanish national. Their documents were verified by the police. They are currently in police custody. The recent announcement that this year the Maltese government will be launching a national policy on the integration of migrants is very welcome.

The commemoration aims at increasing awareness of the phenomenon of migration as contemporary movements represent the largest movement of individuals if not of peoples in history. Indeed in our time one person in seven is an international million or internal migrant million. Not all of them escape lifethreatening conditions but many of them do.

Having faced ever new and challenging situations during its millennial history the Church knows that migration poses fresh challenges not only on account of its magnitude but also for the various social economic political cultural and religious problems it gives rise to. This role includes the duty to make efforts to ensure that the dignity and the centrality of the human person is protected to actively promote more creative and concrete forms of solidarity acceptance and protection and to encourage effective dialogue between peoples.

With this in mind the Church continues to strive to understand the causes of migration to work towards overcoming its negative effects and to maximise its positive influence on the communities of origin transit and destination. As the surge in the number of recent conflicts has produced new waves of asylum seekers and displaced people there is an increasingly urgent need to intensify the efforts to promote a gradual reduction in the root causes of migration that cause entire peoples to abandon their homelands. States and their people cannot risk becoming indifferent to human tragedy Forced migration due to persecution conflicts terrorism and other tragedies takes the form of fleeing for salvation often involving dangerous or lifethreatening journeys which may nonetheless offer the only option for reaching a country where protection and the possibility of a dignified life can be found.

The Church is therefore appealing to States to respond effectively to the recognition of the need for protection to restore human dignity to those who need it and to treat the causes of forced mobility by cooperating in a spirit of international solidarity.

In the social doctrine of the Church the theme of human dignity derives from the recognition that all human beings are created in the image and likeness of God. Religious ethnic social or cultural variables citizenship or lack of it do not change this fact that gives any individual an inherent and immeasurable worth and dignity to the point that each human life is considered sacred. Emigration when it is a response to the need of survival from extreme poverty and hunger from threats to life from generalised violence and similar conditions cannot be prevented.

States and their people therefore cannot risk becoming used to or indifferent to such human tragedy. The principle of human dignity implies that the vital needs of the person have to be assured. Pope Francis said that migrants and refugees are not pawns on the chessboard of humanity.

They are children women and men who leave or who are forced to leave their homes for various reasons who share a legitimate desire for knowing and having but above all for being more. In this context the recent announcement that this year the Maltese government will be launching a national policy on the integration of migrants is very welcome.

Such a policy should prove to be another important step in the solidarity response our small nation has endeavoured to design build and sustain over the past years to provide international protection to those who need it and reach our shores. Another 20 reported dead and thrown at sea during crossing. The migrant was among a group of eight who were transferred to Mater Dei Hospital. Three of the migrants were in critical condition. A spokesperson for the health ministry has also confirmed that ebola tests carried on three migrants at Mater Dei Hospital came back negative. The third result was confirmed late in the evening.

A dinghy carrying 87 subSaharan migrants arrived at Haywharf this morning at around 10am after it was intercepted by the Armed Forces of Malta off the coast of Malta. The migrants who are claiming to be from Burkina Faso Mali the Ivory Coast and Guinea are all male and are believed to have departed from Libya before being intercepted off the east coast of Malta.

According to information relayed by the migrants the dinghy had originally been carrying around people on board but 20 are feared dead. In a tweet Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that the dead are said to have been thrown at sea during the crossing. Addressing a press briefing this afternoon at Mater Dei Hospital Charles Mallia Azzopardi who heads the Ebola Response Unit explained that even though the risk of Ebola is extremely low all precautionary measures were taken.

Azzopardi explained that 84 migrants have been quarantined at Hal Far detention centre to be treated for Ebola. An additional three migrants have been hospitalised where they were certified to be suffering in critical condition due to severe dehydration. They were also tested for Ebola.

