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It follows Mason as the manager of the Black Door 2. Preston, Ariel, and Michelle are all left in the first book and Trey makes appearances every now and then. What drew me in was that all of these characters were introduced in the first 5 chapters and I was curious how they would all connect around the black door!

THE SEDUCTION OF LADY CHARITY – The Baxendale Sisters, Book #4 Released!

Although a good read none the less, I was disappointed in a f Seduction is the second book in The black door series. Although a good read none the less, I was disappointed in a few things. First I was disappointed that the Black Door was not a focal point of the story. The club seemed to be an extra to just tie the two books together. Second, I did not like without giving away details how the author did not explore a relationship between two of the characters even if it was just for opportunity sake. I feel like that could have been some good drama.

Thirdly, I did not like how one of the characters was able to come out unscathed in a situation because of a "convenient" accident. But, for the most part I enjoyed this book more than I enjoyed the first one and after reading the ending of this book I am excited for the drama of the third book. I haven't peeped what it is about but let's just say that someone is starting to get their memory back and some folks are about to be in real trouble! I actually started this book under false pretenses; I need a title starting with 'V' for a challenge and I though the title was 'Velvet seduction' not that the V word was the author.

I like a bit of good erotica every now and then. This, however, is NOT good erotica. It is clumsily written, has clunky characters with childish simplistic internal monologues. The characters are not actively bad, mind, just not very well done.

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The world building is very basic. The plot, at page 55 shows no signs of I actually started this book under false pretenses; I need a title starting with 'V' for a challenge and I though the title was 'Velvet seduction' not that the V word was the author. The plot, at page 55 shows no signs of becoming interesting. Worst of all, the erotica is unsexy and unenticing. For a start, there are a lot of men and they all seem more than a little misogynistic, which for me is not sexy.

Also alas, poor writing is decidedly unenticing to this omnivorous reader. Anyway, I am sure there is a target audience out there to whom this book is suited, that audience however is just not me. Jun 25, Alec Agnes rated it liked it. Mason's the reason why this book was. Though he deserved 5 shinning stars because he's so adorable and sweet. I liked the story, sans the hot hooplas on the side. I think the story could go without some of the e-scenes but then again, it's where the story revolved and The Black Door wouldn't be black if it weren't made to keep the dark fantasies hidden from the bright light of reality.

And finally, it's Trey and Ariel who're nexts. I'm curious what'l 3. I'm curious what'll happen to them.

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I just hope Michele won't piss the good out of me. Otherwise she'll end up like Missy. I'm more of a guns blazing and sword-wielding kind of reader. This story is hot and full of hot and spicy scenes. But I like a little adventure with my spice. So all in all it was a good read but I'm just not into the whole whos-doing-who and who-are-you-wearing type of drama. To close to being a soap opera and I hate cheesy day-time soap operas. So the story was good. But if you're into the whole high class drama then you'll love is book.

Hell,the first two pages are enough to suck you in Damn, did I just say that? Mar 31, Anika rated it did not like it. Why is there no actual climax haha, pun intended in the book?

And no resolution either? They just brush past one event to another. Sure, it's interesting to see how all the characters are tied together but seriously though - the writing is really bad. Sure, I read it in one day - but it's not good. It's okay if you want to have a lazy day and just stay in bed with a book which doesn't require too much attention but it's not really good other 1 star is too many.

It's okay if you want to have a lazy day and just stay in bed with a book which doesn't require too much attention but it's not really good otherwise. Jul 29, Chandra rated it it was amazing. I am a true fan of well written literature. I love realistic fiction.

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I love to read all genres of fiction, including erotic fiction. Seduction, as well as the entire Black Door Series, meets all my expectations of what good literature is. Not over the top, not silly, and I recommend it to anyone, especially those not impressed by 50 Shades! Jun 17, Michaela Bishop rated it liked it. Some of it was a hot read but i found it all started getting a little repetitive, like i was reading the same story just with different people, some people like series like this but for me i found it started to get boring, the first book is amazing and i recommend giving it a whirl!

Jul 15, Marielle Corpuz rated it liked it. He's really hot just read it okayyy:. Jun 12, Adjoa Ife rated it liked it. Another good read. I wad looking into more info about Michele, but was still good. Mason deserves his story.

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The characters this time around was a little more sexually open. Still going to continue the series. Mar 30, Camille Cruz rated it liked it Shelves: don-t-even-bother-to-read-it. Okay so there are four books of velvet. I like the first book and then parts of second! But then It was now dragging and I felt like I am watching some soap from Lifetime! Actually, this book makes me sick! You will know about it when you read it okay. I don't want to spoil some details. Apr 04, Kristy Cunningham rated it it was amazing.

Best book! I liked this one better than the Black Door. Oct 01, Danita Wilson rated it it was amazing. Feb 08, Nhicole marked it as to-read. Jan 11, Diane rated it liked it. Feb 03, Jojami Lei rated it it was amazing. Cant wait for book 3! Omg the black door is so exciting! Oct 05, Delisha rated it it was amazing.

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One minute she was talking about the Metro and how to avoid traffic, and the next Connor was shouting at her. She turned her head and saw instantly. A man had stopped in the middle of traffic, his arm raised.

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She glimpsed the faintest glint of metal before Connor tackled her with his big body. Lara went down hard on the concrete to her right. Pain flashed through her shoulder. Her head knocked against the ground and the world went a little fuzzy. Something was wrong with her hearing. A persistent ringing resounded in her ears. Her vision was tunneling, getting dark at the edges.

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  7. His arms enveloped her, his weight pinning her down. He was warm, so warm. Had she thought of him as a shark? Screeches and shouts sounded everywhere. The high-pitched engine revved again. Rubber squealed against the cement. Flashes of what seemed like hundreds of shoes rushed by impatiently.

    He knew a lot of cuss words. He was very creative with them. Another pain flashed through her as something crushed her foot. The pain jolted her into clarity. A gun. She nodded but winced. Every single muscle in her body seemed to ache and her head pounded, throbbing to the beat of the feet fleeing the scene. It seemed as if the worst of the rampage was done, and the street had become eerily quiet.

    In the distance, she heard the sound of sirens, but the afternoon traffic clogged the roads, so it could be crucial minutes before they made it here. Connor stood over her, stretching his hand down to offer his help. I hope like hell some of these CCTV cameras caught his plate. He lifted her as if she weighed nothing at all.

    Why did someone shoot at the bus stop? He strode to the bar but someone inside had locked the door. He was shooting at you. Your email address will not be published. Vilma Iris Follow. But took today day off and planning on doing some serious catch up!