From Burnout to Bonfire - 7 Extraordinary Days in Austin

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But should it be? The key to caftan dressing outside the home is straight-up panache, and the key to panache is accessorizing. A jeweled sandal or state- ment necklace politely informs the curious spectator that you are draped in fashion, not brain fog. Many think the caftan itself has anti- depressant properties beyond the uplifting effects of an uninhibited lungful of air; just ask Isadora Duncan. But do watch those trailing hemlines around escalators and other motorized people- movers.

A Houston native and graduate of UT-Austin, designer Suzie Gallehugh recently moved back to Austin after establishing her line of splashy, over-the-top applique jewelry in New York. Comedian Ralph Hardesty stops foot traffic in the frozen food aisle with his billowy ensemble. Inspired by the intricate geometric patterns like those found in Twenties deco beadwork and Native American tex- tiles, Gallehugh designs her custom appliques on fabric backing. The edges are then tightly bound with metallic embroidery thread and backed with subtle, soft suede.

Sure, you could wear them with a white T-shirt and designer jeans, as Gallehugh was when we met for coffee. Or you could throw them on over a floor-length, embroidered caftan with some fabulous plat- form sandals and go - well, I hear the cafe at the new H-E-B is pretty good. Suzanna Dai is avaiiabie iocaiiy at Caiypso St. So are we. Take us with you. AG austinchronicle. New and improved. Ever since they arrived on these shores from Vienna in the midth century, frankfurters or franks, wieners, weenies, tube steaks, whatever you call them have been associated with all things America: baseball, amusement parks, backyard cookouts.

Just as there are myriad names for hot dogs depending on geogra- phy, we like to cook and serve them according to regional custom. Some boil their franks, others grill them. The hot dog is eminently adaptable. As such, in terms of cultur- al and regional immediacy, the Sonoran hot dog is arguably the exemplar of fusion food. Long a popular street food in the northwestern Mexican state of Sonora and nearby Tucson, Ariz.

Those rolls are FedExed in from Arizona daily, as are the fat-forward, super-thin, nearly translucent Arizona-style tortillas in the deceptively filling came asada burritos. Meanwhile, Nantaren, a native of Honduras, makes sure that the tall glasses of her homemade aguas frescas - traditional flavors like pineapple, mango, strawberry lemonade, and tamarind rotate every week - stay full.

Together they offer the purest form of owner- operator hospitality: boundless energy and passion alongside heartfelt lagniappe and a small-town community feel. But here are the facts: Americans like hot dogs. Austinites like fusion food, if the ongoing popularity of regional interpretations of ramen, banh ml, and kimchi are any indication. See more online. Noble Sandwich Co. Cover includes an infused cocktail.

Russian House, E. Sat, July 26, noon-6pm. Sat, July 26, 6-llpm. Long Center for the Performing Arts, W. For more food and drink events, see austinchronicle. Brandon will handle all aspects of the job: fielding story pitches and event invitations, making restau- rant-review and event-coverage assignments for both the print and daily online editions, writing and editing copy, reviewing restaurants, and taking responsibility for our online presence and social media interaction.

Brandon can be reached at both bwatson austinchronicle. This is a fast- paced and demanding job in the Internet age, and I wish Brandon all the best with it. Speaking of changes, Olivia S. Holmes also said Olivia is adding a full bar in the fall with a craft cock- tail program. And perhaps his biggest news was that he and wife Christina welcomed Layla Holmes 7 pounds, 7 ounces into their family July 8. Terra Madre is a biannual conference of world slow food communities in Turin, Italy, that offers seminars, taste workshops, and classes addressing issues facing global food systems.

Seventh has been chosen as a delegate to represent the United States in Turin. He needs help funding his trip to Italy and would like to stay a few extra days in order to take advantage of as many learning opportunities as possible. Even describing her as passionate could be considered an under- statement. Soft-spoken and almost shy at first meeting, she will immediately perk up and reveal a bubbly personality and a wealth of knowledge at the slightest mention of Rose. From a young age, Wilson started working in restaurants in her native St.