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Mallia Azzopardi explained that Ebola screening was carried out after one of the migrants declared that he is from Guinea. In addition he explained that authorities could ignore claims by the migrants that 20 others had perished. The migrants who arrived this morning at around 10am after spending an unspecified amount of days crossing the Mediterranean Sea appeared weak as they disembarked off the AFM vessel.

Despite arriving at Haywharf at around 10am safety precuatons meant that the disembarkation had to wait until 30pm. For the first time since the deadly Ebola outbreak across West and Central Africa the migrants were screened by health authorities. AFM personnel wore full Ebola protective suits while a decontamination tent was also set up. A spokeswoman for the home affairs ministry underlined that these were only precautionary measures and that there was no cause for alarm. Members of the media are also being kept away from the ordinary safety distance as a precaution. Migrants were provided with blankets and water while on board the AFM vessel.

An AFM vessel has towed the migrants' dinghy to shore while additional vessels have been deployed in search for any bodies in the area. AFM personnel remained in constant contact with the Italian military and the health authorities on safe distance procedure. The AFM had been monitoring the situation for the past hours and after ongoing communication with their Italian counterparts it was decided that due to their safety the migrants should be brought to Malta.

A migrant has died at Mater Dei Hospital hours after being rescued this morning. The man was in a group of 87 migrants picked up from a drifting dinghy some miles off Mellieha. Three were found to be in critical condition having swallowed sea water after suffering dehydration. They were rushed to hospital where one of them passed away. Another five migrants were also taken to hospital for urgent medical care.

The migrants all men said their group had originally consisted of people but 20 perished during the voyage. No bodies were found on the boat or at sea. They said they started their trip from Libya and had been at sea for days. After rescue by a patrol boat the migrants were taken to Haywharf the AFM maritime base where they were received by AFM personnel in biohazard suits because of the risk of Ebola.

Disembarkation started about three hours after the patrol boat arrived with officials having awaited the arrival from Mater Dei Hospital of a decontamination tent which was set up purely as a precaution. A Health Ministry spokeswoman insisted that there was no cause for alarm. The migrants have now been moved to Safi Detention Centre where they are being held in quarantine monitored by the AFM and public health authorities. Those in hospital were immediately tested for Ebola. The tests were negative. Ebola has a threeweek incubation period and the risk that the migrants carry the disease is low especially considering that the migrants spent time in Libya before heading over to Malta the spokeswoman said.

The rescue was the first in several months and came at a time when the number of migrants in detention had slipped to a low of just At one time there were over Concern on petrol prices increases by 10 points Despite a lull in migrant arrivals before last Thursday concern on immigration has risen by four points since November. Despite decreasing numbers immigration has overtaken traffic which was the top concern in the November survey.

Respondents were asked to mention the two main problems facing the country. The biggest percentage point increase over November was registered by respondents mentioning petrol prices as a major concern. Concern on petrol prices is just two points lower than that on the cost of living. Despite the absence of any boat arrivals in the past months concern on migration has gone up by eight points since March The survey shows that concern on traffic has gone down from the record levels registered in November but remains substantially higher than in March.

This suggests that most Maltese do not consider unemployment much of a problem reflecting statistics showing an increase in employment figures. Concern on the environment mostly on development issues has remained stable at five points slightly higher than in November but three points lower than in March Labour voters are more likely to be concerned about traffic and immigration but are less likely as PN voters to be concerned with petrol prices.

Immigration tops the concern list of both PN and PL voters. Concern on traffic is also six points higher among PL voters. One reason for this could be that PL voters are less likely to mention problems which can be blamed on the government of the day. Problems like roads traffic and to a certain extent migration are not directly attributable to the present government. But the percentage rises to 18 points among PN voters.

This suggests that PN voters are more susceptible to PN propaganda on this issue.

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Respondents with a post secondary level of education those who continued studies after secondary level but did not go to university are the most likely to be concerned by rising petrol prices. Disgruntlement among this category may be bad news for the government. For it was within this category that a major shift towards the PL occurred before the general election. Methodology respondents were contacted by telephone between Wednesday 7 and Tuesday 13 January. Ero come pazzo dalla gioia e non facevo che nuotare, come se mi pagassero un tanto a calcio. Paolo invece era troppo nervoso per essere un buon nuotatore.

