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This is roadschooling at its best! On our recent visit to Flinders Ranges National Park , we went on several tours with local indigenous guides. Because of the immediacy and relevance, they were more open to questioning, listening, understanding and thinking about how it was relevant to their lives. I have a gazillion examples of how travel has empowered my children in so many different ways and how easy roadschooling, or unschooling can be. There are a ton of homeschool resources online to help you find the right homeschool curriculum. You can buy curriculum in a box, or gather resources and do it yourself.

A quick trip to a hands-on science museum somewhere will sort that out. I can always make some of their reading lessons involve texts that talk about these concepts. Kalyra did one today learning about grasslands, forests, and deserts. Stuff she already knows from visiting the Outback , spending time in the Daintree Discovery Rainforest and the Australian savannah.

Kalyra and Savannah watch dancing shows and teach themselves how to dance. Kalyra has perfected cartwheels and backflips by practicing one after the other — completely self-taught. My Mum bought Kalyra a lovely drawing art book for Christmas — that will be coming with us and will be part of our lessons — sketching our different experiences. Once we get to the US, I intend to purchase one of these art kits for them each. We may buy a guitar or something for them if they are interested in that. Savannah has expressed an interest before in busking on the street to earn money so the guitar just may help her entrepreneurial spirit.

The girls are already helping us to plan the Hawaii leg of our journey. We research online using Pinterest and Google to find exciting activities and experiences. I want to incorporate real life activities where they take control of budgeting and spending money. Kalyra was excited recently to buy a doughnut with her friend, to which I explained was to come out of her own money. She saw the price of it, quickly changed her mind realizing it was a poor value spend. I nearly did a cartwheel.

If only she transferred that thinking when it was time for me to buy her doughnuts!! Kalyra really wants to stay tat the Disney Resort in Hawaii. I requested that she research how much it would cost. She gasped when she saw the price, but went straight to justifying it with a long list of all the complimentary activities and facilities that came with the price. I want the girls to develop a greater awareness of money. So many problems in life are a result of not understanding how money works and our relationship with it. Schools do a terrible job of helping children understand this.

The greatest gift you can give your child is a love of reading and a high proficiency in it. I offer plenty of tips in my free Life Learning eBook on how to help children read.

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One thing I loved about teaching in the US is that I learned so many amazing strategies for teaching reading. It will be a daily activity in some form. Reading every day is core to our homeschooling. Both girls love reading. They choose what they read although I encourage them to have a healthy balance of fiction and non-fiction. The GREAT thing about having a love for reading and a consistent habit of it is that it naturally improves your spelling and writing. Journal writing will be a critical part of our school work.

Expressing yourself without any rules is of utmost priority. I hated this. It killed so many good writers and idea sharers. I just want kids to write. I love writing, but I hate teaching it. Maths how we say it in Australia is of the biggest concern for me for our homeschooling while traveling. The ability to solve a problem, to think in different ways, and to quickly compute in your head are so so essential to thrive in life.

At the moment I am doing a lot of work with Kalyra on mental maths strategies. This will definitely be the core focus of our maths work. Once you master this, the other concepts built upon them can be learned so much easier. YouTube is brilliant for interest-based learning. Kalyra was watching instructional videos recently from our friend Chrissy from Hair Romance on how to make certain hairstyles for her favorite American Girl Doll. Last night she experimented with a hack for keeping water cold all day long in your bottle!

I quickly stopped and let her just read the books and love them. Her original thought was Orlando, but after her research, she decided the studio tour in London would be better as you actually get to see the studios and how they made the movies. She has no idea how much she is actually learning by doing all of this.

You have no idea how many cartwheels I wanted to do over this. Literacy based learning will mostly take this form for us as we travel.

They are set to private for now. I want the girls to pursue this path. Purely because they have such a great talent and love for it. They help us create our own travel videos, but the stuff they do together when they play and make videos for fun is incredible. They learn so much from it as well. I help them to create titles and descriptions for each video.