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Louis, Mo. She quickly became interested in food and beverages, spending her free time reading about gastronomy. She even took a run at brewing beer, spending five years learning the microbrew business at Schlafly Brewery. After discovering the wonders of fermen- tation, she shifted her focus to wine once relocating to Austin in November By , she had turned her attention to wine production, making her way to Napa Valley to work the harvest at Artesa, one of the most highly regarded wineries in the area.

Later that year, she earned her certification from the Court of Master Sommeliers. Wilson returned to Austin soon after completing her cer- tification, working at Cafe Josie and Wink before taking a job as the wine buyer at Whip In. There she not only kept the shelves stocked with interesting finds and great bar- gains, but installed a by-the-glass program when the cafe and bar opened in During that period, Wilson held informal bimonthly classes and tastings. Her easygoing style encouraged audience participation and dialogue, and she answered questions without condescension. She had little knowledge of the language and faced a decidedly male-dominated culture.

That hard work paid off. She also founded her own company. Wine for the People, with a goal of making the wine world more accessible. Three years ago. A smiling Wilson mingled through the crowd, talking about every wine as though she had made it herself. At that point, Wilson had approximately 83 different Rose labels on the shelves.

This time, it was much closer to home at William Chris Vineyards in Hye. She has become a liaison between the two groups by including the wines from the boutique producers in the lists she curates. I want to connect these businesses together. She also conducts staff training and tastings for her clients. Both Snack Bar and Thai Fresh have seen their wine sales increase, thanks to lists with unique and affordable selections, and staffs that can make informed recommendations.

Wilson has already taken the next step toward her complete immersion in Texas wines: In April of this year, she planted a co-venture vineyard with a longtime friend. The tiny two-acre vineyard near Pedernales Falls will exclusively produce dry Rose, as close to organic and biodynamic as possible, made by Wilson herself. There will be no tasting room at the yet-to-be-named winery; this will strictly be a direct-to- Austin market production wine.

The vineyard is under the management of the team at Lewis Wines, and is planted with Grenache, Mourvedre, and Cinsault, varieties that thrive in warmer climates. The grapes are adapted to our climate, so they will be much easier to grow and produce quality wines, with natural acid- ity and little manipulation. The staff, clad in all black, was attentive and prompt, with the only service glitch coinciding with the din- ner crowd streaming in.

Haters gonna hate. I dream of napalm-level curry, have a firm belief in the mystical heal- ing powers of tom yum, and can sniff out a life-changing spring roll. Outside of these rev- elations, I have few loyalties. Naturally, I was among the legions of adoring fans - and bandwagon creepers - who waited, patiently, for over a year, to return. The pushed-back grand opening, liked by hun- dreds on an unofficial Facebook page, had several false alarms thanks to repeatedly blown inspection deadlines.

As soon as the news broke, the lines formed. The lighter, brighter, and more modern dining space was opened up, though not enlarged by much a surpris- ing detail given those infamous wait times. Painted, black ceiling beams support an assortment of picture frames hovering parallel to the tables, joined by brightly colored paper and bare light bulbs. The updated bar is a focal point along the back wall, with a decent selection of wine, beer, and sake. Their take on the spring roll was stuffed to the max, the plentiful mint a welcome sur- prise, and served with house pea- nut sauce.

Rounding out the evening, the dessert menu is a must. Lamar ste. Award-winning, local, all-girl rock band Schmillion - for which Zoe Graham was a guitarist - answered the call. In the meantime, Graham embarked on a slow, almost casual acting career. An Austin native with creative-class par- ents who, until departing for college at the Maryland Institute College of Art last year, spent her life in the same Hyde Park house, she embodies some kind of eternal Austin mojo.

Next up is a small part in Rudderless, William H. A beautiful blonde beloved by the camera - she is espe- cially luminous in Boyhood - Graham is both goofy and unapologetically political in person. Wearing impressive snakeskin boots and a disarming unflappability at Flightpath Coffee House during a recent interview, Graham was present- ed with the prospect of being a golden girl, kind of like Jennifer Lawrence, but more overtly feminist.