Come Paolo mamma e le femmine di casa nostra non erano acquatiche, nel senso natatorio erano ferri da stiro, come diceva mio padre cascano in acqua e blum, affondano. Cuore era stata a scuola a Santa Rufina, un istituto di quelle Dame, ora soppresso, e che stava in via della Lungaretta, nei pressi di S. Quando si andava a trovarla, ogni mese, mio padre non aveva mai potuto resistere per tutto il tempo della visita.

A un certo punto si faceva rosso in viso, si alzava di scatto e se ne andava quasi senza salutare la figlia. Tutti eravamo commossi ma mio padre era irriconoscibile e non so come abbia resistito a non dare in escandescenze. Per noi, per i suoi figli aveva del resto un affetto profondo, esclusivo, geloso. Che cosa fare? Il Papa aveva proprio preso la direzione verso di noi e noi andiamo quasi a sbattere contro i suoi piedi, confusi, esterrefatti e trafelati.

Mio padre pronto risolse con grande spirito la situazione. Fuggire non ce lo facemmo dire due volte. Non credo che abbiamo mai corso tanto in vita nostra. E Leone non era facile alle lodi e poi era di assai difficile contentatura riguardo alle persone che lo attorniavano. Agnese dicono che sia stata una vera bellezza: capelli biondi occhi neri.

La vestivano come figlia prima molto bene e mio padre appena fu possibile la portava a passeggio al Gianicolo, al Pincio o in altri giardini di Roma. Ne era fierissimo e gradiva assai i commenti entusiastici di altre persone, balie, bambinaie e madri. Elvira allora non curando il divieto della clausura mise fine allo sconcio. Sensazione tra quegli uomini che sentivano non una monaca ma una che parlava proprio la loro lingua e molto a proposito.

Io passando per via della Panetteria per caso intesi questo discorso tra madre e figlia, due popolane:. Io incuriosito lo chiesi a mia sorella e allora ella fu costretta a raccontarmi il fatto. Il fatto era questo. La volle assaggiare e la dovette sputare: era immangiabile e non sapeva che di acqua sporca. Corre dalla cuciniera e fa la domanda:. Andava lui, ci portava qualche volta a trovare i parenti ricchi, stava un dieci minuti festeggiatissimo e festeggiante assai ma poi di colpo se ne andava quasi senza salutare e se ne riparlava poi dopo parecchi mesi.

Dissero a mio padre che si pensava di mandare tre o quattro ragazzetti a villa Mondragone , il celebre collegio dei Gesuiti presso Frascati, e fecero intendere a mio padre che se avesse voluto mandare il suo io insieme con gli altri, per le spese si sarebbero messi insieme tutti per dare una spinta, un aiuto. Non sta a me giudicare, non posso qui fare il processo ad altre persone che sono in parte morte, in parte sbandate abbastanza male per il mondo; ma certo la mia educazione non ha presentato e non presenta sostanziali deficienze di fronte a quella data ed ottenuta nei collegi anche migliori.

Anzi …. Proseguiamo con gli stralci dai Ricordi di Carlo Calcagni, il fratello di mia nonna materna, Agnese. E invece se come nascita, parentela, condizione mio padre era certamente al di sopra della media, assai superiore, come risorse finanziarie era veramente sprovvisto di tutto che non fosse lo strettissimo quasi troppo stretto necessario. Mio nonno, il conte Filippo Calcagni, ingegnere, era stato guardia Nobile di S. Il cavallo si diede alla fuga per la discesa. Beni di fortuna nulla, o pochini avuti dai parenti ricchi, pure pochini assai credo, e certa e sicura invece una condizione assai grama: quella disagiata e penosa dei parenti poveri.

