Beneath the Heavens

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Description Known for his brilliantly dark fictional visions, Laszlo Krasznahorkai is one of the most respected European writers of his generation. Here, he brings us on a journey through China at the dawn of the new millennium. On the precipice of its emergence as a global power, China is experiencing cataclysms of modernity as its harsh Maoist strictures meet the chaotic flux of globalism. What remains of the Middle Kingdom's ancient cultural riches? And can a Westerner truly understand China's past and present-or the murky waters where the two meet? Destruction and Sorrow beneath the Heavens is both a travel memoir and the chronicle of a distinct intellectual shift as one of the most captivating contemporary writers and thinkers begins to engage with the cultures of Asia and the legacies of its interactions with Europe in a newly globalized society.

Beneath the Heavens

Rendered in English by award-winning translator Ottilie Mulzet, Destruction and Sorrow beneath the Heavens is an important work, marking the emergence of Krasznahorkai as a truly global novelist. Praise for Krasznahorkai "The contemporary Hungarian master of the apocalypse. He offers us stories that are relentlessly generative and defiantly irresolvable. How could two such extremes be found within the same Hungarian master, and be expressed in the same intricately woven prose? Perhaps Destruction and Sorrow Beneath the Heavens provides this answer.

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When Krasznahorkai realizes that the world of his fictions is not even slightly fictional, when the hellish emptiness and ennui of his native Hungary is all too visible in foreign lands, then the result can no longer be to go on creating the same fictions. If he wants to change the real world with his own words, much as his fictional Korin roused the actual artist Merz to create new art, then his fictions must perform a new kind of magic.

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Rather than chronicling the despair of all that is lost, his words now celebrate what remains. Now Krasznahorkai has transformed and transcended; he has changed from an angry prophet to a wide-eyed archivist and a hopeful seeker.

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