Talking about poop and butts and farts and all that is liberating to some extent. It helps take away the power - little kids love talking about that because they know it makes grownups so upset. That a woman would say this provides a kind of fun shock that I think is valuable. Everything else will follow. Occasionally my mom would bundle up my sister and me to drive to Harlem to drop my dad off or pick him up from work. Those times were memo- rable. Harlem was a very different world from suburban New Jersey.

Besides the most obvi- ous and overwhelming racial difference, every ad, window display, and visual media of any sort sold products that were not encountered anywhere else. Talking to my mom about this one time, she told me that there were all-black movies made for all- black audiences. Fascinated, I began a lifelong quest for any information on these films and niche films in general there were American-based Yiddish and Ukrainian cinemas, among other things.

Beginning in the Thirties and through the Fifties there was an all-black film industry. A lot of these movies were very faithful genre films - Westerns, detective films, musi- cals, and comedies - and the conventions were upheld although the color of the actors changed. But a surprising number of socially conscious films were also produced.

In , in a warehouse in Tyler, Texas, a stash of old, mostly nitrate films was found, which included 22 black film titles, the larg- est collection of such films discovered in decades. Beginning on July 27, the Austin Film Society will be offering an occa- sional series at the Marchesa, highlighting films from this archive.

Dirty Gertie From Harlem U. It stars the incandescent Francine Everette as Gertie LaRue, who brings her troupe of singers and dancers to the island of Rinidad. Produced by William D. Alexander, Souls of Sin is generally regarded as the last all- black film with a black producer. Take us AO austinchronicle. The man in the pool heeds the order. His body seems strong and willing despite involun- tary tremors. He moves with determination, the tattoo of his home state Hawaii on his right pec trembling slightly with each stride.

You got it? All right. His homecoming means completely starting over. I gotta learn how to walk. What connects the vari- ous servicemember stories is the nonprofit Wounded Warrior Project, and the naviga- tional help it provides. The series launched the Sunday before Veterans Day , and runs through October WWP later followed up, says Modigli- ani, eager to enlist Flow to produce some- thing for their 10th anniversary.

Since their formation. Matt Naylor, describes the nature of the col- laboration. They rely on WWP to vet the vets and other subjects involved in the proj- ect. Our preproduction needs [necessitate our asking about] very intimate and personal subject matters. Subjects are sharing stories about physical and mental trauma. This is her nightmare. In one other case. It will never be seen again. Louis, where the episode takes place. Her fierce, mama-bear spirit is a big part of it. Her voiceover narrative drives the sequence showing Dennis successfully showering.

He hated it, and I hated it for him. She has nothing but the highest praise for WWP. Once the Flow crew arrived and set up shop, her fears were allayed. But the unsung hero of the show is the original score created for each episode. Flow co- founder and President David Rice, among many other things, oversees all music, acquired and scored. The studio served as the first workspace for the burgeoning branded film firm.

While the core of Flow remains small, a cadre of established mostly local partners in color correction, sound design, audio mix, motion graphics, freelance editors, and musicians - such as Tosca Strings, Ephraim Owens, and Ramy Antoun - round out the mix. Rice feels this current project reflects where Flow is at in its growth. The combat engineer-turned-truck driver whose life was obliterated by an lED attack in Iraq had to come home to rebuild, land- locked in St. As the camera peels through a perfect swell shot who knows where - not St.

I dream of taking the bottom turn, pulling into a tube, shooting it, and coming out clean. Every time. Buy one entree. Lamar Blvd. LAMAR austinchronicle. Heroin Man. The trio enters the studio next week with producer Mike McCarthy to record a new album, set for release this winter on vinyl boutique Brutal Panda Records out of Philadelphia, also home to Austin prog wilding Boyfrndz. Actually, it kinda does make sense: All three live in Austin, their musical chemistry has improved due to less whiskey consump- tion, and, most importantly, they want to tour Europe, something Cherubs never accomplished on their initial run.

Before any dates are announced, local or abroad, the band will likely play some warmup shows under gag names. Credit Detroit resident Shawn Grzyb, who says the Cherubs were already broken up by the time he discovered them in the mid-Nineties. And the War Came, which arrives Oct. Skeleton Farm Records. The blues virtuoso was found in his Switzerland hotel room on July 16, the cause of death still unknown. The tattooed albino, who used a thumb pick to generate speed on his Gibson Firebird six-string, logged serious stage time in Austin just before going national.

