Dark Actors: The Life and Death of David Kelly

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Never used!. Seller Inventory P Robert Lewis. This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title One July afternoon in , in a quiet part of Oxfordshire, a scientist went out for a walk and never came back. Buy New View Book.

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DARK ACTORS by Robert Lewis

Lewis is right to say that it looked bad. Even if they never kissed, the appearance of marital disloyalty and security compromise would have made any threat to disclose the relationship a ticking timebomb for Kelly. Ultimately, Lewis makes clear, Kelly and the other UNSCOM weapons inspectors became willing political pawns in a deadly US-led game that involved keeping the inspections going to justify continuing UN sanctions against Iraq, in the hope of bringing down Saddam. These sanctions led to illness, starvation and, Lewis estimates, the deaths of well over , Iraqi children.

On his later trips to Baghdad, Kelly would be confronted outside his hotel by Iraqi mothers thrusting dead babies in his face. Kelly was no fool, no bumbling boffin, though it sometimes suited him to appear like that.

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The solitary boy from the Pontypridd hillside, whose father left when he was young and whose mother took an overdose while he was at university, had become an internationally respected microbiologist. Lewis cannot forgive him for trading this scientific career for an increasingly duplicitous life dominated by the ruthless plots of spymasters and governments.

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Successive governments have stonewalled. Eventually, though, they will concede.

This is the only sudden and suspicious death in modern times that has not been followed by a proper inquest. Our coroners have been serving the truth, and us, well since When they are allowed to bring their skills to bear on the death of Dr Kelly, there will be room for a much better book than we have seen so far. Conrad Black.

Dark Actors: The Life and Death of David Kelly by Lewis (Hardback, 2013)

Michael Hann. Ross Clark. Matt Kilcoyne. Joe Baron. Hardeep Singh. Spectator Vacancies. Mr Goslett said Ms Penderson was called to give evidence, but did not after she was not allowed to do it anonymously. The author said an Oxfordshire businessman, Bruce Hay, who has since died once wrote to him saying the mystery man's initials were SB. Who is SB? What did he see? Why was he erased from the official account?

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Dr Bozena Kanas reported Dr Kelly's dental files going missing to police. On July 20 , she alerted police to an apparent break-in at her dental surgery, which must have occurred before it opened at 8am on July 18, the day Dr Kelly's body was found.

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Mr Goslett wrote: "It appears that Dr Kelly's dental records were removed in the break-in and were then replaced within forty-eight hours of Dr Kanas discovering this. The helicopter pilot and crew who flew over the spot Dr Kelly was found at six hours later with thermal imaging equipment.

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He wrote: "The forensic pathologist determined the latest Kelly could have died was 1. It was never raised at Hutton. It was in response to the missing person call. Morris anchored the initial search of the Kelly's house and the operation. Mr Goslett said: "despite this key role that night, he was not required to submit a written statement to Hutton and did not give oral evidence either.

Mr Goslett wrote: "He told me that police didn't listen to the message despite his offering it to them. Judith Miller receiver an email from Dr Kelly about 'dark actors' the day he went missing. Mr Goslett said: "He wrote an email to her on the day that he vanished saying that there were 'many dark actors playing games'. And what else do the notes of Miller's peculiar interview of Janice Kelly, conducted on July 18 , show?