Non lo so ma non lo dico. Sono vecchio e basta. Devo forse a questi esercizi il mio portamento piuttosto eretto, franco e spigliato. Un tempo avevo la faccia piuttosto regolare e fine, con espressione aperta e calma, un tipo piuttosto esotico sia nei tratti sia nella carnagione: un tipo tra inglese e americano. Tanto che spesso ero scambiato per uno straniero di quelle parti.

Del resto ero figlio di mio padre che tra tanti aforismi ne verranno tanti in seguito , uno ne aveva quasi di continuo ed era questo: bisogna mangiare, tanto per non cascare a faccia avanti. E ci aveva sempre predicato e fatto anche vedere che il corpo deve essere abituato a servirci in tutto e per tutto, non ad essere il padrone. Se hai fame mettiti un sassetto in bocca.

E lui si metteva allora di passo ginnastico a correre per spingere noi a seguitarlo e a non rimanere tanto indietro. A casa nostra non veniva mai nessuno; meno casi eccezionali veramente come una malattia, un bisogno urgente, noi eravamo sempre soli, sempre noi, esclusivamente noi. Credo che oltre un senso quasi di gelosia e di pudore sentimentale ci fosse anche il sentimento e la consapevolezza della nostra miseria. Di che poi? Neanche gli altri inquilini venivano mai da noi. Per comune consenso, patto tacito accettato da tutti, la casa del Conte era rispettata e guardata come sacra e inviolabile.

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Cosimato a S. Tutte le botteghe e i negozi erano chiusi quasi per lutto nazionale, anzi proprio per questo. Here the original Italian text of this post. The males with my father, the females with my mother. The departments lasted untouched until some space was made due to the departure of two males for military service. Thus my father could have a room on his own while my mother remained with her two daughters, Agnese and Maria. My mother stayed up very late at night since when everyone was asleep she only felt free to collect her thoughts in fervent, long and exhausting prayer.

Then she prayed quite a lot for all of us, for her husband already much suffering, for her daughter, the nun, for us sons, for the other spinster daughter and also primarily because while in prayer she could well wait until I came back home so that she could serenely rest. Turn off the light now. My mother at last heard a distant voice that was approaching and singing in the silence of the night. It was me who practiced in the nocturnal quiet in search of the best voice setting while phrasing some opera tune.

The calm was though only apparent since my father certainly did not sleep and my mother perhaps neither. After which he softly and in spurts repeated excerpts from letters I had received, from invitation cards or postcards from my future wife that he had read, since he, the father, had the right to know everything, to read everything, even to open a letter addressed to me.

I remember that at Christmas time Bice, my future how future wife — at that time only our, or rather my acquaintance — sent me the cutest postcard with the image of a little angel knocking at a closed door, under which she had written:. And in the night my father punctual and in the silence of my very late dinner, with a petite voice full of intention, began to say and to repeat many times:. He talked not much with me anymore because I was grown up, I had studied, deemed myself self-sufficient and especially because he felt like a reticence to show his interest to me.

I too felt a reserve and a sort of fear pauriccia towards my father; in substance I feared his caustic spirit and the power of his humour so much superior to mine. However my mother told me that my father by coming home every evening minutely inquired about me and my doings. What is he doing? Was he in a cheerful mood? Turandot, agreeing, nods. O forte! Turandot piega il capo, annuendo. For your wisdom, for your goodness, we give ourselves to you, happy in our humility!

My our love rise to you! Hold high, high, the banners! A te salga il nostro amor! A te, erede di Hien Wang, noi gridiam: Diecimila anni al grande Imperatore! Alte, alte le bandiere! The pavilion is the entrance to one of the wings of the Palace, which contains the rooms of Turandot.

It is night. From the remote distance come the voices of Heralds, who are going around the immense city, proclaiming the royal command. Resting on the steps is the Prince. In the great silence of the night, he listens to the cries, as if no longer in the real world. No one must sleep! No one must sleep You, too, o Princess, in your cold room look at the stars, that tremble with love and with hope! But my mystery is shut within me; no one will know my name! Nessun dorma! Nessun dorma No, I will say it on your mouth when the daylight shines!