Playing with him taught me fearlessness. John, arrives Sept. Johnny Winter, and Dan Aykroyd austinchronicle. One Bar S. Sweetwater w. Take 10th Street, between the frontage road and Red River. My secret spot: gone. Re-routing southeast avoided steep parking fees and meter limits. And forget about Comal at Seventh. That stretch hugging the east end of the state cemetery, with quick access to the White Horse, Hotel Vegas, Volstead Lounge, the Eastern, and the Brixton fills by the afternoon. The Hotel Indigo, when we met with developers there, were real clear that the kind of guest staying at their hotel would be the same kind who would want to go to Holy Mountain or Mohawk on a weekend night.

Orbit venues around the central business district faced the same reality with less success. Remember Lovejoys? Fifth St. If you don't live within walking distance and want to go out, you drive, you wait, you park, you pay. ABGB have all established them- selves as viable nighttime options for those looking to find nearby outlets for music.

These places have parking and happy-hour shows, mak- ing it easy for people to flock there after work. OneOne, Strange Brew, Sweetwater, and the Roost all sit in strip malls next to nail salons, kung fu centers, and barber shops. Under partners Amos Lowe, Brian Peters, Mark Jensen, and Curt and Jill Knobloch, the brewhouse and concert venue has become a popular destination for the latest iteration of urban cowboys, who flock to the venue as much for the music as for its expansive, laid-back atmosphere.

Like many others, I had to park on nearby Havenside Drive. There, staked into the grass outside of a house on the first block, a sign notified patrons that the area will soon require a residential permit. We may have to look at things like that. Shadows: The album features 5 new tracks, so called ''shadows which are electronic landscapes that were made for a live performance of the work. The album showcases three new orchestral works written by and featuring The National guitarist Bryce Dessner, as well as a suite drawn from Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood's soundtrack for "There Will Be Blood".

Richard Reed Parry, the multi-instru- mentalist for Arcade Fire and a com- poser as well, keys into this most basic of all rhythms for Music for Heart and Breath, his first full album of classical compositions. The performers wear stethoscopes over their chests to keep time. Their pulse is also the piece's. In some cases, one performer's breath dictates the ensemble's movements; in others, the ensembles work together, playing in and out of sync with each other in heterogeneous clouds.

Being in the neighborhoods, people like to get out of there quickly. Once it becomes lam, for the most part, people are ready to go. People come here for the beer and pizza, then we put a rock show on, and it chases them outside. Congress Ave. Find disclosures on graduation rates, student financial obligations and more at mediatech.

MediaTech cannot guarantee employment or salary. A lot of people who made what it was from the mid-Sev- enties until recently have all moved out to Ben White. People like to play close to their house, and they like to play the neighborhood bar. On Sunday afternoons, when Watson soundtracks Chicken Shit Bingo, the tiny chapel fills up and the party spills out on the street. We can be a little more flexible with who we have. Truscott apparently emerged from prison unrepentant and was back in trouble in May with another manure pit incident, but this time accompanied by threats to harm Roth and his family and to burn down his farm buildings.

During the most recent incarceration, Truscott had received mental health treatment that allowed him actually to act out in a manure pit, and officials believe he took a turn for the worse when that treatment was curtailed. Conscientious owners woul j train their jogs on the station - a hole in the grounij with a flush han jle - which is connecteij to the sewer system, as is the drain gri j next to it fortinkling. The Japanese snack company Calbee recent- ly stage j a promotion aroun j popular singer Nana Mizuki, giving away 10 backstage passes to her Aug.

Her perhaps hugest fan, Kazuki Fukumoto, 25, was so jetermine j to win one that by the time he was arreste j for littering in May, he ha j bought an j jumpe j 89 cartons of potato chip packages, weighing over poun js, that were foun j at six locations aroun j the cities of Kobe an j Akashi. With customize j plugs, he can seal the portholes when soup is on the menu.

