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Ten for both of you. Warm regards, Sandra Report Reply. Beautiful tribute to the memory of your Grandfather. I remember listening to stories from my Great Grandmother and how I wish I had been old enough to fully appreciate them.

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I still remember some that seem so long ago and so out of place, but are still great lessons in humility and humanity. Our elders still have so much to contribute I come from a family where we take care of our elders and, although it is hard work, it's worth every minute. Thank you for bringing back some great memories with this lovely poem. Report Reply. This is a nice poem. I enjoyed this one. What a sweet tribute to a wonderfull grandfather I am sure. Somehow when reading it took me back to my husbands grandfather, he too filled our life.

Your descriptin is excellent with a feel of good ol days theory But the nicest part, it came from within your heart..

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Bonnie Collins Report Reply. My goodness! That is lovely I especially like the third verse and final lines of the fourth verse. I can identify with your what is conveyed here.

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Surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses Let us run the race not only for the prize. Those dear ones that lived their lives in such a way to set an example of what it means to live a godly life. If the doors were open, we were there.

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When I turned 18 months my father passed away and Grandpa John became my father and a wonderful father he was. How could I describe his personality in one sentence. However, what I am most proud about my Grandpa was the true depth of his character. That was my Grandpa John. He truly had the gifts of the Spirit. He was such a kind man, a gentle man, he loved to joke , and he was so full of joy. I never knew him to be angry.

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As I read this list I remembered some occasions where I saw these gifts in his character. What a legacy to leave with a child. My grandfather loved my grandmother beyond measure as was evident in the way he cared for her after her massive stroke. He saw to her every need.

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He fed her, buttoned her clothes, tied her shoes, and combed her hair. All the things she could not do because she was left paralyzed on one side.

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I remember her being so frustrated trying to tell us something with her speech being affected. He used to always tease her about her cooking before her stroke. A fisherman he was. If the weather was decent Grandpa was fishing and I was with him. He taught me the art of fishingbaiting the hook, casting, removing the fish and hook, cleaning the fish.

I did refuse to touch the cat fish. He always loved to hear a good fish story or just know about all the outdoor adventures we were taking. A few years ago, when we first got Mortis the tortoise, our kids were so excited to show Grandpa our new pet because somewhere I think they recognized the zealous youth in this plus-year-old man. Life is fun and life is hard, and neither exists in isolation of each other. And although I was blessed to be raised in a time where basic needs came more readily, in Grandpa I saw a man who could find joy and fun in the tough, uncertain straits of life.

He was a man of simple faith, who loved God, but oh, did he love his family and friends and the great outdoors! And he loved life, even if ever unsure of what it would bring. And I knew he loved to be with me as I with him.

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The measure of a man is how he plays the part he has been given in the stage of life, no matter how difficult it may be. It is one reason why the twilight of his life was so moving to me. Repeatedly, he was faced with situations in which his physical capabilities were failing, and it seemed he might not make it another day.