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First time I returned back home I was absolutely filthy. My mother tried helping me but every time I kept coming back to Crackland.

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Mr da Silva said he felt he had something in common with the Prince, who famously smoked marijuana when he was 16 and was taken to an addiction centre by his father the Prince of Wales to see where drugs could lead. There are recovering addicts taking part in the programme, which started in January, and 60 former addicts are being helped into full-time jobs.

I said one of the biggest problems for people like me is that society doesn't offer jobs to people who use drugs. We can have our own money so we can plan our future.

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Crack is smoked openly on the streets in Crackland by addicts who stay high all day, wandering zombie-like in a restless knot of bodies or lying on filthy mattresses where they sleep rough. Brazil has more than a million crack users, one per cent of the adult population, and despite having the lowest drug prices in the world, people are often murdered for the price of a single fix.

Now there are only about addicts living on the street, we have reduced crack use by 70 per cent and robbery by 40 per cent. We have also arrested more than dealers. Table of Contents. Murphy and Marsha Rosenbaum.

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Morgan and Lynn Zimmer. Cheung and Patricia G.


Crack in Australia : why is there no problem? Drug prohibition in the U. Levine Murphy and Marsha Rosenbaum Morgan and Lynn Zimmer Erickson Mugford Cohen Nadelmann Also in This Series. More Like This. More Details.

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