The holes are currently 36mm wi je, but he was sai j to be actively cheek-stretching, aiming for 40mm. At press time. An drew Cuomo was poise j to sign legislation abolishing the tat- tooing. The ju dge ha j barre j Mackenzie an d his lawyer from even mentioning the illness in court - because of a Iowa prece dent even though the Iowa legislature has subsequently allowe d me dical marijuana to treat seizures. Contestants appeare d behin j boar ds with only certain bo dy parts expose d so that ju dges coul d comment pub- licly without knowing which woman they were evaluating.

Breast- an d waist-ju dging turne d out well for each of the three finalists, but the winner emerge d only after the ju dges ha d harsh wor ds for the hair of the other two. We need folks who can handle the heat for a couple of hours to help with load-in, set up, load-out, and the tasting tent. If you think you're up for it, contact Gene Butler for details as soon as possible. CDM austinchronicle. For FAQs about submitting a iisting, contact info, deadiines, and an oniine submission form, go to austinchronicle. Salvage Vanguard Theater, Manor Rd. July Aug. Scheming and counter-scheming!

Blood and murder! D-d-d-d ragons! Butterfly Bar at the Vortex, Manor Rd. The Vortex, Manor Rd. Locally cre- ated, original content - sketches, music, film, dance, comedy, all lubricated by North Door drink specials - presented by your hosts Chris Gibson, Cami Alys, and Kenny Redding Jr. The Curtain Theatre, Coldwater Canyon. Through Aug. Directed by Christina Gutierrez. Hyde Park Theatre, W. You know the drill: Touch me, feel, me, reserve your tickets.

5 min. Home Chest Workout - Follow Along

Bonus: Chip Chantry opens. July Movie Riot FrI. Live at ColdTowne is stand- up comedy. Sat, pm. The Frank Mills and their smart, character-driven improv, with the sketchers of Midnight Society. Sat, 10pm. Comedy Bazaar You buy this? Sat, 11pm. Pay what you wish. New Summer Shows Musical comedy skits, magic, and a political satirical revue with the bustling backdrop of Sixth Street on view through the stagefront window! Reservations recommended. And, look: The Threefer Three improv troupes, yes.

Free Fringe Just about anything goes, here, because yes. The Big Bash Some of the best performers in town - an improv dream team - invite you to this party on the stage. Pgraph Presents Parallelogramophonograph shares the stage with the Known Wizards. Maestro RAW Students in combat! Actors will be compensated. See website for details.

Sign In to start building your Schedule.

Servant Church, E. Contact director Gary Payne for details. Sat, 6pm. International Improv Experience More than 20 partner theatres around the world issue improv challenges to these Austin improvisers. Sat, 8pm. Maestro A whole stageful of wild imps, battling for victory. The Weekender with the Delightfuls headlining. Weirdsville In which the sensational Will Cleveland and his improv cabal pay freaky homage to Art Bell and other radioactive fans of the paranormal.

Fridays, 8pm. Fridays, 10pm. This week: Tyler Bryce. Saturdays, 8pm; Through Aug. Saturdays, 10pm. Student Union with Bombshell. Lights Up Three improv troupes! Jamie Kilstein With John Frusciante? Plugged: Shinebox Showcase Fri. Altercation Punk Comedy Tour Fri. Massive Fraud: Karatefight Sat, 9pm. Stoned vs. Drunk vs. Sober You ever really look at your microphone?

See website for more. Fh'iday Latenight Avery Moore showcases some of the best stand-ups working toward the blue end of the spectrum. Fridays, 11pm. You know what that is? Because, soon? Just you watch. Bonus: Raul Sanchez opens. Saturdays, 8pm. Mondays, 9pm. Holy Mountain, E. Yeah, well, what if we go ahead and give it a little extra-sectional pimpage right here instead? According to P.

Bonus: Waddle him- self will perform solo bass compositions as interludes. Donations accepted. Sat, July 26, am- 4pm. Ballet Austin, W. Sat, July 26, 7pm. Pro tip: Bring a picnic dinner and blanket and make it a group outing. Sundays, pm. Burlesque Va-va-voom! Maggie Mae's, E. Sat, July 26, pm. Sixth In the Canopy compound, Springdale Wyndham Garden Hotel, S. Highly recommend- ed. Through Sept Reception: Thu. Cesar Chavez.