And my kiss will break the silence that makes you mine! And, alas, we must die! Set, you stars! At dawn I will win! I will win! Slipping through the shrubbery come the three Ministers, leading a small crowd that, gradually, becomes more numerous. PING You who look at the stars, lower your eyes. PONG Our life is in your power! PANG Our life!

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PING Did you hear the proclamation? In the streets of Peking, at every door Death knocks and cries: his name!

PING Tu che guardi le stelle, abbassa gli occhi. PANG La nostra vita! PING Udisti il bando? Per le vie di Pekino, ad ogni porta batte la morte e grida: il nome! Is it love you seek? Well: take it! Look, they are beautiful in their shimmering veils! PING All ecstasy and promises of stupendous passions! At a sign, porters bring in baskets, coffers, sacks filled with gold and jewels. O sangue! Ebbene: prendi! Guarda, son belle fra lucenti veli! Tutti i tesori a te! PING They shatter the dark night PONG Blue fires! PANG Green splendours! PONG Pale hyacinths! PANG The red flames of the rubies!

PING They are tear-drops of the stars! Red flames! PING Take them! No riches! We will have you flee PING Rompon la notte nera PONG Fuochi azzurri! PANG Verdi splendori! PONG Pallidi giacinti! PANG Le vampe rosse dei rubini! Vampe rosse! PING Prendi! Nessuna ricchezza! Noi ti farem fuggir ALL Flee! Go, go far away! And we will all be saved! Dissolve this nightmare!

We are lost! It will be a horrible torture! The sharp irons! The spiky wheels! The hot grip of the pincers! Death, little by little! Noi siam perduti! I ferri aguzzi! La morte a sorso a sorso! Non farci morire! Your threats are in vain! If the world should collapse, I want Turandot! You will die before we do! A curse on you!

The name! PING They know the secret! Where did you catch them? Inutili minacce! Crollasse il mondo, voglio Turandot! Morrai prima di noi! Tu maledetto! PING Sono il vecchio e la giovane che iersera parlavano con te! PING Conoscono il segreto! Dove li avete colti? Turandot appears at the edge of the pavilion. All prostrate themselves on the ground, except Ping, who comes forward with extreme humility and speaks.

But we have instruments to wrench out those teeth. Come, speak, old man! I want him to speak! Turandot appare sul limite del padiglione. Tutti si prosternano a terra. PING Principessa divina! E abbiamo ferri per schiodar quei denti, e uncini abbiamo per strappar quel nome! Costor non mi conoscono! Su parla, vecchio! Il nome! My supreme pleasure is to keep it secret and to have it for myself alone! Until she speaks! Until she dies!

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You will pay for her torments! Sconterete i suoi tormenti! PING His name! A soldier twists her wrists. His name! PING Quel nome! Uno sgherro le stringe i polsi. Non mi fan male! No, nessun mi tocca. Il suo nome! I give you him, Princess, and I lose everything!

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Even my impossible hope! Bind me! Torture me! Give me torments and pain! Te gli do, Principessa, e perdo tutto! Tormenti e spasimi date a me!

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Curse you! PING Put her to the torture! Yes, the executioner! Let me by! You, who are enclosed in ice, conquered by such flame, you will love him, too! Before the dawn, I will wearily close my eyes, so he can win again PING Sia messa alla tortura! Ho paura di me! Lasciatemi passare! Suddenly she seizes a dagger from a soldier and stabs herself to death. She casts her dazed eyes around, looks at the Prince, who is still held by the Guards. She stumbles over to him and falls headlong at his feet, dead.

A great silence falls, filled with terror. The Prince is freed. Then old Timur, as if out of his mind, rises. He goes over to the little dead body, kneels down and speaks. Open your eyes, my dove! Everyone feels pity and remorse. Ping notices it, and goes roughly towards the old man to drive him away. But as he nears Timur, his natural cruelty is overcome, and the usual hardness of his voice is softened. Prende di sorpresa un pugnale a un soldato e si trafigge a morte. Gira intorno gli occhi perduti, guarda il Principe ancora trattenuto dalle Guardie.

