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Newcomer Brian Grosess tall, wide, mirror-polished eruption of eternal ego sticks out in the peaceful Even the cozy New England town of Newbury, Connecticut, is not immune to the relentless spread of McMansions carpeting the countryside.

Series: Ben Abbott

Ben Abbott, realtor and private detective, is so incensed that he refuses to sell them. That Ben is not the only c Hired to act as a mediator between former diplomat Harry King and his troublesome neighbor, gruff Vietnam veteran Ronnie Butler, real-estate agent Ben Abbott gets more than he bargained for when Butler's ex-con son is killed in an explosion on King's Ben Abbott, just returned to his small Connecticut hometown, is hired by a New York City private eye to videotape the activities in newcomer Rita Long's bedroom--where the ravishing Rita cheats on her husband.

But murder wasn't part of the deal. Ben Abbott is back in StoneDust, a complex, richly plotted, and enthralling mystery that tests this witty, literate realtor and fledgling detective as never before.

The Fisks' weekend party, a ""sleep-over"" for select couples, remains the talk of th The Fisks' weekend party, a ""sleep-over"" for select couples, remains the talk of th A s setting of the original classic follows the adventures of young Jim Hawkins, who leaves his parents' rundown tourist hotel life so that he may join Senator Trelawney and Doctor Livesey on a search for Nazi gold in the Caribbean Hong Kong, To taipans and gangsters alike, the day of reckoning is fast approaching, when this jewel of Western-style capitalism will fall into Communist hands, and nothing will ever be the same again.

For Duncan Mackintosh, taipan of the last Combining glamour and ruthlessness, Natalie and Wallace Nevsky were both respected and feared throughout the sophisticated, dangerous world of the fur trade. Having just launched their latest and most spectacular range of stunning furs to an ecstatic Chris Taggart is a ruthless, driven, real estate entrepreneur, whose buildings have changed the skyline of New York, and who, despite his hard-won wealth and power, can still pour concrete and carry a hod as well as cut a billion-dollar deal with the Here is an intriguing story based on the destruction of the world's most beautiful ocean liner in her time, the French Line's Normandie and an American man who wanted to copy her for his own country's project for an ocean greyhound.

If there's a disadvantage, it's that because fewer people write for a living in twentieth-century America than carve gargoyles, children of writers grow up a little disconnected from the real world that writers are supposed to write about. Scott's first book, a humorous crime novel titled Many Happy Returns, fared well with critics and received a nomination from the Mystery Writers of America for best first novel of the year in Although Scott's subsequent comic novels have been similarly well received, he observed a decline in the market for humorous fiction and began writing thrillers instead.

Scott, Justin (J.S. Blazer, Alexander Cole, Paul Garrison) |

His first thriller, The Turning, is a psychological chiller about a fanatical religious cult that takes over a small town in the Adirondacks. The Turning was followed by Scott's best-selling novel, The Shipkiller.

The Mystery of the Hidden Room (FULL Audiobook)

It is the story of a modern-day Captain Ahab who sets out to destroy an immense oil tanker that had capsized his sailboat, killing his wife and leaving him for dead. After arming his thirty-eight-foot sloop with an antitank missile, Scott's protagonist relentlessly pursues the monster ship through the Atlantic Ocean and the Persian Gulf , seeking to avenge his wife's death.

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Like his other books, The Shipkiller has proven popular with critics, who note that Scott's careful research and skillful writing resulted in an authentically detailed and exciting suspense novel. In Normandie Triangle, Scott adds a fictional plot to a historical event.

When the United States entered the war after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor , the Normandie was appropriated by the military and refitted to be a troop carrier, during which process the stately vessel caught fire and sank to the bottom of the harbor. In Scott's version, the ship is sabotaged by a German spy, who intends to hide a miniature submarine in the sunken liner until conditions are right for a torpedo attack that would paralyze the entire harbor.

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An American naval architect discovers the plot and gathers a team of searchers to track down the saboteur. In the New York Times Book Review, Elisabeth Jakab pointed out that, despite "an excess of confusing detail, most of it nautical," Normandie Triangle is a fascinating novel: "the detailed description of places and events is extraordinarily good. He plots to create his own personal Mafia to destroy the New York Mafia that killed his father.

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In his way, aside from the mob itself, are Christopher's brother, an attorney on the side of law and order, and the object of Christopher's affection, a beautiful woman whose father happens to be a Mafia leader. Scott can write an exciting scene and … a snappy line. Scott once told CA: "Rampage is my ninth published novel, though I've written fifteen or so.

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I've resisted repeating myself, so I sit down to each new novel an amateur. I believe variety helps a young writer grow, even at the sacrifice of brand name recognition, which is increasingly important in the marketplace. Commercial publishing demands competing qualities of a novelist: familiarity and originality.

Ben Abbott Mysteries Series

To convince a publisher to support your work, your novels should fit a recognizable market slot, yet you, the author, must remain unique. Scott's "Ben Abbott" detective series combines detection with humor. In the first book of the series, Hardscape, we meet an amiable real estate agent who investigates mysteries on the side. Ben Abbott defaulted to real estate after a fast-paced career as a Wall Street trader landed him in Leavenworth Prison, convicted of insider trading.