Not Gallery at Bolm Studios, Bolm. Badlands, Chicon. And some men. Burlesque, drag, and a Champagne train. Fourth Mondays, pm. What can we say? Dykes love the Zep see Tuesday. Gypsy Lounge, E. Empire Control Room, E. Tuesdays, 11pm. Free, www. Ramble on, fools. Red 7, E. Tuesdays In July, llpm-lam. Saxon Pub, S. Rebecca Havemeyer will have you scrambling for letters, numbers, and ya diaper. Last Wednesdays of the month, pm. Rain on 4th, W.

BookWoman, N. Lamar Ste. Opening party. Sat, July 26, pm; show runs through FrI. Romani Gallery, E. Austin School of Film, E. Mad ones. Brass Ovaries Studio, Manor Rd. Sat, July 26, 8pm. The North Door, Brushy. Open for all gender IDs and expressions. Hey, Bobcat Qs, allies, and Austinites who just want to see neighbor pals enjoy the same tolerance and acceptance we feel here in the big city, come lend a hand. Call or email Silvia. Coming September, See the full array of Gay Place listings at austinchronicle.

Curated by the Mas Rudas Chicana art collective of San Antonio, this exhibition presents Latina artists culti- vating artistic vocabularies to understand the world around them. Sat, Juiy 26, 7pm. BookPeopie, N. Maivern Bookstore, W. Dick Peterson, water con- servation specialist, will about talk about how water conservation can be incorporated on your property. DJs, door prizes, and free tequila shots await. The Market, N.

Quinian Park Rd. Bring a chair and watch from across the street with other bird lovers in the Highland Mall parking lot. Binoculars encouraged. Highiand Maii, Airport Free, www. Sat, Juiy 26, 9am. Sat, Juiy 26, pm. Sat, Juiy 26, 6pm. Sat, Juiy 26, 6-llpm. Austin Center for Spirituai Living, N. Join Lama Marut for a discussion about his new book. Be Nobody, and learn about the nature of the individual self and the deeper identity each of us shares with all others.

Or does it?

WorkWeii Austin, Manchaca Rd. Did we mention there will be snacks? The High Road on Dawson, Dawson. Actually bring a bunch Just in case. Austin Crowne Piaza, N. Just look for the giant, foot-tall, blue recycling bin. Whoie Foods Arbor Traiis, W. Wiiiiam Cannon Dr. Deii Diamond, E. Paim Vaiiey Bivd.

Rest assured there is an entire bill of high-flying, muscle-ripping action in store. House Park, Shoai Creek Bivd. Make a fairy crown to wear during story- time, then paint some figurines. Art Garage, Circie Dr. Saturdays, 10am, through Aug. Sundays, through Aug. The winner this weekend moves on to the national championship final four next weekend, with the location still to be decided, though the defending champion Aztex will put in a bid to host if they qualify.

Laredo Heat, 5pm Austin Aztex vs. The Aztex face the Southeast runners-up, rid- ing a five-game unbeaten streak that earned them their first-ever playoff spot. Bracken Cave, New Braunfels. Reservations required. Sat, Aug. Knights of Columbus Hall, Halletsville. Fridays, 7pm, through Aug. Amphitheater at Wonderland of the Americas, San Antonio. Optional meals available. Sat, July 26, 6pm. Coiiect them aii. Day Trips, Vol. Jake has a quick smile, a firm hand- shake, and a passion for baking.

Since he bought the bakery in , he has improved on the old standards and added new traditions. He went to Italy to learn the craft of pastries. Jake brought back the recipe for a Sicilian-style cheesecake that is creamy and intense. He also expanded the menu to include custom-made gelato and deli sandwiches. The bakery is also the most reliable place to get king cakes during Mardi Gras.

COM www. Learn song, dance and drumming and lift your spirit! A great family activity. R, min. It sits at the lip of Hamburg, Germany, a port city on high alert after Mohamed Atta and his co- conspirators plotted the September 11th attacks there, undetected by German intel- ligence officers. Issa is the central daub of paint in a pointillist portrait of predators and prey: Take 10 steps back, cock your head to the left, and maaaaaaybe all the discrete strokes make sense in wide focus. Playing it, as ever, close to the chest, director Anton Corbijn Control, The American lurches between other points of interest, and other predators and prey, played by an international cast.

