Childrens Picture Book: Eva Tidies Up (Bedtime Stories)

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Most homes have at least a few board games. Let kids pick their favorite game and play with them. It should keep them busy for a few hours. Try some of our recommended kids games if you're stuck for ideas.

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Parents might be willing to supply you with craft supplies that you can use to keep their kids busy while you're babysitting. Or maybe you want to take the initiative and bring some crafting materials with you when you go babysitting. Parents might ask you to give kids a bath.

Especially if the kids are going to need to go to bed while you're still babysitting and before the parents get home. Most kids only need to take a bath once or twice a week, and parents may be uncomfortable with you helping their child with such an intimate task. Make sure that you get permission and consent from the parents first, otherwise, you could end up with a serious misunderstanding. If you do need to help kids with their bath, the extent of your involvement will mostly depend on the age of the children you're watching. The main thing to keep in mind is that kids under 5 should never be left alone in the bathtub.

For younger kids, you'll want to prepare the bathwater for them and make sure it isn't too hot or too cold. Be sure to give the kids you're babysitting whatever they're normally used to during a bath, including bubble bath and any of their favorite bathtime toys. Try one of our fun bathtime activities and be sure you read our kids water safety tips as a precaution.

When it's time for bed, have kids put their pajamas on and brush their teeth. Make sure they use the bathroom before bed too. If they're young you may need to help them get dressed. But just like bathing, be sure to check with parents first to make sure they're comfortable with you supervising and helping their children while they're undressed.

Jonah and the Whale - Stories of God I Animated Children's Bible Stories - Bedtime Stories For Kids

Parents will normally have a set bedtime routine that they'll want you to follow, possibly including things like reading their child a bedtime story. Bedtime is when you are most likely to experience resistance from kids, who may not want to sleep. Following their regular routine will help get them into bed more easily. Read our bedtime guide: How to get kids to bed when babysitting , for more sleeping tips for stubborn kids.

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Once the kids are in bed, you can quietly clean up the dishes from dinner as well as cleaning up any mess from crafts or other activities. Parents will appreciate this a lot, and it usually only takes 5 or 10 minutes. Once the kids are in bed and you've cleaned up a bit, you can pretty much do whatever you want to keep yourself busy until the parents get home. Read a book, catch up on some of your own homework, or relax. Just make sure it's relatively quiet so there's no risk of waking up the kids. If you're planning on walking, let a friend know exactly where you are at all times, talk to them on the phone on the way home and tell them about your day!

Read our safety guide: How to stay safe when babysitting for other essential tips. Sometimes parents will go out of town and you may need to sleep over while babysitting.

Babysitting at Night

In that case, bring everything you'd normally need to stay in a hotel or anywhere else. That includes things like your own toothbrush and toothpaste, toiletries, pajamas, a phone charger, and a spare set of clothes. If you're staying over then make sure you read our overnight babysitting guide for lots of helpful tips. You can help to avoid this by having kids do some kind of physical activity before bed to tire themselves out a bit.

Also, avoid giving kids you're babysitting candy or anything with lots of sugar for at least a few hours before bedtime. Kids usually already have an established bedtime routine, and sticking to it can help make bedtime a smoother transition. If you're still struggling to get kids to bed, try to make bedtime fun. The winner of two Kate Greenaway Awards, her skill and wit are second to none as she pushes the boundaries and wrings maximum fun and detail from every page.

Check out the latest activities in our KidsZone. Becoming a member of the LoveReading4Kids community is free.

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Find out more. Blast off to the Moon. Counting on Katherine Helaine Becker. Looking After Daddy Eve Coy. Read an Extract Compare Prices. Tidy Synopsis From the creator of Meerkat Mail and Dogs, comes a very funny rhyming woodland story about the perils of being too tidy. Tidy Reader Reviews Kids love to read and share books from an early age and so in addition to our Lovereading expert opinion some of our Lovereading4kids Reader Review Panel were also lucky enough to read and review this title. I like it. I thought that this book was brilliant! Tidy Press Reviews The message is admirable and the cut-out cover enticing, but the greatest joy is in the comic expressions, hand-wrought images and witty detail.

Sunday Times If you haven't discovered the brilliant wit and inventiveness of award- winning Emily Gravett yet, then this superbly illustrated rhyming adventure is a great place to start Daily Mail This beautiful book, illustrated in warm tones, is full of expressive, characterful animals and tells a charming story. The Book Bag A quirky rhyming woodland story about the perils of being too tidy Irish Independent a jolly introduction to taking care of the environment that's filled with humour and charm WRD.

If you loved this, you might like these More About Emily Gravett. More Books By Emily Gravett. Share this book. The final book to the Dark Artifices Trilogy. Will the tradition of millennia be swept aside or will this practically perfect panda be put in her place? And what does Edinburgh Zoo have to do with it? Find out in this funny Companion to the Chinese Calendar Tales, complete with stickers!

For ages 6 to Meet Run Run Rat, a loveable rodent with a Mission. But fame and glory find him in the most unexpected way when he reaches Beijing on the eve of the Olympics Marathon… This funny story in rhyme will inspire anyone from 5 to who believes that victory belongs to those who persevere! Oswald Ox does nothing but chew his cud and roll in the mud — no wonder all the other hard-working farm animals are angry!

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Then the winter stores go missing, and Oswald is in the frame…Will wisdom and dignity triumph over meanness and greed? Find out here in this witty tale for our times… For ages 6 to Temujin the Tiger is the Terror of the East. But Princess Precious is pretty awful as well, with a talent for tantrums and an ear-piercing scream!

Watch what happens when two irresistible forces collide in this hilarious rhyming tale! Somebody or something is stealing from the royal vegetable patch! Enter Rhonda Rabbit, one very bad bunny, with extremely annoying habits and an appetite to match! Will the Emperor save his greens, or will Rhonda Rabbit live to crunch another day? Find out in this funny and fabulous Chinese Calendar Tale! For ages 7 to Chester Choi is one bad dragon.

He just loves children…eating them, that is! Make him your friend in this disarming tale of greed, bad upbringing and the transformative power of love! For ages 4 to 9.

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Ssss…sss…ss…s…s…s… For ages 7 to The horse he wants is tall, dark and handsome, fleet as a bird and free as a gipsy. But will it ever be pinned down?

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  5. Find your own fame and fortune in this alluring tale of mystery, history and the fabulous Silk Road! Rodney Ram is gorgeous, from his ear-tips to his toes. Then famine grips Guangdong Province, and the sheep are in mortal danger. Will Rodney rise to the challenge, and save their woolly hides? Discover your inner artist in this shaggy tale of shyness, sheep and an awful lot of luck! Short-listed for the Golden Dragon Book Awards Then one day she offends the Emperor Taizong of Tang! Ming Kee flees the jungle…but where has she gone, and will she ever return? And will she ever mend her mischievous ways?

    A hilarious tale of mayhem, monkey business…and the getting of wisdom! Rickshaw is a proud, vain and extremely noisy rooster living in the backstreets of s Shanghai.

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    But Rickshaw Rooster has other ideas! Will the foreigners win again, or will a local hero carry the day? Find out in this tale of loyalty, ruffled feathers and cocky determination! Enter Desmond Dog, hero of the fishing village of Hong Kong! Will Desmond be lured into a life of crime? And what will become of Ching Shih and her crew? Find out in this exciting tale of trickery, temptation…and treasure! But then the Grots hatch an evil plan with rather unexpected results!

    Are you a Neat or are you a Grot? Find out in this fabulously funny tale for ages 4 to 8! Hold onto your hats! For ages 4 to 8.