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Others not so great. Honestly, quite generic sounding. Overall, an entertaining album. The veteran noise unit takes on themes of loneliness and isolation with their harsh, disquieting soundscapes.

Unimagined Paradise - Review of Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve, Kedewatan, Indonesia - TripAdvisor

Brutality in Stone by Axebreaker. The latest from Terence Hannum's anti-fascist power electronics project uses claustrophobic noise to evocative, visceral ends. Split cassette featuring Drowse's discomforting experimental drone-pop and Planning for Burial's dark, heavy, all-suffusing sound. Dronolith by Blackwolfgoat. Explore music. This Is Darkness. Read the full review at This Is Darkness: www. Venkar Amon. The Silences. Colin Brook. Andrew Grant. Leo Jyrki Junttila. David Beiszer.

Unimagined Drop New Single “Something Borrowed, Something Blue”

Dave Barker. K Wright. Marc Benner. Eaten by stars.


Joseph B Brunk. Paul Kinasevych.

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We all know that climate change means there will continue to be an escalation in extreme weather events, and in the severity and frequency of natural hazards. Without effective climate change mitigation it is quite possible the changes we have already witnessed may simply keep escalating.

In his book Antifragile [1] , academic and philosopher Nassim Nicholas Taleb describes how there is worse to come than the worst we have seen, and that we need to be ready for the unexpected. Critically, and beneficially, an understanding of the impact of natural hazards on people is moving firmly into the realm of public health, as climate change impacts every ecosystem and living thing on the planet. The concept of fire-fitness is something we can all aspire to, and attain.

It means we can be better able to deal with natural hazards physically, psychologically and emotionally. It means our decision-making and response choices will be safer, encouraging others to become similarly engaged.

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