But Hoffman - his voice low and slowed to pin that unruly accent into submission - flips a seeming disadvantage on its head: A sudden move- ment or sardonic aside becomes more pre- cious for its rare break from tight control. Corbijn gets that the threat of violence in a movie jangles the nerves more than its follow-through, and he favors smash cuts and hard hit-stops on transitional music to goose the mood into a grim anxiousness.

The overcast look and locations fill out the job. Then Corbijn hits stop hard again. NR, min. Telugu comedy. PG, 94 min. An acquired taste - her dithery mannerisms often bewil- der; she sometimes resembles a caged bird haplessly flapping its wings - the year-old actress mostly toils in glossy family dramas and romantic comedies about people who exist in a rarefied bubble of upper-middle class comforts.

Frequently, she plays the wife or mother or both , thank- less stock roles seemingly interchangeable from movie to movie. But Keaton somehow makes these unremarkable characters vibrant, lighting them from within through the sheer force of her personality. She absolutely shines. This gift may explain why Keaton continues to work steadily in a fickle industry unsympathetic to women of a certain age, though the quality of her films lately leaves much to be desired.

This American original deserves better. As a couple, they lack roman- tic chemistry, but their bickering has its moments. As a chanteuse, Keaton is passable; her voice is a little reedy, but she can sell a Gershwin tune. As a human being, Oren makes no sense. He flips back and forth between misanthropy and decency as the mood demands.

Certain scenes play as if Reiner forgot to show up on the day of filming, so the actors and cameraman just winged it. What a Meathead. PG, 90 min. Not reviewed at press time. PG, 98 min. Michael Pitt is cast against type as molecu- lar biologist Dr. Ian Gray those eyeglasses rest on his face with the same kind of serious- ness panache they bring to Rick Perry. Accordingly, Ian is also obsessed with the human eye and its infinite individuation - like fingerprints or snowflakes.

Soon, she darts off abruptly, and the only means Ian has to find her again is through her eyes and a bit of magical thinking. Then, just as the characters reach their happiest point, sudden tragedy strikes and the film cuts ahead seven years. Now a father and husband, Ian must grapple again with the old dichoto- mies between heart and mind. Evidence of the transmigration of souls may sunder his scientific foundations. More polished than his debut feature Another Earth, Cahill and his brand of human- ist science fiction are destined to appeal most to like-minded souls.

In this Hindi film, a couple who are about to marry reveal their secrets, but little do they know that a certain thief is the starring character in both of their sagas. R, 88 min. When a beloved talent goes off the rails, invariably a return to classic form is to be wished, although that rarely happens. Still, sometimes there can be a re-eruption of vision in an unexpected way.

But when was his last great film as a director: The Fifth Eiement in ? Lucy is a glorious mess, a film that casu- ally wanders through a variety of genres. Which is fine. Set up by her boyfriend, Lucy Johansson is forced to become an unwilling drug mule when a dangerous Asian cartel surgically inserts a stash of a new, secret superdrug into her body. Her life threatened, she is forced to go along to transport her stash.

When she is beaten up and kicked by other captors, the packets of drugs burst. In a charming but clumsy manner, we are set up for the whole story early on by intercuts to a lecture by professor Norman Freeman on brain capacity. The point is so blatantly made that the undead would get it. Yet rather than drooping into the pan where The Rocky Horror Picture Show for- ever dumped such narrators and narrations, somehow it works. Rendered Just as cosmi- cally as those two but far more grounded in pulp, it is less spectacular, though oddly more definitive.

PG, 91 min. Persecuted is a profoundly conservative, Christian ideological take, guised as a classic Seventies paranoid thriller. Certainly unique, this is another targeted release, specifically aimed at groups sharing its beliefs. Famed evangelist James Luther Remar stubbornly and courageously refuses to endorse the Fairness in Religion bill spon- sored by Sen. Harrison Davison , which will legally grant all religions the same status and protections. Rather than a plea for equality, the leg- islation is part of a far more deadly and per- vasive war on Christianity.

