Geography and Tourism Marketing (Travel & Tourism Marketing Series)

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Gather some basic information and make some maps.

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The place profile can be structured to summarise formal quantitative data from governments, NGOs and business players in the tourism sector. Informal qualitative data can also be collected from blogs and travel websites where tourists often make candid comments about their tourism experiences. Examples include Travelfish and Tripadvisor. If people are moaning and say the resort has seen better days, this maybe an indication of decline.

Use wordle. Butler makes reference to advertising and marketing as a factor in tourism development. Looking at travel agents websites will provide you with evidence of how the place is being marketed and how widely. For example, are travel agents in countries overseas advertising the area you are researching? You can show your research on a suitable map. The way a tourism product is being marketed might provide you with evidence of the type of tourist they seek to attract. For example, is a resort seeking to boost visitor numbers by appealing to the mass market by competing mainly on price?

Marketing : Assess the marketing strategy to gauge the type of tourist see figure 3. Advertising : Use travel agents advertising as evidence of the distance that tourists travel to your study area.

Tourism Marketing

Your aim is to gather data to assess what stage your chosen tourism area has reached. You should use a range of fieldwork techniques and avoid relying on just doing a questionnaire. Whatever techniques you use, remember that this is not physical geography - you are dealing with people, not rocks. Tourism Questionnaire Using inspiration from the table below, it is possible to develop your own questionnaire or interviews to find out what types of tourist visit your fieldwork study area. Obviously, you won't ask tourists if they are "allocentric or "psychocentric", but you might ask tourists if they have eaten any of the local foods.

Your questions should be sensitive but will hopefully reveal something about the type of visitor to your study area. Most tourists are close to being mid-centric. Butler refers to both Plog and Cohen who have done research on different types of tourist. Butler's assumption is that, as a tourist area evolves, the range of tourist types present will change inline with changes to the tourism area.

Figure 3, the table above, is Numpty Nerd's interpretation of Plog and Cohen. However, caution and judgement should be exercised when matching these types of tourist with each stage of development.

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Butler is vague on this, so you have some wiggle-room here. You should also incorporate questions that are just for local residents. Here the point of your questionnaire is to find out if the local population are happy with tourism developments. By stage four of the model, Butler argues that many locals will show signs of discontent - especially if they are not getting an income from tourism. It is reasonable to ask if residents work in the tourism sector. Avoid asking how much they earn or what their exact role is. Your questionnaire will also ask how far people have travelled to your study area.

Information from this question should then be mapped out as a sphere of influence or journey map.

Questions and Answers on Tourism

This information must then be matched with further questions about length of stay - day tripper, weekender or holidaymaker. In your analysis, this information needs to be carefully matched with the Butler model. Carrying capacity is an important part of the Butler model and this should be reflected in your questionnaire. If appropriate, you might want to estimate the density of tourists on a section of beach. Land Use Mapping A land use map will provide a good indication of what stage your study area has reached.

Butler states that resort areas with a well-defined recreational business district is a characteristic feature of stage four.

The Six Stages of Tourist Area Evolution

Start with a good base map of the study area, a GIS should help. The more information you mark on the map in the field the better. Remember also, that non-tourist land use is just as important when assessing tourism development.

What is Market Segmentation?

Bi-polar Survey Taylor your bi-polar survey to show the impact of tourism on the environment. The Bi-polar survey is not a questionnaire and is best completed by the same person to ensure consistency. A common mistake is to complete the bi-polar survey only once. Each time you use your bi-polar survey you should record the location so that you can map the scores. They decide for themselves but do not spend much money. For example, a sales or a marketing person travels to another city to attend a business fair, and business manager travels to another country for business deals. Such rewards are generally distributed if an employee performs outstanding to achieve the goals.

These tourists travels to places with the agenda of health on their mind. They travel to avail some special medical treatment, operation, surgery, medication, or inexpensive aesthetic surgeries available in different country. Some tourists in this category also travel if they are receiving some illness from the climate at their residence such as Asthma. We use cookies to provide and improve our services.

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