Kalyra has such a talent for drama. She reminds me of Natalie Tran. I can definitely see a future in drama or film production for her. But, put her in front of a live audience and she completely clams up. I can see how they have applied what they have observed in their own filming. I want both of them to just create because they love it. My challenge is to help them be comfortable expressing who they are without fear of being ridiculed or judged. I do not want them to allow others to turn off their light. Small steps. Haters are just signposts to help us stay true to ourselves and develop faith in who we are and what we offer.

We never let haters stop us from shining our light and sharing our message. We use their hates as an opportunity to practice gratitude and express kindness. Savannah has a passion for cooking with me — rarely a passion for eating what we cook together. Kalyra has started to take on baking responsibilities and teach her sister. I can take care of teaching them the cooking myself, but I thought to make it a more engaging and fun learning experience to purchase the Kids Cook Real Food course.

We love it! Savannah loves watching the videos to learn about knife skills and spreading butter, and then she has her turn to practice. There are a lot of free homeschooling resources online as well as paid. Free often means a lot more work on my behalf. Reading Eggs is by far the most brilliant program for teaching kids to read. We used it in schools when I was a teacher, and I have purchased the learn to read kit for Savannah, and the online membership for Kalyra. Reading Eggs helps me cover skill based learning. Savannah has reading books and workbooks that align with each lesson.

There are also bonus worksheets I can print off for further practice and flashcards for us to play games with. There were a lot of cartwheels and cheers happening them. The program comes with stickers and tracking charts to help kids see their progress and test how they are mastering concepts.

Resources for Traveling Homeschoolers

They can earn eggs within the program, which they can spend in the store on clothes and accessories for their avatar and furniture for their rooms etc. Kalyra has lessons on grammar, spelling, vocabulary, comprehension and applying specific reading skills. Both girls do this for about 30 minutes x 4 days a week. Reading Eggs is the core program I use for Savannah in regards to reading and maths, with a few of the resources from TestingMom listed below.

You can get a free 2-week trial here. Testing Mom is my next go-to resource for homeschooling. The membership is fantastic value and worth it if you are homeschooling, roadschooling, or even if you want your children to have extra practice at home. Testing Mom is designed by parents to help other parents and their kids aged Pre-K through the 8th grade develop a lifelong love of learning.

The site features fun skill-building games, challenging learning activities, and test prep materials for all 50 states making it very beneficial for schools where standardized testing blah is a huge part of the education system. TestingMom gives you access to hundreds of standardized testing for practice Australia and the US and resources for those gifted learners.

And I will continue to use it as a resource when the girls return to school, especially if testing is involved! I mostly use Testing Mom for the access to the many online sites, lessons, videos, books, and games that you get access to as part of the membership. I use it for both Savannah and Kalyra and some of the core programs we use are:. You can start with free practice questions on TestingMom. Kahn Academy is free and has fantastic instructional videos and practice questions for maths, science, arts and humanities. We use it mostly for breaking down difficult concepts in Math.

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You can pick up skill based books and homeschool resources from bookstores or Amazon. They are relevant, emphasize what they have learned and done on tour, helps them learn new vocabulary and apply the learning in a new way. They love them! A set of coloured pencils, markers, lead pencils and gel pens. Do not forget the cover!!! We use these for the girls to film their videos, play games, watch movies and research — either school based learning or fun.

Our Principles

I have no problem with the girls watching movies or playing games on the tablet, especially on long road trips or flights. They have more than enough time pursuing other interests outside of the devices. We keep the balance in check. Kalyra expressed her unhappiness at having to do school work the other day and how unfair it was because everyone was on school holidays.

She got the picture and is happy to do some work each day. There are too many interruptions and too many children in the classroom. You can achieve waaaaaaay more when you work one-on-one with a child for an hour a day than you will in an entire week at school. They pick up concepts and skills so very quickly as there are no distractions and you can speak in a learning language they understand. We tend to do our school work first thing in the morning when their and my energy and focus is best.

