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Those photos have now been turned into not one but two exhibitions. For example, in one photo the light seems to turn the concrete ICU building from grey to purple. I thought, there is a fabulous photo.

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Lerner is currently in private practice, but has an office about 10 blocks from Cedars-Sinai. He often swings by the complex in the morning or on his lunch break to take photos.

Glimpses of Revelstoke’s past

None of the images are edited or cropped. Instead, he worked with his longtime friend Darrel Couturier, the owner of Couturier Gallery, to whittle down his photographs to 30 color and 30 black-and-white prints. These are the photos now hanging on the walls of the two L. Lerner continues to fill the moments of his workday not devoted to his patients with photography. By continuing to use our website, you agree to our privacy and cookie policy.

The Steel, Glass, and Shadows of L.A.’s Cedar-Sinai

For decades, the horror genre has faced backlash for racial insensitivity and stereotyping black characters in its films. Only recently has there been an increase in black-led horror content featuring strong and socially aware black characters. The documentary focuses on black voices in horror and how the genre has evolved over time.

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With emerging black voices in the genre, film critics and experts have varying opinions on how far horror movies have come. In the past, black characters in horror films have been reduced to stereotypes and slasher bait. Radio-television-film freshman Malik Julien said the portrayal of black characters in horror films is a reflection of how society viewed them at the time. Due to the abundance of stereotypes and plot devices applied to characters in earlier black horror films, it is still uncommon for black audiences to see themselves prominently represented within the genre.