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Caleb remembers seeing drug deals and shootings at one apartment complex where they lived. But, while she was unable to give her kids the material items every parent would love to provide, she taught them things that were much more valuable. The importance of work ethic.

The value of sacrifice.

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The usefulness of integrity and humility. The edge provided by perseverance and competitiveness. She gave them unending love and affection. She was a true and positive role model. It was hard, but she made a lot of sacrifices like not eating certain nights and passing up job opportunities because she had no help at home and had to be there for us. Jenny is Caleb and Cody's hero.

She is the reason they are where they are today — on full-ride basketball scholarships with the Nevada Wolf Pack after spending two seasons at North Carolina State. Caleb and Cody Martin are two of the most talented players to come to Nevada. They are two big reasons why the Wolf Pack has been picked to win the Mountain West and is receiving Top 25 votes.

With them leading the team, expectations for this season, which begins Nov.

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While their futures will be forged in Reno, their story starts across the country with humble beginnings and a loving mother. Outside their trailer in Cooleemee, the Martin brothers set up an old beat-up hoop they found and placed a mini trampoline next to it. The goal was to get to the trampoline so you could jump off the springs and dunk the ball. That was one of many games the Martin boys invented. There also was Stick War — dodgeball except you throw sticks at each other — and no-holds-barred races through the North Carolina woods in which you could kick, push, trip and throw things at each other.

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Those games toughened them. But, no game held the allure of basketball. During their first year of high school, they were oblivious about where basketball could take them. Playing on the national stage during their senior season, the Martins were key members on a team that finished fourth in the nation in the final MaxPreps. The Martins' stock also exploded — both were ranked among the top prospects in the nation — and they signed to play for the home-state school, NC State. In a six-year span, the Martins went from playing Slamball — the football-basketball hybrid they invented — to full-ride college scholarships at a high-level college.

They also developed their own basketball styles, Caleb being a score-first sniper who loved to shoot threes and Cody an unselfish jack-of-all-trades. But, one trait they share is an unbridled competitiveness they got from their mom that has pushed them toward a common goal: repaying her.

Support the journalism that matters to our community. Subscribe to the Reno Gazette Journal here. Caleb has pierced ears. Cody has a little birthmark under his eye. Caleb has a narrow face. Everybody gets it wrong anyway. Both sprouted into , pound guards with identical beards and haircuts. Even their numbers are always one apart. At Oak Hill, they were Nos. At NC State, they were Nos. At Nevada, they are Nos. They fight a lot and they really get on each other, but they love each other unconditionally.

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Twins are usually close. The Martin brothers are bonded even tighter, their tough childhood gluing them together. Bennett used to dress them nearly the same when they were younger, a move they eventually rebelled against. But even now, if one brother shaves his beard the other follows. If one cuts his hair, the other follows. It will feel really weird. Cody, the elder brother by 1 minute, is the more protective of the two.

Two brothers are in a legal dispute over the estate of their late mother, reports the Derby Telegraph. Agnes Bird had married into the Bird family, which owns the Birds Bakery chain, and left behind a substantial estate when she died in She was estranged from one of her sons, Rupert, but nonetheless provided regular financial support to him and his family. He claims that as his mother had taken on the responsibility for financially supporting his family during her lifetime, he had become dependent on her and therefore his mother should have been obliged to leave him a fair share of her estate.

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