I usually have one sitting with me to do any bookwork or focused learning, while the other is on the computer doing independent work. Then we swap, or alternate, each day. We tend to do book work one day pages for Math and English , one day on the computer with reading eggs, specialized instruction, and games.

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We can change the times around. It takes time to get into the homeschool routine. See if you can establish it before you set off on your travels. I just have a lot of homeschooling resources to make it much easier for the girls and me. Roadschooling allows us to connect to and learn from the present moment. It offers more space for living a life that matters.

Cull cull cull. Give more time for children to play, explore, investigate, discover, engage and interact. This could definitely change as we travel. Are there any particular topics you would like us to write about? Please let us know in the comments. I have a new free ebook, you can access, called Life Learning for Kids — 31 ways to empower your kids to grow, learn and prosper — in school and out.

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Click to grab your copy now! I am super passionate about empowering children to become the best version of themselves. These are based on what I have learned through my experiences as a mother, former teacher, global traveler, entrepreneur, and homeschooler.

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It will help any parent, traveling or not! Caroline Makepeace is the co-founder of yTravel Blog. She loves helping people unplug from the chaos, follow their bliss, travel more and create better memories. She has a free travel planning toolkit to help you do just that! Caz is the flighty Libran, bringing harmony to the family through crystals, meditation, and downward dogs and the odd glass of wine at 5pm.

It's all about the balance, right? Follow her on Instagram. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Look forward to hearing your thoughts, Paige. Great question Paige. I think I might write a post on it, so i can give more in-depth information.

I think the first tip is to not assume and to ask yourself why are you assuming that they will suffer long term effects? Society pressures? Conditioning, limited thought? Often times we tell ourselves these stories because we feel guilty or are fearful or we listen to much to others share their opinions.

These questions are good though because they allow us to go in and find out for ourselves what the right answers are. I first listen to myself and what my gut tells me is the best thing. Save time and stay on track with your school trip admin with our online orgnaniser - designed to help busy teachers like you. Your personalised checklist details what you need to do and by when, plus you'll receive fortnightly reminders too.


What's more, you can take all your trip documents on the go whilst on your tour with our app, My Tour Manager-On-the-Go. Find out more and watch out short My Tour Manager video here. We've created a range of free resources and educational posters to brighten up your classroom! Take a look at our downloadable posters here.

You can view samples here. So get in touch today and we'll help to create a bespoke, budget-friendly tour itinerary to meet your specific learning requirements. With our online school trip organiser, travel app, free classroom posters and trip launch resources to support your in-school promotion. We offer a free inspection visit to your chosen destination to support your risk assessment planning. Educational Events for Students. Maths LIVE! London Investigate the mathematics that makes the capital city of London work!

London Day Trips. London Day Trips Investigate the mathematics that makes the capital city of London work! Paris Paris provides the perfect setting to explore mathematics, from calculating how many glass panels have been used in the Louvre Pyramid, to dealing with currency conversion in a real-life setting.

Barcelona Visit the cultural city of Barcelona and discover the mathematics throughout the city! New York. New York Few destinations in the world could be more exciting than New York when exploring mathematics! View all maths trips. Our most popular maths school trip destinations New York In The Big Apple, students will experience the sights, sounds and cultures of one of the world's most famous cities, along with enjoying a unique learning opportunity. Request a quote. Planning your first school trip? Tailor-make your tour Completing your risk assessments including a sample risk assessment Quick reference timeline Pre-tour checklist.

Download our guide. FREE school trip promotion pack. Risk assessment support including preview visits. Risk assessment support including preview visits Risk assessment plays a vitally important part in the planning and organisation on any school tour. Planning first school trip.

Planning first school trip Organising your first school trip can appear to be a daunting process.

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Get live updates on your group's tour location. Your online school trip organiser - My Tour Manager. Your online school trip organiser - My Tour Manager Save time and stay on track with your school trip admin with our online orgnaniser - designed to help busy teachers like you.