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On a recent, balmy Thursday I made the decision — and it felt good to seem like a decisive man, an agent of my own destiny.

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The quality of the decision-making is neither here nor there. It was, for me, a busy evening. Feelings, families, friendliness and festivities are all apparently different concepts for some when you cross that frictionless border.

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We meet at the back terrace of the IFI for a couple of glasses of perfectly serviceable PicPoul and discuss our relative woes. He has always been a poor time-keeper, operating on the theory that punctuality is the thief of time. This evening is no different. I exchange some coins for a cold bottle of Anchor Steam and sit down at the Ouija board table to consider the working theories of medieval philosopher-theologian Duns Scotus.

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Both identified characteristics that inhere to every created thing — inanimate, human or animal, that active thisness that defines its creation by God. The crashing of the wave is the wave and at once our understanding of it.

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I am referring, of course, to the Guinness Open Gate Brewery on James St, a space opened up by the good folk of global mega-corp Diageo as a marketing wheeze, some two years ago. Pipes, tubes and ductwork make presumably purposive journeys everywhere you look. They are met with bigger-bore cylinders and brobdingnagian vats forming serried ranks.

There are dials, meters and switches. There is the creaking and groaning of metal contracting, and an almost boundless measure of do not touch, toggle, depress or otherwise interfere-with warnings.

I like the feeling that potentially calamitous choices are just maddeningly out of reach. This allows users to quickly and easily:.

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The Pepper robot is a real asset at any trade fair for all companies interested in standing out from other booths. As always, a lot of photos and videos were taken while she was dancing.

At a trade fair, Pepper is great for delegating certain repetitive tasks in addition to attracting more visitors to the booth. Context Cadiou has been manufacturing gates since Challenge The main challenge we came up against when working on this app was making it as fluid as possible. Challenge 3 — Data collection This point, which seemed complex, was resolved by using and processing.

Challenge 4 — Configuration of the Cadiou Pepper app The need for configuration was resolved by creating a web interface capable of communicating with Pepper. This allows users to quickly and easily: Change what the robot says Export collected data pictures of business cards, contact details Add product images Add sales reps. Results The Pepper robot is a real asset at any trade fair for all companies interested in standing out from other booths.


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Pepper Rocks is a cocktail bar hidden in the centre of town. Pay us a visit and you. It's the perfect.