A Gap Year or Two

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The History of the Gap Year

If your motive to skip out on the next two semesters is to sit at home, play video games until 4am, sleep in until 2pm, eat Taco Bell, then repeat, we're not really speaking to you. We're talking about a different type of "year off"—more like a year on. This is dedicated time to explore career paths, get involved with projects that have always piqued your interest, get a job that you are excited about, TRAVEL, or spend your time meaningfully engaging in goal-setting, reflection, and experiential learning.

Considered an Essential Part of Education

A gap year during college is alllll about pushing yourself, your comfort zone, and your limits. While mom and dad probably mean well Taking a year off college also helps students define their focus and purpose while giving them a break from everyday academic pressure.

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News and World Report states that students who take gap years return to school more motivated and more confident in their interests. For some of them, it even lead to fame and fortune! Not sure which direction he wanted to follow in life, he was able to clarify his vision after several months in India, where he meditated and contemplated on the company he hoped to build. Likewise, J. Rowling crafted some of the earliest Harry Potter passages during a year in Portugal, where she split her time between writing and teaching English. Countless other celebrities, from Mike Myers to Benedict Cumberbatch to Prince William , have also benefited from taking a gap year during college to focus on their passions, travel to new places, and experience life differently.

Look for opportunities that will help define your interests, teach you new skills, and provide insight into your career goals. It can be hard to relate your textbook case studies to a real-life career, and taking a gap year is a great way to experience working or volunteering in your chosen field.

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On the other hand, you may discover your real passion quite unexpectedly. Maybe you decided to embark on a trek in Nepal as a break from your engineering studies, only to discover that your real interests lie in public health. Taking a chance on a new experience is a great way to open yourself up to new possibilities and new degree programs! Tons of internship and volunteer opportunities are available that can give you hands-on experience in your chosen field, with the added allure of experiencing a new country, culture, and language.

When you take a year off from school, you might find the perfect antidote to the stressful deadline of declaring your major. While falling back a year in high school might seem like social suicide, luckily things are a bit more relaxed in college-land. These days, many students take more than four years to finish college due to changing majors, double majors, and taking time off from studies.

So why not spend some time away from the lecture hall? Most schools allow you to take a leave of absence, so coming back is easy. Trying to find authentic gallo pinto on campus, on the other hand, might be a bit more difficult.

Time might drag on during your three hour bio lab, but you can bet that any time spent abroad will pass by in a flash. Degree apprenticeships Find an apprenticeship. Internships Internships and volunteering.

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You are here Home Blogs. Taking a Gap Year or two! You will see how the world operates first-hand and will understand the value of education that is placed upon individuals by society and the value of education that is inherent due to the fact that it makes an individual not only more marketable but more sympathetic to the plights of humanity. You will also be able to perform better in college in direct relation to all of the other reasons to take a gap year that made it onto this list that we will explore in greater detail.

A gap year will give you the time to think about what your passion in life really is, and what you should go to school for. Not only is this costly in a monetary sense, but it is costly in the sense that these students are having to wait twice as long to enter the field that they are passionate about than it does for students that go into college knowing exactly what their career plans are.

Gap year - Wikipedia

They are also either putting themselves into further debt without advancing towards their chosen career any, or are stuck in a non-rewarding job as opposed to an enriching career. Being able to make new friends in a non-educational setting is a great way to obtain life-long friends. Most people that become friends with classmates lose touch with them not long after graduation. This is because friendships formed during college are usually just friendships based on circumstance. Having a gap year before you enter college will give you a chance to forge long-lasting friendships based on a variety of different reasons instead of just on circumstance.

This will allow you to not only have connections before school, but also during school and afterwards. A good friendship is hard to find and should not be underestimated.

10 Benefits of a Gap Year Before College

These friendships are not only great due to their social aspect, but they can also become powerful business contacts in the future, allowing you to further your professional network in an engaging and fun manner. Taking a gap year before college will give you the opportunity to be able to travel and witness everything the world has to offer. From new people, new sites and new foods, there is a lot in the world for you to experience.

By taking a gap year, you will be able to see what makes humanity so great and what makes humanity so terrible at the same time. This can lead you to learn more about yourself and how you might want to change the world through a rewarding career. With a gap year before college, you can do many things that will build up your career, making you even more marketable to employers than someone that just has a degree. Things such as volunteer work, sports and recreational hobbies are all things that most employers will take into consideration when they are hiring a new employee.

They understand that these things can build someone up and give them more value as not only an employee, but as an individual.