Barcolla presso di lui e gli stramazza ai piedi, morta. Si fa un grande silenzio, pieno di terrore. Allora il vecchio Timur, come impazzito, si alza. Si accosta alla piccola morta, si inginocchia, e parla. Apri gli occhi, colomba! Sul volto di Turandot passa una espressione di tormento. Se ne avvede Ping, che va rudemente verso il vecchio per allontanarlo. PING Get up, old man! We will all pay for it! The offended spirit will take revenge! Then a superstitious terror seizes the crowd: the fear that the dead girl will become an evil spirit, because she was the victim of injustice, and that she will change, as the popular belief has it, into a vampire.

Scornful shade, forgive us! With religious pity, the little body is raised up amidst the profound respect of the crowd. And I will follow you to rest near you in the night that has no morning. PING Alzati, vecchio! Ombra sdegnosa, perdona! Il vecchio si avvicina, stringe teneramente una mano della morta e cammina vicino a lei. PING Ah! PONG That old machine my heart, has wakened inside me and is tormenting me!

PANG That dead child weighs on my heart like a stone! Sweetness, sleep! Poetic spirit! All have left. Only the Prince and Turandot remain. Princess of ice! Come down to earth from your tragic heaven! Raise that veil He rushes to her and tears away her veil. I am not human PANG Quella fanciulla spenta pesa sopra il mio cuor come un macigno! Tutti sono usciti. Rimangono soli il Principe e Turandot. Principessa di gelo!

Solleva quel velo Si precipita su di lei, strappandole il velo. Cosa umana non sono I am the daughter of heaven You clasp my cold veil, but my spirit is there, aloft! But your body is near. My trembling mouth will be pressed on yours To feel you alive! Do not profane me! Ah, no! Son la figlia del cielo Sentirti viva! And as he speaks, the Unknown Prince, filled with the sense of his right and with his passion, seizes Turandot in his arms and kisses her in a frenzy. Carried away, Turandot has no more resistance, no more strength, no more will power.

This unbelievable contact has transfigured her. In a pleading, almost childish voice, she now murmurs: What has become of me? Oh, my morning flower! My flower, I breathe you in! Your lily breasts, ah! Already I feel you faint with sweetness, all white in your silver cloak! E in cosi dire il Principe ignoto, forte della coscienza del suo diritto e della passione, rovescia nelle sue braccia Turandot, e freneticamente la bacia.

Mio fiore, ti respiro! I seni tuoi di giglio, ah! Light and Life! Princess, all is pure! All is holy! What sweetness in your weeping! The dawn! And Love is born with the sun! My glory is ended! It has begun! Your glory is radiant in the magic of a first kiss, of your first tears. Turandot tramonta! Luce e vita! Che dolcezza nel tuo pianto! E amore nasce col sole! Essa incomincia! My first tears, yes, stranger, when you arrived, with anguish I felt the fatal shudder of this great illness.

And I scorned them; but you, I feared! In your eyes there was the light of heroes! In your eyes there was haughty certainty And for that I hated you And I loved you for that, tormented and torn between two equal fears: to defeat you or be defeated And I am defeated Defeated, not so much by the trial as by his fever that comes to me from you! Now you know. Quanti ho visto morire per me! E li ho spregiati; ma ho temuto te! E ti ho odiato per quella E vinta son Ora lo sai.

I no longer have one! You are mine! You who tremble if I touch you! You who pale when I kiss you, can destroy me if you will. My name and my life I give you together. I am Calaf, son of Timur! The trumpets blare! Sei mia! Tu che tremi se ti sfioro! Tu che sbianchi se ti bacio, puoi perdermi se vuoi. Il mio nome e la vita insiem ti dono. Io son Calaf, figlio di Timur!

Squillan le trombe! Calaf, davanti al popolo con me! Scene Two Outside the Imperial Palace It is all white, of carved marble, over which the rosy reflections of dawn play like blooming flowers.

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