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Although the city is portrayed as being dangerous, the player feels the chances and intensity of urban life.

The idea that the makers of Larry had about the city, is quite a interesting one. The urban environment is been interpreted as a exciting context for spending time, and in that sense idealized.

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The city is a erotic experience, full of opportunities and set up around places like hotels, bars, clubs, taxis, casinos, and groceries. These thoroughly chosen urban situations embody the special characteristics of the real city. The game Larry focuses on the private atmosphere, rather than the collective urban spaces.

Public planning authorities tend to ignore the concept of eroticism completely.

Long Before Internet Porn, There Was ‘MacPlaymate’

On the contrary, bars, shops, clubs and cinemas do accept a certain degree of eroticism when it comes to the design of their spots. They basically have to, in order to sell their stuff.

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Interesting in this sense are the games graphics, that explicitly express those erotic urban scenes — shouting neon light ads, attracting visitors to sleazy Miami Vice-like urban interiors. Download Larry here too bad: Windows only!

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This article is chapter 4 of the Erotic City series. Look around, watch locals and interesting architecture, feel the vibe.

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  • Some might assume only a truly depraved person could create something like MacPlaymate , but as Saenz explains from his home in Sarasota, Fla. He also fell in love with Creepy and Eerie , two horror comic book series first published in and , respectively.

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    On Jan. He would call it MacPlaymate , and he spent two weeks programming the game. He wanted to sell the game.

    This was all done in preparation for MacWorld, an Apple-dedicated trade show founded in San Francisco, where Brooks intended to sell the game at a booth Bates had already rented to show off his typeset software, JustText. The trio wore suits. A cardboard box ended up being their cash register.


    They were thrilled. MacroMind spokeswoman Brenda Ketter called MacPlaymate a form of exploitation, although Saenz believes that the company was not actually upset at the game, but wanted to distance itself to avoid any potential drama. Saenz was never officially sued by MacroMind. admin