The ultimate goal is the destruction of civilization as we know it, though that extreme is implied not stated. Furthermore, why this is desired, except by hearts of pure evil, is never broached. Thus Harrison orchestrates an elaborate scheme in which Luther is framed for rape and murder. Suite , Austin Hwy at Burnet Rd. Changes may sometimes occur; viewers are encouraged to call theatres to confirm showtimes.

Showtimes at this venue are subject to frequent change. Piease confirm daiiy by phone or website. Slaughter Ln. Piease confirm daiiy times by phone or website. Tuesday matinee Baby Day shows first show of the day are intended for parents and their children younger than 6.

Please confirm daily times by phone or website. Discounts daily before 6pm. Matinee discounts available before 4pm daily. BringYour Baby matinees the first Tuesday of every month. Call theatre for shows and times. Call theatre for complete list of movies and showtimes.

Discounts daily before 5pm. No one under 18 will be allowed in the theatre on Friday or Saturday after 7pm without an adult. Located within the Millennium Youth Entertainment Complex. Cost for 3-D and XD shows is regular ticket price plus a premium. Four-hour parking validation in attached garage with ticket purchase. Reserved seating; bar and cafe on-site. Although always very consciously articulating its reli- gious purpose, here the film slips readily into The Fugitive mode.

This variation is fas- cinating, especially because, as with those predecessors, the threat is not coming from the underworld or foreign enemies, but our own government. Persecuted matches its conservative beliefs to an anachronistic narrative structure and dated cinematic execution time-lapse shots of traffic used to evoke the dizziness of the modern world. More creaky than fluid, the film still has certain charms, not the least of which is its aggressive if somewhat muddy ideology. Ultimately, it runs aground on the same dilemma that so often besets the genre.

Initially, the conspiratorial evil pow- ers are presented as all-pervasive, control- ling, and manipulating the world. Winding its way to a climax, the film tightens its focus to a handful of villains in order to allow for nar- rative resolution. Persecuted will play well only to its choir - sympathetic, conservative Christians. Sorry, but the film is very clear as to whom its title refers. The implication, at least, is that those not so suffering may well be inflicting. R, 94 min. Annie Diaz and Jay Segel are a married couple trying to rekindle the spark of romantic love in the bluntly titled Sex Tape.

In college, they had an energetic, fulfilling sex life. No big deal, right? Just a personal sex video on an electronic device that no other human will ever see, ever. Not so fast! Jay works for a radio station or something, because there is a scene set in a radio station where Jay is lamenting his nonexistent sex life to a radio deejay. And now everyone has the sex tape. Meanwhile, Annie writes a blog about being a parent and is brokering to sell her mommy blog to a big corporation for a lot of money does this happen in real life?

So, of course she gives an iPad to her potential new boss. Hank played by Rob Lowe, whose joke-casting will likely go over the heads of anyone born after because it has her blog on it, or some awesome slideshow of her children, maybe. Midway through the film, the concept of remote deletion dawns on the protagonists, thus making most of their actions extraneous. Sex Tape goes to great pains to establish its premise and intention, but the film fails in the two main tenets it should be trafficking in: being funny and being raunchy.

It is a bland, clawless comedy; a cautionary tale of a high concept gone hor- ribly, horribly wrong. Has Zach Braff? Bikers vs. The Wizard of Oz, surreal-kinky violence, and Elvis into a brewing cauldron for this nightmarish soap opera. You killed my father. Prepare to die. Be a Teenage Dream and join us! Braff has an ever-clever eye for observational humor, but too often the script written by Braff with his brother Adam feels reverse-engineered to manufacture would-be iconic imagery.

Still, Wish I Was Here has its moments of transcendence. Orthodox Jewish dad. Everything else in this everything-and- the-kitchen-sink film feels like too many ideas stored up over an especially long winter. Dates at end of reviews indicate original publication date. PGT3, min. Lengthy sequences of vertiginous superhero smackdowns abound, but there are no plot turns or character developments to keep us glued to our seats.

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