Dragging Wyatt Earp: A Personal History of Dodge City

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Dragging Wyatt Earp pp. Part II pp. The Greatest Game Country on Earth pp.

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Sisyphus of the Plains pp. A Most Romantic Spot pp. The Search for Quivira pp.

Part III pp. Horse Latitudes pp. Wild Horses pp.

Book Review: Dragging Wyatt Earp

Feedlot Cowboy pp. How to Ride a Bronc pp. They're all smart without being ponderous, wondering but not wandering, and often funny but never fluffy. I loved this book, and hope to see another book of essays from this In this book of engaging essays, Rebein deftly weaves the personal with the historical. I loved this book, and hope to see another book of essays from this writer.

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Aug 31, Toni Mcintire rated it it was amazing. My brother is the one that recommended this book. I found it very interesting. I grew up within miles of Dodge City so could relate to many of the locations the author spoke of.

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I was also afraid that it was going to be a boring and hard to keep reading book and was pleasantly surprised at how captivating the writer was. He keeps you interested all the way through. Teaches you some history of the area that most would not be familiar with. I would readily read more of Mr Rebein's books. Feb 22, Susan rated it really liked it Shelves: memoir , writing.

So enjoying this book so far. Robert is a former colleague; so good to see a friend's work getting wider attention. This is a delightful exploration of family, growing up, the West, dreams, and horses, written with grace and humor.

Dragging Wyatt Earp

And even if, like me, you're scared of horses, you can still find a million ways to enjoy these narratives. Aug 09, Claudia Mundell rated it really liked it. This was a fun book to read. Some parts were esp. His taking on working a feedlot for a day and trying to ride a bronc in a rodeo were interesting. If you have a lover for the middle of Kansas and the history of Dodge City, you will like this read. Mar 26, Melissa Seitz rated it it was amazing. I really enjoyed Robert Rebein's perspective on growing up in Dodge City. His stories brought back lots of memories for me, and I also liked the historical information he included in his personal journey.

Jan 31, Katherine rated it really liked it Shelves: kansas-and-missouri.

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I really like this author's style of writing: humorous but in an elegant, literate way. Aug 22, Shanna rated it liked it. I grew up on a ranch outside of Dodge City and it was fun to read the author's take on the various places and experiences I remember as well.

Jul 04, Jay C rated it really liked it. Interesting memoirs of a Dodge City native, who chronicles some of the changes to the city along with his own personal experiences. Feb 02, Roxanne rated it it was amazing. I just love Dodge City, I plan to go there again soon. Dodge City has so many historical things to see and do and that is why I checked out this book.

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Fleet Activity Bus. Established as a military settlement, Dodge City developed into a frisky cowtown with a bustling stockyard and railroad terminus. Dodge City. Eventually, he landed in Dodge City , Kansas, which was the scene of his first gunfight. A cockeyed character: Frank Loving was once a very famous gambler and gunfighter; however, his luck eventually ran out, and he's all but forgotten now. When I was just a kid, our family went to Dodge City on vacation.

Mythical monsters and more. Army during the Indian wars and, finally, he perfected his skills as a gambler in locations that included Leadville, Tombstone, Dodge City , and Fort Worth.