Those Who Trespass

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The autobiographical evidence is clear: Both main characters are thinly veiled versions of O'Reilly himself. Our antagonist, a deranged killer, is Shannon Michaels, a tough-talking news broadcaster who enjoys telling it like it is and making enemies. Michaels starts his career as a foreign correspondent for a big TV network and gets sidelined to a lesser TV gig. A string of murders rocks the media world. In the opening chapter, a TV correspondent covering the Clintons' vacation on Martha's Vineyard gets offed. The cause of death, O'Malley says, is a long-stemmed silver spoon "jammed through the roof of the guy's mouth.

As the narrative moves on, Michaels kills again and again. On a Malibu beach, he buries a man up to his neck in the sand. The crime? The victim produced faulty demographic research saying that younger audiences like younger news anchors.

Those Who Trespass by Bill O'Reilly | Books

Take that, Nielsen ratings! Later, he slits the throat of local TV host Lance Worthington with a box cutter. The use of literary metaphor is in full effect -- the media industry is brutal, so brutal. No worries, though -- O'Malley is on the case. He uncovers what makes the murderer tick. It's called "righteous slaughter," the boys down at the lab explain, brought on by a case of "classic narcissism.

Being on TV was like a drug to him and when it was taken away from him, he had to find a substitute drug. One might argue, based on nightly viewings of his talk show, that O'Reilly may be an addict too. The story heats up, sort of.

THOSE WHO TRESPASS: A Novel of Television and Murder

The confrontation between the two O'Reilly alter egos takes on the air of high-powered interview. People used to ask why villains would sit for an interview with a person like Mike Wallace on '60 Minutes. They wanted to see if they could hold their own with a guy like Mike. It is certainly true that God can forgive in an instant on the cross Jesus promised eternal life to the good thief , but it does not usually work that way for us. Forgiveness usually involves a series of little acts of the will.

The deeper the wound, the more involved this process usually is. And it includes prayer for the person who has hurt me. Prayer is not magic.

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Nevertheless, a simple prayer that God will give that person the grace that he or she needs today can help us see him or her in a different light. There are certainly some offenses which are so painful that they remain with people as long as they live, and complete healing comes only in eternal life. It appears that, sadly, child abuse is like that. Something did happen — something that may have caused a deep wound in our hearts and minds. Forgiving others is a process that requires honesty with ourselves, others and God.

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  • And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us!

It is an often jagged journey of negotiating difficult emotions, engaging in repeated gestures of mercy and kindness, and through all of this asking for the grace of God. Let us pray for the freedom to look at our lives honestly and to ask God for mercy and grace in those areas where we are struggling.

Those Who Trespass

And may we take some time to pray for people who have hurt us, or whom we find it particularly difficult to understand or accept. Let us ask God to bless those people, to give them the grace they need. And let us ask the Lord for the grace we need to become a more forgiving person. It speaks of the freedom and new life that results from coming before the Lord honestly and openly. Let us ask God for mercy and grace in the areas in our lives in which we are struggling to do the right thing. Let us take some time to reflect again on this prayer and on what we have learned about it during this time of retreat.

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