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They chase me! In gangs! I've been known to get off trains at the wrong station just to get away from a wasp in the carriage. Bees are no better. All that stuff about them being nice and gentle and noble, and not stinging you because they'll die is just a con. If anything they're sneakier, because they've got the whole PR thing working for them.


I wouldn't trust any of them. Sorry - this probably isn't helping much. What about going to a beekeepers and putting on a net hat thingy and then get covered in them.

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That will either kill her or cure her. I was always told that once I'd been stung by one, the fear would go. I did get stung by one in and I'm still bloody petrified of the things. I remember me and my sister once donning big thick coats, masks, gloves and the ends of two sweeping brushes to try and get one out of the window.

We accidently killed it! Dancing Queen Posts: 9, Forum Member. AND when in Greece they seem to appear at meal times so I'm liberal with the spray then too.. I never like wasps near me and I don't have a phobia of them as such. Also, I once got one caught inside my shirt sleeve as I was driving and it couldn't get out so it stung me. Bees are a different matter - I don't mind them near me and know that if I keep still they will not bother me.

Dancing Queen wrote:. I'm not too keen on irrational wasps, I prefer the rational ones. I have a terrible fear of wasps and even tried hypnotherapy but sadly it didn't help although I did learn some very useful relaxation exercises at the same time. And anyone who tells you that not flapping and panicking will make them go away is lying! A couple of years ago I was at Silverstone and was chatting to my husband when I felt a sharp pain on the inside of my left thigh. A couple of seconds later I felt a sharp pain on the inside of my right thigh.

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All I can do is TRY not to panic when I see one, and I also have a note of my phobia on my medical records in case it ever causes me to have a car accident in the summer. Good luck to your fiancee OP - I know how horrible and scary a phobia it is. Goldilocks Posts: 7, Forum Member. No not at all and given that I'm allergic to wasp stings you'd think I would be. If she finds a cure let me know. I'm terrified I nearly crashed my car once when a wasp got in it, I now have to have the windows shut when I'm driving even in summer.

I can't be in a room with a wasp. Last time a wasp got into my house at night I spent the whole night in an internet cafe until my friend came round and killed it I kid you now. I can't see anything irrational in a fear of wasps. Last time a wasp got into my house at night I spent the whole night in an internet cafe until my friend came round and killed it WagglyWombat wrote:. Jack's back Posts: 11, Forum Member. All you have to do is It's simple really. Its true they do call their mates if you are scared I've seen it. Bloody cellphones. Thorn Posts: Forum Member. I HATE wasps.

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I'd be the same. Oddly though I went to V Festival a couple of years back and of course with all the warm beer and empty cups on the floor there were hundred of the evil blighters. I think it must have been aversion therapy cos you just go used to them - they were more into finding sweet sticky things to eat than bothering people.

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